Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I hate the phrase “I really overdid it!” because can you ever really overdo it. I found out the hard way in the last two workouts, yes you can overdo it. Ok, I'm not stupid I know you CAN (link) do too much but I was not ready for the way my body feels right now.

This morning I woke up after not enough sleep. I was tragically missing my Daylight Savings hour and my Biggest Loser hour from last night. I was seriously considering skipping Spin this morning. Today was the instructor that is not my favorite so to miss her class wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but you know it’s a slippery slope. You miss one day and all of a sudden its ok to skip just this once and before you know it you have missed a whole week.

I was so happy that I made a good decision this morning I thought I could put together an amazing workout this morning…amazing/torture what’s the difference? I started with an hour of Spin, and for 60 minutes I really didn’t want to be there. I was giving it all I had to give but exhausted. My legs were still really fatigued from the steps last night. I did the whole class with only one outburst, the teacher came over to my bike and grabbed the resistance knob. Before she could turn it I growled at her, “DON’T TOUCH IT!” I think my tone was taken seriously because she did touch it but only to turn it down a notch.

After spin I got on the treadmill just to walk out the bike seat and get ready for a circuit. Today was 52 card pick up day. Hearts: Box Jumps, Diamonds: Burpees on Bosu ball, Clubs: Jump Rope, Spades: Weighted Ball Slams. If I had it to do over again I would have taken out the jump rope for something else cause that really wasn’t effective in this workout. I just ended up jumping for about 10 seconds each card I pulled. Then I was off to Tabata. Jump rope tabata, two rounds of death. By the time I finished the jump rope I was really exhausted. My body was hurting from head to toe, I was too hot and needed to rest for a minute.

I went to the steam room to rest, not the best place for a cool down but a great place to stretch. I really stretched out my hammys and hips trying relieve that pain just a little bit. I think I got too hot in the steam room because I really couldn’t get cooled down and I was feeling a touch sick. I got in the shower with colder than normal water and was looking for a shower stool. (BTW, those things freak me out so I wouldn’t really sit on it anyway but I could have used one)

After shower time I was instantly reinvigorated (mentally not physically) because I got to play with my new makeup. Thank you Urban Decay for the new Naked2 pallet. I have been waiting to play with this for 13 hours! It was just as amazing as I thought it would be, so many colors and you can only wear so many at the same time. I will have something different every day for a while. I also got my subscription invitation today for BirchBox and I am so excited to get my first box. I’m a makeup junky, I wear too much makeup 40% of the time and I love it!

While at work I was pretty busy for most of the day which makes for a quick day at work. As the day went on my soreness started to get better, amazingly enough. I have never had the soreness get better as the day goes on, it was all that stretching! It was lots of stretching and ups and downs from my chair. Usually those days kill my sore legs but it has helped today. The day also went pretty quick cause I got to listen to the election of the new pope. No, I am not catholic but this whole process amazes me. I love that it is so steeped in tradition. The last election of the pope caused me to get a D in Accounting because I missed 3 days of classes watching the proceedings. I’m not getting to watch it but I can listen to it at work so I’m content.

After work it was off to the gym again. Just a short bout of cardio before I had to head home. I had errands to run and offices to clean and volleyball games to get to. I had another busy night.

The cardio session was elliptical only with no hands. I didn't want to run because tomorrow I have my long run and I didn't want to do anything plyometric because my body was already telling me to slow down a bit.

Amazingly enough even after two workouts today I feel better than I did before I started the day. My muscles have loosened up a little bit and if it wasn't almost 10pm I think I could go again.

Tomorrow I get to go to Pump. That was not a guarantee because the class got full before I signed up. I sign up when I leave the gym so the fact that 26 people signed up between 5:30 and 8:30. But it turns out that a couple both signed up for each other and there were really 2 spots left....that was a great phone call today! And with my long run tomorrow night I should have a great burn tomorrow.

I would love to tell you how great my burn has been the last 2 days but my BodyBugg went nuts and I didn't know it until today when it wouldn't sync with my phone. When I plugged it in tonight it said I burned 1700 calories, haha yea right, I burned that before 10am. Have no fear its back up and running. I have also started using a new calorie counter because I felt like I was not getting an accurate count from the food database that comes with Body Media.

My Fitness Pal is apparently the greatest program ever that no one told me about but my BossLady Jen showed it to me a few weeks ago and I really like the food database....way more than mine. And it has a bar code scanner which is amazingly handy. This is a highly recommended from ME! Oh, and it syncs with the BodyMedia program perfectly. Love love love it!

Ive been technically challenged lately, my phone was on the fritz and so was my BodyBugg but hopefully after tonight I can get all my ducks back in a row!

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