Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Retail Therapy and a Workout or Two

I have just had the best day ever!  I love when I get to say that.  I had 2 great workouts, work was busy, and I got to do just a touch of shopping for things I didn't necessarily need but really wanted.  Let's start at the beginning...

This morning was Body Pump.  I did the whole class and really felt like I had gotten a good burn but not a great burn.   I really thought my arms could do a little bit more, so I did more.  I did lots of triceps and shoulder work.  Then it was ab work extraordinaire, Stair Master, and rowing.  It was lots of different exercises back to back with no rest.  I liked getting to use several different machines and not just hanging on the elliptical machine.

And my music was kicking this morning, one song after the other was really getting me pumped.
Once I got to work I was a busy busy bee and I love that.  I hate when its slow because it makes the day go by so quickly.  I had Cheerios's and a banana for breakfast at my desk and then hit the books.  I also I had lunch at my desk today, it was a little bit strange but I had an egg sandwich for lunch with Munchos chips.  I had the calories left today and a major craving for chips.  It was the best of both worlds.

On my lunch break, aka, the time I go do fun things since I eat at my desk, I got to go shopping.  I asked the girl at our local Fleet Feet to please order me some new tight pants so I don't have to wash both pairs of mine every night so I can wear them again the next day and today they came in.  I was trying to decide if I wanted one or two pairs.  Turns out I wanted 2 because I didn't want to do laundry non stop.  When I got there she showed me a new pair of Moving Comfort pants and I just had to give them a try, they were tight pants too but had a cute little tie up the back of the calf.  Ill try to get pictures for you when I try them out tomorrow.

I also got to ask about some shoes to wear for my spin and weight class so I don't wear out my running shoes.  When I went back after work I tried on a few pairs of New Balances and since I'm a awesome customer and not because I had a free pair of New Balances coupon that I won at a promotion I got a new pair of shoes too!!

Since I was on a shopping spree already I went right over to Target to look at a few things, bought a new ring and new caddy for my K-cups (that didn't work so I have to take it back) but had fun shopping none the less.  I didn't spend lots of money but I had a few extra bucks since Ive been packing my lunch and not eating out. 

Then it was back to the gym for workout #2.  This one was a marathon elliptical session.  I did 30 minutes of the hill climb level with no hands on the machine.  I have always read that if makes it more difficult if you don't put your hands on the machine, but I always get on the one with the arm things (that move) so I think I'm using my shoulders to get a better workout.  That one wasn't an option tonight so no hands it was.  It was much more difficult and with my already overworked arms I was pretty fatigued when I finished.

I finally got home, and went right to work...right to work cooking dinner!  I was trying to eat first cause I had to get some food cooked up and put away and just get some things done around the house.  I didn't have to do laundry cause I have new pants!!!!! but I did have to wash dishes, fill up bottles and cook chicken...
Look Ma, I didn't catch anything on fire tonight!!!

I finally got all my chores done, a little later than I had hoped but I had such a productive and good day that I don't even care that I will be a little tired in the morning. 

BTW, thanks to all my friends out there that have sent me emails or commented.   I love getting emails because it lets me know that people are actually reading and I'm not just talking to myself all the time!  Thanks!

Now go to bed!

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Elizabeth said...

i love reading about your workouts and stuff! i'm mad that i'm not that crazy motivated. i keep hoping when i'm able to stop being a wimp about the weather i will hit it hard again.

Wendie Haynes said...

I read every post, I just get a little behind sometimes! Always wish some of your exercise mojo would rub off on me.

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