Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still Going Strong

I am happy to report that things are still going strong on my front. I just completed the second day of 3 a days and along with my compression sleeves, bio freeze, ice packs and a foam roller I am still upright and going strong!

Today I started off with Spin Class and I was a little bit late but only missed the first few minutes of warm up. It was not too intense today but still a great workout. After class it was off to the rowing machine and the stair stepper and then off to work. The morning workout was all cardio and abs and nothing spectacular.

I got a huge surprise at work today! My processor got me a Kurig for my office. I was too excited for words, I had it set up on my desk with no K-cups in site. I had to go to Target at lunch to get some coffee to use in my new toy. I didn't get in a lunch time workout, no at lunch I ate another salad and drank lots and lots of coffee!!!

The over abundance of coffee drinking continued for the rest of the afternoon. I was really busy, really really fast! And then it was off to the gym yet again. I did a short workout of intervals. I haven't really been able to run well since Saturday because I have been having some crazy calf cramps! I don't know why but I am trying to beat it. I did 10 sprints from 7.0-8.0mph and then jogged to finish out my 20 minutes and I was out the door again. I was so hot when I left that I couldn't even steam...I just stretched out my legs and headed home. I did however manage to match at the gym tonight....that never happens to me, EVER!

Once I got home I cooked up some dinner and packed up for tomorrow and once everything was settled down a little bit I went to the garage for a throw back workout...

I loved Taebo when it first came out when I was in high school and took it by live instructor but now that no one teaches kickboxing anymore I have to do the DVD. I forgot how hard it was and I remembered instantly why my arms looked good in high school. I can guarantee that I will be sore from that tomorrow.

Three quality workouts today followed by a good 30 minutes on the foam roller and some BioFreeze and I am just about ready to do this all again tomorrow. ALMOST! I only have 2 workouts planned tomorrow, Pump and cardio in the morning, long run in the evening and then hopefully an early bedtime. I plan that every night and it rarely happens, so tonight I will leave you and go to bed!

Night all!

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Wendie Haynes said...


I've been (was) trying to run and ended up with HORRENDOUS knee pain, haven't run since last Friday. Thinking it might be my weigh & impact too much. Thing is I was loving it. What is the icy stuff you were mentioning? And where do you get it? Also do you have any suggestions or advice? Was thinking I need to take my C25K to the elliptical instead?

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