Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Uneventful Day

Happy Hump Day everyone! I don't know about you guys but my day today was a pretty ho-hum kinda day. It was pretty much like most every Wednesday I have had for a while.

I got up early, which was so much easier since I finally got in bed on time for once. I wasn't sure I was going to get to do Pump today because the class filled up but I got there and there were several no shows so I was in! I made a point today to really push the weight up.

After class I was off to do a short circuit of weights and then done for the morning. I was able to get in a 20 minute set on the elliptical machine before I had to go. My morning was cut just a little bit short because I had to get signed up for Boot Camp. It starts on April 1 and I am ready. Its a smaller class than I thought and they were getting full so I was lucky to snag a spot.

Im kind of excited because I am really starting to make some friends at the gym and that makes it more fun to go everyday. At first I didn't know anyone and now I know several people who I look forward to seeing every day! I just think I have made a good decision with my gym choice.

One I got to work it was a pretty normal day as well. I had plenty of work to do so I wasn't bored at all but no real drama or anything troublesome. The biggest thrill of my day was lunch. I was a hungry turtle today and I needed food! I was ready to eat my lunch about 11am. I managed to keep my lunch out of my mouth until a little after 12 but I had to give in a touch early today.

Today it was a sandwich and soup with some carrots. Not really eventful but I was starving so it made it seem like the best lunch ever. I enjoyed it so much today that I am having the same exact lunch tomorrow. And if you are wondering yes, that is a sandwich on a hot dog bun and no it is not some sort of trick I know, its the only bread I have in my house right now. I bought an 8 count bag for a cookout and had 7 left over, so Im using it as sandwich bread.

This was todays soup, and it is delicious and I highly recommend it. I only ate half a bowl because I had a sandwich to go with it but I could easily take the whole bowl down! Delish!

That's what Im talking about!!!

After work I was back to the gym. All of my evening plans were cancelled so I had the night to get my stuff done. I got an hour at the gym, another steam for the day and then hit the road to finish up errands that I needed to do but have put off for a few days.

Could I possibly get matching socks?!  Seriously, all I have to do is match the color.

After my workout it was off to the grocery store, then home to pack up for tomorrow. I wanted to get my hair colored tonight because as the day went on today I was not loving my new hair cut. Its the same as before but for some reason I was not loving it. Now that I have it colored up nice and white I feel much better! With all my swimming I have been doing my hair has been getting really brassy so I am going to try some new things to keep it shiny and white like I like it.

I kept putting off my dinner tonight and it got to late to eat, but have no fear, I did make some dinner just a smaller portion that I normally eat this late. I had planned on fish and green beans and settled for a half a peanut butter sandwich a banana and milk (I have been craving milk all week.) Im not to full so I will be able to sleep and I got some quality protein before bed.

I'm going to finish up on here tonight and hit the sack early again! The following day is so much better when I get more sleep and I don't have to start the day by cussing my alarm clock.  Hope you all had a little more eventful day but if not I hope you enjoyed yours...I know I enjoyed mine!

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