Thursday, March 14, 2013

Watch Out! Your Crazy is Showing!

I’m so sorry guys for not getting on here and posting last night. I had a horrible day from 5am to 5pm, then my day got amazingly better, and about 8:30 I got sick. I don’t know what happened. I thought I was coming down with a stomach virus so I went to bed. I probably didn’t cool down correctly after my long run and that’s what made me sick or I had an 8 hour stomach bug which I slept through (not very likely) but either way I went down hard last night, so let me tell you about my day!

Go ahead and know that all of my CRAZY is fixing to come out for the whole world to see. We all have it in us, don’t act like you don’t, but we try to keep it hidden away as best we can. Well yesterday I woke up like normal, a little tired cause I was late to bed the night before. I got ready and got out the door. When I got in my car I felt like my heart just skipped a beat, you know that feeling of just a palpitation, really not a big deal! I reached over to grab my water because a sip of water makes everything better and my water bottle was left at home. Here comes the crazy….For most people that is not big deal but for some reason it spiraled me into a panic attack. Full out panic. My heart started racing, I was nauseous, sweaty, I worked myself into a complete frenzy over not having a water bottle. I’m sure there was something more on my mind or something but I sure couldn’t tell you what it was. The whole drive to the gym I just kept thinking, “should I just go to the hospital for this heart attack I’m sure I’m having!” Now, don’t get me wrong, logically I know I am not having a heart attack but in the throws of a panic attack all logic goes out the window. I made myself go to the gym because you get weird looks when you go to the ER for a panic attack!

I got to the gym, did the first track of Pump (still heart attacking at this point) and left for the second track to go get a bottle of water. I thought maybe this would calm me down. Between the water and the endorphins I was indeed fine about an hour after the panic attack started…I’m glad I refrained from going to the hospital because that is just embarrassing. All is well!

So I got a phenomenal workout despite the panic heart attack. It was a little bit shorter than normal but that was intentional because I knew I had my long run that afternoon. I went to work! I’m not going to go into much detail but you know how you have some good days, some regular days, and then you have “those” days. Yesterday was one of those days!

This greeted me and summed up my work day!

I was so ready to leave the office and just get away! I needed some serious running therapy, good thing I had a long run scheduled. On my way home my cuz and old usual workout buddy texted me about when I was running. I was hoping she wanted to join me.

OK, the run part of the day is where it got good, really really good!  My cuz was going to meet me but I had a lot of running to get in and not a lot of time to do it so I started as soon as I got home and told her to meet me around the halfway point.  I started off on an incredibly high hill and then got to go downhill for a while, mile one down: no walking!  I was still feeling good and not needing a walk break so I kept going.  I ran until I hit the next massive hill which was just before the 2 mile mark.  I was still kicking but walked the hill and started running again once I got to the top.  (Please note:  My idea of fast and others ideas of fast are very different…I think a 12 minute mile is perfect but I have friends that think an 8 minute mile is slow.  It’s what works for you so please never try to run other peoples pace!)  I was just shy of 3 miles when I met my cousin and we started off for the 2nd half of the run.  I was getting tired but still feeling ok enough to run. 

We ran around the avenues with periodic walk breaks but not as many as I thought I was going to need.  I was pleasantly surprised at my stamina.  In the last full mile I had the biggest hill of all (I walked) and then a final straight stretch of about half a mile.  That last stretch my calves started acting like they were going to cramp up but I made it to the end cramp free and feeling amazing.  I was super pleased with the run overall, super pleased is actually an understatement.  I was ecstatic!  I haven’t done any real distance in about a year and I was pushing and running for 90% of the run.  I finished at 5.82 miles because I ran out of time, I would have totally gotten 6 and I felt like I could have kept going for days.  This really eased my mind for Oak Barrel Half coming up…and it was so nice to have someone to run with.  All my workouts have been solo for 3 months now I miss getting to have friends around.  I am making friends at my new gym but they are not my people yet!

After the run it was a quick clean up in the church parking lot and off to choir practice.   I didn’t have much of a cool down before practice, I just tried to pound water and sing.  After about 45 minutes of singing my stomach started hurting.   I was fine but just feeling a bit queasy.  I was still on cloud 9 from my run so I was sure I was just needing to cool down.  But the longer I stood there the more upset my stomach became.  I just knew I had this bug, you know the one that makes you throw up for 4 days and want to die.  I finished up everything I needed to do in town and went home.  I tried to pack up my stuff for today before I went to bed but I just couldn’t go anymore.  I got my clothes packed up and my lunch bag inside but that was the best I could do.  It was off to lay down. 

You know I didn’t feel good cause I got in bed without washing my face or showering or anything, I just couldn’t stand up one more second. (and for that I get to change my sheets tonight before I go to sleep)  I was uneasy in bed until about 1am and my stomach finally settled and I was able to sleep, a nasty sleep, but sleep none the less.   Must have just been a sour stomach. I woke up on time for the gym and was on my merry way.  I could tell exactly how I felt last night because my outfit for work today looks like I didn’t feel good and threw a bunch of clothes in a bag, because that’s exactly what happened.

This is actually right for the day, I didn't eat supper (cause I was sick) so I was way under my calorie intake, but look at all those check marks!
I am so grateful that I am not sick, so happy about my nearly 6 mile run (9 for the day if I count my morning workout) and happy that I woke up on time to get to the gym this am and do it all over again!

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