Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend, Monday, and its Already Past 10pm

Why in the world am I still awake? Oh that's right because I had more to do tonight than I had time to do it in. I really thought I was managing my time well this evening and then all of a sudden the time has slipped away.

So let me give you a weekend update! First off, I got a great workout and swim in on Saturday. My swim buddy actually cancelled on me so I just got in and out of the pool. I didn't count my time this week but I'm pretty sure I broke my record. (why not, who knows different????) It was Saturday after the workout that was the best part of my day. I got to play babysitter to my Sunday School baby...and to make it better I got to play with him at my sisters house so her kids got to play with him too. He was precious.

Seriously how sweet is that baby!?!?!?

After taking the baby back to his mom, she was insistent that I bring him back, I went out to dinner to Mexican. I ate a little bit to much, no excuse, no justification, just ate too much. After the fact I wish I hadn't but I couldn't change it at that point so I just have to deal with it. I tried to do better for the rest of the weekend but slipped a little bit on Sunday night as well. Again, it was just a little slip, I didn't undo all I have done, just ate a few too many calories, and now I have to burn them off....

My sister gave me one of the coolest and sweetest gifts I have ever received on Sunday night. I have talked about my love for SweetTart Jelly Beans and I just know I do not have the willpower to buy them and just eat a few so I have resisted them since the end of February. My sister made me two single serving bags so I could enjoy the yummy goodness of my favorite candy and not eat the entire bag!

Today it was back to the grind and after slipping a few times this weekend I am major focused on my food. I have 21 days until the end of this first phase and I really really really want to hit my goal but as I have been told my entire life "You can want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets full faster" so I am not wanting it, I am making it happen. I have gone to measuring out everything that I put in my mouth, measuring all my calories out. I have to hit my 65lbs lost. I am making things happen.

This morning it was off to the gym for Pump, I went ahead and upped my weight this week. Remember, pushing it with everything I have right! I made it through Pump with lots of whining and grunting but I made it. Then I moved on to body weight exercises.

One of the hardest workouts ever!

After all the weight work it was off to the elliptical machine for just 30 minutes today and then to the treadmill. I actually got on the treadmill as a cool down, around 5 minutes but it felt so good I was on there for about 15 minutes and was almost late for work! I love it when it feels so good you just have to keep going.

That's the route today, a circle!

After work I was off to the races again. Thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time, I miss that hour of sleep, but tonight I worked until the sun went down, literally. I went straight to the stadium after work and was ready to run steps. I was running steps but also the track around the football field and its not a flat track, no it has 4 huge hills on every side and the goal was to run up the hill every single time, and I did it. No walking up hills today I was running up ever time. I ran until I couldn't see the steps any longer and finished up. My legs are wasted! I have muscles that are aching...

see the hills...

I went to my sisters house after the workout to drop something off and I ended up staying and sharing a few laughs with them before I absolutely had to go home.

I had to fix dinner and pack up once I got home. The pack up part went quick and the food went by pretty quick and I thought, "yeah sure, tonight is a great time to color your hair!" So that is really why I am running late, you know that and the hour and a half workout.

I am finally finished with all my chores around the house and hopefully tomorrow I can do a little better with my time management.

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