Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Well happy March to you all, and even better than that, HAPPY FRIDAY! You know I have been looking forward to Friday all week long and its finally here. I had a little trouble getting out of my bed this morning. I was ready to get a kick a$$ workout but I really wanted to sleep a few more hours. After I thought about it for a little while I realized I am probably a little tired because I have been taking an anti-nausea medication to prevent dizziness and it is making me soooo sleepy. Either way, lack of sleep or medication made for a cold ride to the gym because to stay awake I had to roll the windows down in 30 degree weather, NOT FUN!

I didn’t drink my coffee or have a snack on the way to the gym this morning because I wanted to weigh on an empty stomach, no need to add 503lbs of food in my gut before I step on the scale.

The scale EMBARGO has been lifted and all is good!!!!! I was kinda nervous about weighing this morning because I was scared it was going to be not big enough to hit my goal for the end of the month, but all was on track, even a little better than I thought, and I am so happy about it. I had decided last night to come up with a number that I would be happy with and I was .5 below that! Good Times!

Now Body Pump was especially cruel this morning. One of the guys in the class asked the teacher if she could find the most difficult tracks for our workout this morning, dumb butt! So she did…I felt bad for her because she was getting all the mean comments and death stares directed at her when we should have been in the parking lot slashing HIS tires. She did exactly what was asked of her…she found all the most difficult tracks and we did them back to back to back to back. Now I know, the longer the song the harder the workout. It’s totally understandable but I never put 2 and 2 together until this morning, more time more work!

After Pump I was Pooped. I did the elliptical machine for a while on the highest level of intensity and then moved on to floor exercises in the aerobics room.

Who knew that this little step could cause so much sweat. I had a bench and a jump rope. I forget from time to time how hard jump roping is and how much energy it takes. I was going for about 30 seconds and things were burning. And the bench was exceptionally hard today too. I saw a workout where this guy did a burpee and on the way back up instead of just a small jump he did a box jump. I had to try this out and it was just as challenging as it seemed.

Once I was done with the gym I was so excited to eat breakfast. I had a treat this morning in anticipation of a good weigh in. Honey Nut Cheerios and a Skinny Latte! Does it get any better than that. I was so hungry by the time I got to the office I inhaled my food. I got a little carried away with the coffee and proceeded to spill it in the floor.

My other Bosslady came to the rescue and brought me a new one when she came in...and all was right in the world.

The rest of my day was pretty normal, ok not so normal, I was having one of those everything that can screw up probably will. I got a flat tire, everything I was trying to do at work wasn't working out, I was just getting frustrated. I even tried to cheat on my diet and was unsuccessful at that, I asked if anyone wanted to go out to eat, nothing, I got excited about birthday cake and had to run an errand when they ate cake, nothing! I even ordered in lunch to go with what I packed and ended up getting full on my chicken chili and didnt eat my baked potato.

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