Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Days are Becoming the Norm

I think I may have caught up on my sleep just in time to do this all over again. Amazingly I was able to get up on time this morning...after my 4 hour nap I was still able to get a full nights sleep and wake up on time.

I made it to the gym for Body Pump this morning and instead of lifting more I just went straight into cardio. I wanted to get to work early cause I knew there was a pile of hell just waiting on me.

And it was a pile of hell indeed. I got to work, put my head down and worked. There was no fun to be found, just work, work and more work. Busy makes the day go by quick, today was beyond busy.

I didn't have time to do anything but work and breath. I did leave my chair to go to lunch and then came right back to it. After about the first couple of hours at work I instantly starting regretting cutting my workout short. I just wanted to get up and move. I was glad to have BootCamp after work today.

I did go to BootCamp and had to whine and complain a little bit but I got a great workout. We did step ups and squats and burpees until I thought I was going to drown in my own sweat. The sweat lately has become a real issue. Does anyone know why that is? I have always been a sweater but lately it seems to be worse than normal.

After my workout it was right to the ballpark. I missed one game but made it in time for the second. Victory! Way to go girls!

I am home now and planning my day for tomorrow. I don't think Ill be cutting my workout short tomorrow because I wont get a second workout in, nope, more ballgames so I have to make the AM workout count. I also know there is another pile of hell sitting on my desk waiting for me again tomorrow so I must burn some extra calories before I head to work!

The fact that I have no pictures and no funnies should tell you how my day was, exactly like this the point! Maybe tomorrow will be better, Gosh! I hope so!!!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

FatGirl Weekend Update

This weekend has been non-stop! Really my whole week was non-stop.  It was the last week of the month at work, as well as the start of a softball season and the Early Bird Tourney.  Then there was a baby shower and rain!  The combination of all of those things made last week a blur.  I was looking forward to my weekend. 

Not because I was going to get to catch up on sleep or anything because Saturday came with a wake up call at 4:30am and a trip to Nashville for the Country Music Marathon.  No, I was not running this one, I don't like to run in Nashville but my niece was running her first Full marathon!!

Start Line Selfies

I wasn't sure if I was going to get to see her before the race.  I got to Nashville with plenty of time to spare but then there was no way to get close to the start line.  With 15 minutes until the start I was still in my car trying to get to her.  I gave up and ditched my car on some random street and then took off running to the start line.  Luckily I lived in Nashville for several years so I was able to get back to my car.

I grabbed my pack and ran....literally ran, 2 miles in 14 minutes to get there in time. (I dont run 7 minute miles!)  I had a rain coat and back pack full of everything I could think that she might need throughout the run.

Stealing RunEatRepeat's pose!  Start line fun while waiting on her corral to leave.

It ended up being about 40 minutes before she started but she was ready (soaking wet and ready)

Now shortly after this pic was taken my phone died.  It must have gotten too wet at the start line because when I saw her again about mile 4 the phone was done so there are no photos after this.

I was able to see her quite a few times though out the run.  I know she had to be miserable though out the day because I changed clothes 3 times trying to get dry and there was no hope.  Between the rain coat and a found umbrella I was able to keep drying thing out throughout the day.

I felt bad for so many of the runners cause they ran for hours in the pouring down rain and wind. 

The last time I saw my girl was around mile 17-18.  She was off for the final kick and there was no place to see her again before she got to the finish.  We had a good talk and she had a little snack and was off for the last 8 miles.

Then I stood at the finish line for a while waiting for her to come in.  I'm not going to lie, after Boston I was a little apprehensive at my finish line standing spot.  I was just feet from the finish clock and didn't want to move because I had to get a finish line pic.  The security was heavier than Ive seen in a while.  I have never spent a lot of time at the finish line because I usually finish last of my friends.  The guy next to me hung his bag up on a fence behind us and the cops did NOT like that.  If you had a bag you had to hold it!!!  No questions asked. 

I finally saw my girl coming down the final stretch!  I was so glad to see her.  I was beginning to get nervous because she wasn't there and my mind wanders.  She saw that finish line and got the biggest grin on her face!!!!  It was pretty amazing.  Luckily, she gave me her phone about mile 8 so it wouldn't be ruined as well so between mile 17 and the finish line visit I took her phone from the car with a plastic bag and took it to the finish.

So happy for her!!!

I enjoyed getting to watch the race instead of running it.  I don't get to do that much.  Now I wish it hadn't rained for 8 hours but it was still so much fun and I am a super proud aunt!  Congrats EM!!!!

The rest of my weekend has been trying to rest up for this next week.  I have another doozie ahead of me.  I got to bed at a slightly reasonable hour last night but had to get up early for church this morning but I think I got ahead this afternoon.  I got a 4 hour nap! 

Yes 4 hours and I needed every single one of them.  This evening I also prepared for my week by grocery shopping, cooking, and packing up food for the week.  Since it rained all weekend the beginning of the season softball tourney has moved on to this week.  I'm trying to get all my packing done now so it doesn't keep me up late every night.

And I need some help from you guys.  I have been doing pretty good on my phase 2 progress but I have a problem.  I need a prize if I hit my goal.  Right now I cannot think of anything to reward myself if I hit the goal.

The White Board!
I think I would have a touch more motivation if I knew what I was striving for...yes I know the grand goal is the weight loss but the short term goal (like the road bike) was incredibly motivating.  I don't want it to be clothes because I would have to buy those anyway and I really cant think of anything else.....if you can think of anything let me know!

Then just a few cute pics of lunch today when "someone" gave the baby cupcakes and ice cream for lunch.  If you just give them to him and walk away only he gets dirty and not the one holding him....

The perfect size cupcake for a little man.

This was about the 4th cupcake.

HAHA filthy!  I love giving them goodies.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hump Day

Guess who overslept again? Ha, not me!!!! And yes, I did think that was funny! No I was in bed a little bit late last night but still early enough to get to class on time this morning. I would have been earlier to bed but my Best Friend in the WWW/Cousin kept me up by texting me. She was telling me that my little name sake was no longer going to love me because I didn't mention him on my blog and talk about how we had such a wonderful lunch in an effort to stay in his good graces let me introduce you to my Cousin/Nephew Baby FatGirl. Yep, he is named after me...

Since his mommy wont blog anymore I will post pics and videos of him! I have showed you pics of his big brother who used to be my yearly date to lunch but since he is getting so big they make him go to school now and I get this little man all to myself and I miss the other one so much.

He was a great lunch date, he loves my favorite resturant and chowed down on black beans like a champ, and then it was on to yogurt which he also loved. We are like the same person.

It was the high five that sealed the deal, he just randomly threw his hands up in the air and expected you to hit it. He also randomly shouted out YeeHaw! randomly throughout the visit.

I wish I could have stayed longer but we only had time for lunch.

Ok, now where were we. Yes, on time this morning! I made it to class before the music started which never happens to me. It was an hour of Pump and then heavy weights on the legs finished off with some quality cardio. I have been trying to be a little low impact since my joints are aching but I got in a mega burn.

Work was another busy busy day, we are approaching the last day of the month and that is the busiest time every single month. I say it every time but I like busy days and other than the 1 hour hold phone call it was a pretty good day. I know even with all the work there was still time to have a few good one point I laughed so hard that Im sure I will be sore from it tomorrow.

After work it was off to Bootcamp. It was brutal today...since it was raining we didn't get that 20 minute run so it was straight to body weight exercises and lots and lots of pushups.

I can already tell that my attempt to lift heavy on Monday and Wednesday along with Bootcamp on those days is really breaking down my muscles. Hopefully that will help repair and build bigger muscles and burn more calories every day.

In a few more weeks I should know if this new plan is working and if not I will make some changes again. Without trying I will never know.

Tomorrow I only get in one workout in the AM so I have to make it count. Tomorrow afternoon I have a crazy afternoon! It will be busy at work and then we start up Softball season and have soccer games. Crazy I tell you!

Then the random of the day. First, today I had a Twitter talk with @skinnyrunnerSR and @sarahoual, two of my favorite bloggers and I just happened to dream about them last night and talk about it on twitter and they both responded back, its so exciting. You know me and my new BFFs!

Second, can someone tell me where they store their road bike. I cant even dream of leaving it outside and I dont want to put it in the dirty garage but it looks strange in my living room so right now it has set up camp in my utility room. That works for now cause I spend too much time in that room anyway so now I get to gawk at my bike at the same time.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 In A Row

I don't quite know what to do with myself but I have had another pretty good day.  Let me just start with the bad because it all gets better after that...when my alarm went off at 4:45am I woke up, turned it off, and went right back to sleep.  Yep, I overslept right thought that snooze button. 

Soooooo I got a few extra hours of sleep this morning but it came at a price.  I leave my house about 4 hours before I have to be at work so I don't hit traffic for the most part.  I hit a few red lights but traffic is not a problem at 5 am.  Today it took me forever to get ready (cause I never do that at home anymore) and even longer to get to work!

But once I got to work it got better and better.  I had another crazy busy day, lots of work means not a lot of down time and the day goes by quickly.  And that was good because I knew I was going bike riding when the day was done.  I tried to move the clock forward several times but BossLady said that wouldn't work (I was riding with her!)

My business almost made me miss lunch.  I had to run a few errands at lunch so I thought I would just eat when I got back to the office but I didn't leave for my errands til nearly 1pm so I was starving by the time I made my FroYo stop....yep, every day until they discontinue my flavor.

Then today we were told that our flavors were running out and would not be replaced.  I almost had to get two cups of yogurt but I refrained....until the lady told me that she had a half empty 28 ouncer that she couldn't sell and she gave it to me!  Yummy!  Its sitting at the office just waiting for me now!

I finally made it to the end of the work day and it was time to go ride my new bike!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!  I have been dying to get on this thing! 

My processor gave me a few clothes to try so I could see what I needed...turns out this is going to be right up my alley, another sport to support my too tight style.  

Stylin' and Profilin'

We set off to ride but didn't have a goal, just ride until our butts couldn't take it anymore.  I also had a crowd for my first ride...Jen and her husband were my riding partners.  They were pretty good partners too because they taught me some lingo that I need to know and they taught me how to drink out of my water bottle while riding.  I was a little nervous about using one hand to steer and one to drink, and I only dropped my bottle once but Ralph was kind enough to get it for me.  It was nice to have friends to ride with...especially since I was a bit nervous.  Its always better with friends.

And I didn't wreck!  That was a big worry for me so I was happy not to wreck!

Still smiling post ride, little sore in the tush but feeling good!

Almost 11 miles!
Since I was late leaving the house this morning I was able to get my stuff together for tomorrow early this morning instead of having to do it this evening so when I got home late from my ride I was already packed up for tomorrow so I was able to get to the gym for a short swim.  I had to do a little more cardio today since I was a skipper!
Once I got home it was dinner time and time to pick a winner for the Giveway.  I'm so happy to announce that our winner was my darling niece Ellie.  She is in love with Body Glide like I am so I was happy for her to win.
Now I'm a little later than normal but I had lots of things to do when I got home and I got several extra hours of sleep this morning so I can take a few extra minutes to post tonight.
Here's hoping for another good day tomorrow and hoping to not over sleep so I can make it to Pump in the morning!!!!!

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We Have a Winner!!!!!!

Out of 22 entries we had a winner, and would you believe it was from the #besthashtag!!!!  That's right, I just numbered out the entries and used a random number generator to pick the winner.....

Congrats Ellie!!!

 That's right this selfy was hashtagged with #imaddictedtobodyglide...since I couldn't decide between her two hashtags and one other I gave them both an extra entry for the best #hashtag.

She has a love for Body Glide like I do!
They were very very creative!

For those of you who are wondering yes, she is my niece, so before you say its not fair just go back to the original post!  I said family could enter too, I cannot eliminate them they are 70% of my readership!

She even kept up the hashtag excitement when I texted her to let her know she won!

Love this girl!  Body Glide really should put us on payroll!!!

So CONGRATS to our winner!!!!!!  Hope you enjoy your prize and thanks to everyone out there who entered!  I had so much fun that I think we will do another one sooner rather than later!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Hello hello hello all....lets just start with this! I have had just the best day!!!! I love getting to report a good day, especially when that day is a Monday.
I started off this morning with a great workout, Body Pump and Upper Body weights. I was glad to lift upper body because after 7 hours in the yard on Saturday my legs and especially my hammies are still pretty sore. I did a little bit of legs but mostly focused on the arms. Then there was some cardio but I get to take the cardio easy on Monday and Wednesday cause I know Im going back to the gym for more with Boot Camp.
While I was in the yard on Saturday I got a call from the bike shop telling me my bike was in and that I could pick it up at lunch on Monday. I was chomping at the bit to get out of the office and get to the bike shop. I took off to go get lunch and pick up my bike and grab some FroYo for lunch.

I started with the bike pick up so my food would be hot and my froyo would be cold, but I found myself almost unable to drive for looking at my beauty in the rear view mirror.

Just FYI I have like 1000 pic of the bike already!
I got back to the office and took a few people out to the car to see my new toy. Thankfully my BossLady Jen is a bike rider so she was as excited as I was to see my new bike! We have already planned to ride tomorrow afternoon and I have already packed all the things I can think of that I might need, cause I have no idea what I really need for this sport.
I also had a great day at work, I was pretty busy after being off on Friday. I gladly got caught up, and that took a while, and then got some good work news and it was just a great day at work too!!!!
I got home and took my bike over to my sisters house, then went to the other sister, and then finally to Dads to show off my bike. I had to show it off so much it was dark by the time I got home. Don't worry though, I still managed to take her on a maiden voyage around the neighborhood. (Yes, right now she is a girl but she still doesn't have a name yet, the first time I fall off the SOB might become a man!) I took her on a one mile, head lamp ride. I actually heard a guy outside in his yard say, "Was that a UFO?!?" No just me and my new road bike!!!!!!
I finally put the bike more pic....

Now to top off my night I am home and packed up and watching Dancing with the Stars and I feel an early bedtime in my future. I was over productive this weekend which allowed me to have tonight off from cleaning and gave me the time to play with my new bike and pack up so I can get all my crap ready to go again tomorrow.
I cant wait to announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow, probably in the evening, so don't forget to go enter, there are lots of ways to enter, DONT FORGET, this is the last chance!
Im so happy to share my great day with you guys! I hope tomorrow is a repeat of today! Night folks...
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Doctors Appointment Trama


I don't talk about this appointment much because I find the annual Gyno visit the most uncomfortable, embarrassing, and most traumatic experience of the year.  I start thinking about it weeks in advance and just want it to be over.  But I go, every single year because its what I am supposed to do as a woman and its what you do!

My best attempt at Gyno humor, because I don't find it funny at all...and because the one I really wanted to post was rated R and this was much more PG!

So I have to find some humor in this horrible experience.  Today I was informed that because of changes in health care that women no longer have to get a pap every year as long as they are young and have never had a bad result.  The doc had me up in stirrups while sharing this wonderful news with me.  Can we possibly talk with my feet on the ground?!!!?!?!?!

Now after he tells me of this treat I find out that I am only missing out on the Q-tip part of the exam...he is still going to absolutely murder my ovaries and get ALL UP in my business but no Q-tip and no test to find out if I have Uterine cancer.  Do they realize that I am the person who self diagnosis herself with some kind of cancer every day?  If you are already going to be up in my business lets test it all!!!

The only reason I had to tell you all this tonight was because of the hilarious text my sister sent me right after my appointment...

And its comments like this that make me love this girl!!!!

Finally the appointment was over and I got to put my feet down.  The doc told me to lose some weight and I refrained from screaming at the top of my lungs "Ive lost 65lbs so far!!"  I did tell him that I was losing and tried not to hurt myself patting myself of the back.

I was finally done, out of the office, able to breath again, and I treated myself to a Krispy Kreme since I had to endure the Gyno!  I figure 200 calories for a hot donut was worth it.

The rest of the day I dedicated to cleaning up my house.  I have spent the last few weeks in my filthy house just hoping that no one needed to come over.  It was a pigs sty and since I had a little extra time I dedicated the afternoon-midnight cleaning. 

I got my bedroom under control.  I organized my closet and cleaned the bathroom and got all the laundry to the laundry room (not washed yet) and even vacuumed the floor.  I still have the kitchen, living room, and laundry to do but I made big progress today!  I have to get this house cleaned up this weekend or I'm afraid it will be condemned. 


Tomorrow I do have a workout planned for the morning and then I have to work in the yard.  My grass has gotten so high that I could lose my car!  The outside is a wreck too!  I'm gonna get it under control this weekend. 

Don't forget to check out the FatGirl GIVEAWAY underway right now!  By the way I am loving the selfies on Instagram!!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wednesday, Thurdsay, Friday (I dont even know what today is.....)

Alright, again, I'm sorry that I have been a suck blogger this week.  I wasn't planning on my week to be so busy but things just got crazy and I didn't manage it very well.  I was a good with my food and my workouts all week long.  I have managed to get in 2 a day everyday until tonight. 

Yesterday I started the day with Pump and then had BootCamp last night.  Usually when we do BootCamp we have to run about .5-.75 miles to the park, then do a workout and then run back...well Wednesday we didn't get the 10 minute run it so it was 1 whole hour of workouts. 

We did squats until my squatter was broken.  My legs were just shaking and weak when the class was winding down, and then she decided we would run suicides fun runs (to be PC.)  My legs were fatigued, I thought my legs were strong until I started Bootcamp.  In all fairness to my legs I did Pump that morning and then did heavy leg weights on legs so they should have been tired.

The big ones make me feel stronger.

Now this morning it was off to spin class and I know I have been pretty sore since BootCamp started but this morning was nothing like last week.  I could actually spin today. 

Then after another hard/busy day at work I finally got to see my family tonight.  I have missed them this week.  You know most people have someone to go home to at night and talk about their day, and I use my family for that.  But this whole week I haven't gotten to talk about my day and I think it was building up in my brain.  I had lots of work and no outlet!  But tonight I got to hang with my people and I feel better already.  We went to watch my nephew play soccer and then out to dinner.

I missed out on my evening swim but I think the therapy of my family was better than any time I could have spent in the pool.

So tomorrow my day is way out of schedule.  I am not going to workout in the morning...I have to go to the doctor in the morning.  I have the day off work for this but this is the most not fun appointment ever!!!  If I get the chance to get an evening workout I will hit the gym but the morning workout is just not happening. 

Now that the GIVEAWAY has been extended don't forget to enter to win a Dunkin' Donuts gift card, sparkly head band and BodyGlide!!!!

I Have Made A Decision!!!


Ok since I have sucked as a blogger this week I have decided to do something different.  First off, I thought this would be a great week for a GIVEAWAY, I didn't have a super busy schedule and I would be able to promote it....well turns out I did have a busy week. 

I have been absolutely swamped at work, I haven't gotten to see my people (my sisters!) and I have just been stressed out.  I got home late most nights and had to make the decision to post of sleep....and sleep seems to have won most nights. 

All that being said, we are still in the middle of a GIVEAWAY, but I'm just extending the time frame.  You have until Monday now to enter the contest!!!  Yeah!!!  This gives me more time to promote it, it gives you more time to enter and tell your friends to enter! 

Sorry to stretch it out but now but I would like to give more a chance to play along.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pray for Boston

Lets start with the Boston Marathon.  I know along with everyone else in America my thoughts a prayers are with those affected by the bombing in Boston on Marathon Monday.  My heart breaks for those who lost loved ones and those injured.  I also have an amazing amount of sadness for those runners who worked so hard to qualify for this marathon (for those who don't know you cant just sign up for Boston, you have to qualify with an amazing time) for many it is a bucket list marathon, that didn't get to finish.  I know it seems so small on the grand scheme of things but as a runner and someone who has worked so hard to run 26.2 miles my feelings hurt for them.  Again, I don't mean to take away from the full impact of the terror attack, I just see it from a different perspective. 

I also think a huge congrats to those who did finish the race is in order.  I read several running blogs and some of the runners feel guilty for running the race and finishing.  So even if no one else says it to you, "Congrats!"

I will keep watching the news like everyone else hoping they find the responsible parties for the bombing.  This morning I was on the rowing machine and stayed for 5000 meters watching the news coverage.  I had two great cardio workouts today.  I did an hour of spin and then about 40 minutes on the rowing machine.  I was glad to be off my feet for my cardio workout today.  Yesterday I had 2 workouts that were both pretty hard on my joints so I tried to be easier on my joints today.

I sat at work all day long....all day long on my butt!  I was so ready to get out of my chair and move!  I went to the gym and swam a mile, 32.15 new PR!!!!!  It was a great workout that was very easy on my joints all day today. 

Tomorrow its back to weights and Bootcamp.  My poor knees and hips are sore and I'm not sure they are ready for Bootcamp again already!  I think Ill be alright after a good nights sleep and some rest for the legs. 

I have one little happy for you tonight....this is why I shouldn't know where the photographers are at races...

Finally, don't forget about the GIVEAWAY this week.  Click here...or the photo below for all the rules and chances to win!!!  Go enter now!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Giveaway Time: My Favorite Things!!!!

Oh it has been too long since I did a GIVEAWAY and I am so excited about this one. This one is a collection of my favorite things....and Im sorry Im so late posting it but I lost one of the things Im giving away so I have been searching for the last half hour. Have no fear, I found it and its time to win some free stuff (one of you at least!)

I am happy to have more than one thing to giveaway too. I thought about giving them away seperatly but I decided one Grand Prize. One Random winner will get a $10 Dunkin' Donuts card, a Glitter Head Band and a Small (not travel size) Body Glide.

Let me tell you how I came up with these items. These are the three things I use almost every single day....I start every morning with a cup of coffee and since I found Dunkin' Donuts I am in love! Then everyone, everyone, everyone should workout in a glitter headband and wear it to work afterwards, and then there is the Body Glide! Again, Body Glide has no bigger fan than an overweight runner! I just love this! Just think of it like this, Before: BodyGlide ALL OVER! During: Glitter/Sparkle HeadBand and After: Cup O' Coffee! It just works out perfectly.

Now who all can win...ANYONE! This includes men, you can use these products too, ok maybe not the headband but if you have a wife give it to her, girlfriends would love it too. If you don't have a wife or girlfriend, call me!

And since this will be a blind draw I am letting my family play along, if they want. Even Emma who said Dunkin' Donuts was gross! Ill gladly take that card off your hands. to enter for a chance to win, let me count the ways.

1. Comment on this post. Let me know how much you want to win or your favorite color, it doesn't matter just comment and let me know you want to play.

2. Twitter: Post a comment on twitter and tag me @fatgirltothin and again let me know that you want the prize! Be sure and tag @DunkinDonuts and @BODYGLIDE cause they need to know how much I love them too.

3. #: One person will be entered to win twice, this one is totally objective and picked by me. The person with the most clever hashtag will win a second entry from Twitter! haha! I love hashtags, the funnier the better.

4. Facebook: Leave a comment on the FatGirltoThin facebook fan page. THIS IS IMPORTANT: DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT ON MY PERSONAL PAGE!!!! IT WILL NOT COUNT!

5. Instagram: The final way is to post a fun picture (a selfy of course) on Instagram and tag me, again @fatgirltothin.

Here's an example of how much I like a sparkle head band and an appropriate selfy!

So that is 4 ways to enter and if you are creative with those #hashtags then you might get a bonus entry!

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am. I cant wait to give it away. You have until Monday to enter, and Tuesday I will announce the winner! Get out there and register to win!!!!!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Weekend!!!!

I dont know about y'all but I am sooooo happy to see the weekend. I have had a hard week at work, lots of hard workouts and lots of soreness, and not so great food this week. I like the finale of this week and the hope of getting more on track next.

Yesterday I am happy to report that I didn't skip my morning workout. No not me, I woke up bright and early and made it to spin class. I was so sore I think I should have stayed in the bed. I got on my bike with my left foot and could not lift my right leg high enough to get on the pedal. I put the pedal down and slid my foot in with the help of my hand and started spinning! Im pretty sure my left leg did all of the work during that workout.

Thursday night I was able to get in the pool for a great swim. It was one of my fastest yet. I was feeling good in the pool. And apparently my swimming was effective because when I woke up this morning my legs were all healed.

This morning I was off to Pump. This was the first time this week I got to stay for the whole class, you know, dentist and sleeping in and this was a new release workout. I was glad to finally get to do the entire workout.

After class I did another round of weights and a little cardio and then off to work. Work was not the best today because I was super busy and pretty sure I was not going to get all my work done but luckily I got finished about 15 minutes prior to quitting time. Around 4 o'clock I took a 5 hour energy drink (my first and probably last ever) and got a nice little boost! First off I didn't know you are only supposed to drink half the first time, not me I just downed that bad boy! Wow!!!!!

So after my 5 hour energy and my joy to be out of work I did a little shopping after work. I went to the bike store to find which bike was going to be mine! I found the one. She was pretty and fancy and shiny and luckily she was on sale so tomorrow I get to go back and pick her up with a discount!

I don't even have it yet and Im already ready to ride. Unfortunately, if everything goes as planned tomorrow I wont get a single second to play with my new toy.

I have a swim planned for tomorrow morning and then I have to get fitted to a bike! I am so looking forward to this!

Now, new things! First off with Phase 2 underway I have decided to change up my workout just a bit. I am going to increase my weight training, every morning after my Pump class. My muscles will already be warm and in the lifting spirit so I am going to lift more on those mornings. Then I can use those afternoons for cardio (Bootcamp right now) and then dedicate Tues/Thurs to cardio and get my swim in on those night for recovery.

This is just something new to try out, I need to build some more muscle and lose more fat and I think this will be a great way to do that.

Secondly, make sure you come back on Monday because I will be doing another GIVEAWAY!!! All the details to come but you won't want to miss it.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know Im really looking forward to mine!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bad Blogger Good Blogger

Today I did something that I have not done since January, I skipped my morning workout! Thats right, my shame is showing! I woke up at 4:45 and put on my sports bra and tank top, went to the bathroom and then crawled back into bed. There was no way I could do it today. I had too many late nights back to back and just had to make a decision to skip.

So after a few extra hours of sleep I got up and headed off to work. It was sooooo hot at work, AC still not working! I had on a dress and flip flops but that one piece of fabric was to heavy and kept creeping up all day long, so who knows what Ill wear tomorrow.

After work it was off to Bootcamp. I am so very sore from my Monday Bootcamp and really not looking forward to going to workout but then I got there and the instructor was all chipper and encouraging that I got pumped up and ready to go. After about a mile run it was back to the park bench, I didn't have one single step up in me today and luckily she didn't do any! I think I would have cried if I had to step up on that bench!

My body hurts so bad I cant believe I pay money for this torture but then I know when my body hurts that Im working muscles that need working! Its a Catch 22.

After the workout I was off to choir practice and then home. I am already doing better tonight than last night because it is before 10pm and Im in bed blogging (covered in BioFreeze) instead of watching TV and packing bags and food.

I have no plans of skipping tomorrow morning, I have spin and this one is with the instructor I like so Im looking forward to it. Now if I can just get past the soreness tomorrow will be a great workout!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How Many Birds Can You Kill With One Stone?

It's happened again...I had another day where I ran out of hours to get all my stuff done. Let me start with Monday because I had lots to tell you guys yesterday but because of the basketball tournament I was too late to post.

First off let me get the final half pictures up....I didn't realize that my sister was taking finish line photos so now I have pics of both me and my niece at the finish!

Then there is the shirt. The reason I even have this picture is becasue this is the first race day shirt I have been able to wear in a while. For some reason everyone went to tech shirts which are nice but I dont wear a womens fitted 1x! Not this race...mens XXL!

Ok I think that is the last race photo, but no promises, if I find something else I will probably post it.

As far as the Tourney goes...


I was in two different bracket challenges but who would have thought I would have been a money winner with Wichita St. I did pick the overall winner in the other bracket but I missed so many leading up to that that I didn't win that one either! :(

Monday I did Pump in the morning but then had to run off to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I don't really care about going to the dentist but I wanted to get in my full workout.

I made up for the missed hour when I went to Bootcamp last night. This was the first night I really got to do bootcamp. I made it to the first night and then skipped the second night to get my taxes done so this was my first real Bootcamp.

It lived up to all expectations. For starters I did about 34488 step ups with lots of squats and burpees and dips thrown in. And then when all was done we did Indian runs all the way back to the gym. That is where the last person in line runs to the front and then the next last person runs to the front. Thankfully I got behind the girl that didn't understand how this worked so when she made it to the front she kept up the sprint. It was taking too long to catch her and she set the pace too fast for lots of people in the group.

My legs can definitely tell that that was my first workout since the half cause my legs were very tired and they are very sore today.

This morning I got up again and did spin class but didn't have to leave early today! Finally!!!! I did enjoy a little bit of drama in my spin class. Once of the spinners got all mad at the teacher (this is the one I don't like) so I was just enjoying it a little bit. I tried really hard not to laugh but I finally put my head down and just listened to the argument. Classic!

After the fight and the class ended I went out to do the rowing machine and the stair stepper, all very low impact for these sore sore legs!

I was off to work where the air conditioner was out! That wouldn't have been too big a deal but I am a sweater so I was worried all day that I was going to sweat through my nice dress shirt. This wont be a problem tomorrow cause Im wearing shorts until I get air back! Apparently sweating is a good thing cause it means you have a good heat exchange but its annoying when you sweat through your clothes in an office.

Then tonight I was supposed to go run but things came up with my running buddy so I did a swim instead. It helped me cool down a bit and get in another low impact workout.

Now I am trying to eat dinner, watch Dancing with the Stars (yes its important and go Team Aly I routed for her at the Olympics and I will here too!) and pack and finish all the other things that should be done so I can go to sleep. Not enough hours!

Amazingly enough I have no pictures from today other than my mailbox, maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of me sweating through my clothes at work!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Race Day: Oak Barrel x3

Finally here, race day is here and time to do it! I was a little nervous last night, as you all read but when I got up this morning I was really ready to go. I kept going over my list of things that I needed (very OCD) but when I got there I had what I needed so all was ok.

We did race packet pick up the morning of and went back to the car to get ready. The yellow tag on Emma's outfit was really throwing off the whole look.

We managed to get a start line picture right before the gun went off. Love this girl!

My race started great. I was 30 minutes in and 5k down, I don't normally run that fast so I was really pleased with my time at this point. But the joy soon came down a bit when I started up the hill. Whiskey Hill and I still haven't gotten my shot of JD!!

Please notice the people up in the top of the picture, this hill just keeps going and going. I think the hill was steeper this year.

This way my view for the 1 mile Whisky Hill, just look down and keep putting on foot in front of the other.

This was the end of my picture taking extravaganza. I got in a zone and was just trying to keep up pace. I knew as the race went on I would get slower because I have not really been training for 13 but I was feeling pretty good.

I started getting fatigued around mile 9 and I was just waiting on the downhill that is so enjoyable. I made every turn looking for my downhill and I was pretty sure about mile 8 that they had taken it out. But once I hit 9 I started coming down and my legs were very happy!

I was walking a lot more than I had hoped to but I was way ahead of the time I thought I would be. Around mile 11 I was really really ready to be done! My feet started to hurt and I could feel a blister forming on the bottom of my foot.

Then I saw the last water station (by the way they had tons of water stations but I seemed to be more thirsty than normal!) That last stations I knew there was only about a mile and a half left so I drank a little more than normal.

When I passed mile marker 12 I was really ready to be finished...but luckily I found a friend. A woman ran beside me and she already had on a finisher medal. So she was walking right around me and I told her that she was my new friend and I needed her to run with me, and she did!!!! She ran the last mile of the race with me and gave me someone to talk to. My music was just not cutting it anymore, I needed a running friend.

She was really sweet to run with me and I found out that she had come back to look for her friend but never could find her and decided to come back to get her prize. (she placed!)

She took off right before the finish line again and I headed into finish! Ahhhh finally there!!!!! Finish line finish time!

I finished just over 3 hours, and I am totally happy happy happy with that time. I was sure this was going to take 3 and a half because I haven't really done the long runs. Ive been more focused on my 10k speed than I have been my half so I was ecstatic about my 3 hours!

I am proud to report that I didn't finish with bloody feet (just a tiny blister on my left foot) and I didn't cry at all during the race. That is more than I can say for the last 2 times I ran this race. Instead this was a great experience for my race today.

On the ride home Emma and I decided that we definitely needed some Sonic because we were starving and sooooo thirsty! I had 2 bottles of water, a Gatorade and a few sips of chocolate milk and just could not get my fill! The tater tots were just icing on the cake. Oh, cake, I could eat some cake!

I think I hit my goal today!

I am now so incredibly happy to be home, showered, with my feet up still pounding water and just taking it easy before I take my post Halfarathon nap. I am just trying to get iced and rested before I fall asleep so I don't get leg cramps. BTW, I was so thrilled today that my legs didn't cramp. I have been having so much trouble with that lately and until I got on the couch not one cramp during the run!

I was also so excited to see so many people that I haven't seen in a while. I saw a friend from High School and my High School best friends mom, and so many more! I loved getting to catch up with people I haven't seen it years!

Now nap time is here and I must recover so I can start up again on Monday with my Phase 2 weight loss, that's if I can walk on Monday!
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