Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 In A Row

I don't quite know what to do with myself but I have had another pretty good day.  Let me just start with the bad because it all gets better after that...when my alarm went off at 4:45am I woke up, turned it off, and went right back to sleep.  Yep, I overslept right thought that snooze button. 

Soooooo I got a few extra hours of sleep this morning but it came at a price.  I leave my house about 4 hours before I have to be at work so I don't hit traffic for the most part.  I hit a few red lights but traffic is not a problem at 5 am.  Today it took me forever to get ready (cause I never do that at home anymore) and even longer to get to work!

But once I got to work it got better and better.  I had another crazy busy day, lots of work means not a lot of down time and the day goes by quickly.  And that was good because I knew I was going bike riding when the day was done.  I tried to move the clock forward several times but BossLady said that wouldn't work (I was riding with her!)

My business almost made me miss lunch.  I had to run a few errands at lunch so I thought I would just eat when I got back to the office but I didn't leave for my errands til nearly 1pm so I was starving by the time I made my FroYo stop....yep, every day until they discontinue my flavor.

Then today we were told that our flavors were running out and would not be replaced.  I almost had to get two cups of yogurt but I refrained....until the lady told me that she had a half empty 28 ouncer that she couldn't sell and she gave it to me!  Yummy!  Its sitting at the office just waiting for me now!

I finally made it to the end of the work day and it was time to go ride my new bike!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!  I have been dying to get on this thing! 

My processor gave me a few clothes to try so I could see what I needed...turns out this is going to be right up my alley, another sport to support my too tight style.  

Stylin' and Profilin'

We set off to ride but didn't have a goal, just ride until our butts couldn't take it anymore.  I also had a crowd for my first ride...Jen and her husband were my riding partners.  They were pretty good partners too because they taught me some lingo that I need to know and they taught me how to drink out of my water bottle while riding.  I was a little nervous about using one hand to steer and one to drink, and I only dropped my bottle once but Ralph was kind enough to get it for me.  It was nice to have friends to ride with...especially since I was a bit nervous.  Its always better with friends.

And I didn't wreck!  That was a big worry for me so I was happy not to wreck!

Still smiling post ride, little sore in the tush but feeling good!

Almost 11 miles!
Since I was late leaving the house this morning I was able to get my stuff together for tomorrow early this morning instead of having to do it this evening so when I got home late from my ride I was already packed up for tomorrow so I was able to get to the gym for a short swim.  I had to do a little more cardio today since I was a skipper!
Once I got home it was dinner time and time to pick a winner for the Giveway.  I'm so happy to announce that our winner was my darling niece Ellie.  She is in love with Body Glide like I am so I was happy for her to win.
Now I'm a little later than normal but I had lots of things to do when I got home and I got several extra hours of sleep this morning so I can take a few extra minutes to post tonight.
Here's hoping for another good day tomorrow and hoping to not over sleep so I can make it to Pump in the morning!!!!!

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