Friday, April 5, 2013

As Ready as Im Gonna Be

My nerves always seem to be calmed by my OCD and that could not have been any more true than tonight. I'm not really nervous but I have not done a race of any distance in a really long time so those race day jitters are kinda creepin'' in.

So instead of being nervous I have packed my after race bag, laid out my race day clothes, and even put out plates and the toaster and cups for breakfast in the morning. I want to be over-prepared!

Now Im waiting on my partner in crime to come over so we can get the rest of the stuff packed up for tomorrow and get to bed.

I have taken my day of rest to a whole new level. I did nothing but eat spaghetti and drink water! No workout and I even overslept by about 30 minutes so I am over rested.

My last training run was not the best but I am hoping it was because my body was exhausted and not because I am not ready! Oh my gosh, I can over analyze this to death, I just need race day to get here so I can run these nerves away.

Ok, ready to run, ready to run, ready ready ready, and not nervous at all, really! :)

Im gonna try and take pictures throughout the race tomorrow so make sure to come back tomorrow for an Oak Barrel race review, and I might just post to twitter (@fatgirltothin), Facebook (FatGirltoThin), and maybe even Instagram (@fatgirltothin) during the race! That will depend on how I feel.
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