Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Days are Becoming the Norm

I think I may have caught up on my sleep just in time to do this all over again. Amazingly I was able to get up on time this morning...after my 4 hour nap I was still able to get a full nights sleep and wake up on time.

I made it to the gym for Body Pump this morning and instead of lifting more I just went straight into cardio. I wanted to get to work early cause I knew there was a pile of hell just waiting on me.

And it was a pile of hell indeed. I got to work, put my head down and worked. There was no fun to be found, just work, work and more work. Busy makes the day go by quick, today was beyond busy.

I didn't have time to do anything but work and breath. I did leave my chair to go to lunch and then came right back to it. After about the first couple of hours at work I instantly starting regretting cutting my workout short. I just wanted to get up and move. I was glad to have BootCamp after work today.

I did go to BootCamp and had to whine and complain a little bit but I got a great workout. We did step ups and squats and burpees until I thought I was going to drown in my own sweat. The sweat lately has become a real issue. Does anyone know why that is? I have always been a sweater but lately it seems to be worse than normal.

After my workout it was right to the ballpark. I missed one game but made it in time for the second. Victory! Way to go girls!

I am home now and planning my day for tomorrow. I don't think Ill be cutting my workout short tomorrow because I wont get a second workout in, nope, more ballgames so I have to make the AM workout count. I also know there is another pile of hell sitting on my desk waiting for me again tomorrow so I must burn some extra calories before I head to work!

The fact that I have no pictures and no funnies should tell you how my day was, exactly like this the point! Maybe tomorrow will be better, Gosh! I hope so!!!

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Kim M said...

I was never sweaty, but when I started training for my half marathon in the dead of a Florida summer, I became noticeably more sweaty as I trained on. I think your body must learn to become more effective at cooling itself if you intensify your level of activity. That's all I can fathom because now I'm always nasty even after like 2 miles running.

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