Sunday, April 28, 2013

FatGirl Weekend Update

This weekend has been non-stop! Really my whole week was non-stop.  It was the last week of the month at work, as well as the start of a softball season and the Early Bird Tourney.  Then there was a baby shower and rain!  The combination of all of those things made last week a blur.  I was looking forward to my weekend. 

Not because I was going to get to catch up on sleep or anything because Saturday came with a wake up call at 4:30am and a trip to Nashville for the Country Music Marathon.  No, I was not running this one, I don't like to run in Nashville but my niece was running her first Full marathon!!

Start Line Selfies

I wasn't sure if I was going to get to see her before the race.  I got to Nashville with plenty of time to spare but then there was no way to get close to the start line.  With 15 minutes until the start I was still in my car trying to get to her.  I gave up and ditched my car on some random street and then took off running to the start line.  Luckily I lived in Nashville for several years so I was able to get back to my car.

I grabbed my pack and ran....literally ran, 2 miles in 14 minutes to get there in time. (I dont run 7 minute miles!)  I had a rain coat and back pack full of everything I could think that she might need throughout the run.

Stealing RunEatRepeat's pose!  Start line fun while waiting on her corral to leave.

It ended up being about 40 minutes before she started but she was ready (soaking wet and ready)

Now shortly after this pic was taken my phone died.  It must have gotten too wet at the start line because when I saw her again about mile 4 the phone was done so there are no photos after this.

I was able to see her quite a few times though out the run.  I know she had to be miserable though out the day because I changed clothes 3 times trying to get dry and there was no hope.  Between the rain coat and a found umbrella I was able to keep drying thing out throughout the day.

I felt bad for so many of the runners cause they ran for hours in the pouring down rain and wind. 

The last time I saw my girl was around mile 17-18.  She was off for the final kick and there was no place to see her again before she got to the finish.  We had a good talk and she had a little snack and was off for the last 8 miles.

Then I stood at the finish line for a while waiting for her to come in.  I'm not going to lie, after Boston I was a little apprehensive at my finish line standing spot.  I was just feet from the finish clock and didn't want to move because I had to get a finish line pic.  The security was heavier than Ive seen in a while.  I have never spent a lot of time at the finish line because I usually finish last of my friends.  The guy next to me hung his bag up on a fence behind us and the cops did NOT like that.  If you had a bag you had to hold it!!!  No questions asked. 

I finally saw my girl coming down the final stretch!  I was so glad to see her.  I was beginning to get nervous because she wasn't there and my mind wanders.  She saw that finish line and got the biggest grin on her face!!!!  It was pretty amazing.  Luckily, she gave me her phone about mile 8 so it wouldn't be ruined as well so between mile 17 and the finish line visit I took her phone from the car with a plastic bag and took it to the finish.

So happy for her!!!

I enjoyed getting to watch the race instead of running it.  I don't get to do that much.  Now I wish it hadn't rained for 8 hours but it was still so much fun and I am a super proud aunt!  Congrats EM!!!!

The rest of my weekend has been trying to rest up for this next week.  I have another doozie ahead of me.  I got to bed at a slightly reasonable hour last night but had to get up early for church this morning but I think I got ahead this afternoon.  I got a 4 hour nap! 

Yes 4 hours and I needed every single one of them.  This evening I also prepared for my week by grocery shopping, cooking, and packing up food for the week.  Since it rained all weekend the beginning of the season softball tourney has moved on to this week.  I'm trying to get all my packing done now so it doesn't keep me up late every night.

And I need some help from you guys.  I have been doing pretty good on my phase 2 progress but I have a problem.  I need a prize if I hit my goal.  Right now I cannot think of anything to reward myself if I hit the goal.

The White Board!
I think I would have a touch more motivation if I knew what I was striving for...yes I know the grand goal is the weight loss but the short term goal (like the road bike) was incredibly motivating.  I don't want it to be clothes because I would have to buy those anyway and I really cant think of anything else.....if you can think of anything let me know!

Then just a few cute pics of lunch today when "someone" gave the baby cupcakes and ice cream for lunch.  If you just give them to him and walk away only he gets dirty and not the one holding him....

The perfect size cupcake for a little man.

This was about the 4th cupcake.

HAHA filthy!  I love giving them goodies.

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Spoonful of Me said...

I think a weekend get a away could be a good phase two goal prize.

Anonymous said...

How about new tshoes for working out AND chaos for summer?

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