Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How Many Birds Can You Kill With One Stone?

It's happened again...I had another day where I ran out of hours to get all my stuff done. Let me start with Monday because I had lots to tell you guys yesterday but because of the basketball tournament I was too late to post.

First off let me get the final half pictures up....I didn't realize that my sister was taking finish line photos so now I have pics of both me and my niece at the finish!

Then there is the shirt. The reason I even have this picture is becasue this is the first race day shirt I have been able to wear in a while. For some reason everyone went to tech shirts which are nice but I dont wear a womens fitted 1x! Not this race...mens XXL!

Ok I think that is the last race photo, but no promises, if I find something else I will probably post it.

As far as the Tourney goes...


I was in two different bracket challenges but who would have thought I would have been a money winner with Wichita St. I did pick the overall winner in the other bracket but I missed so many leading up to that that I didn't win that one either! :(

Monday I did Pump in the morning but then had to run off to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I don't really care about going to the dentist but I wanted to get in my full workout.

I made up for the missed hour when I went to Bootcamp last night. This was the first night I really got to do bootcamp. I made it to the first night and then skipped the second night to get my taxes done so this was my first real Bootcamp.

It lived up to all expectations. For starters I did about 34488 step ups with lots of squats and burpees and dips thrown in. And then when all was done we did Indian runs all the way back to the gym. That is where the last person in line runs to the front and then the next last person runs to the front. Thankfully I got behind the girl that didn't understand how this worked so when she made it to the front she kept up the sprint. It was taking too long to catch her and she set the pace too fast for lots of people in the group.

My legs can definitely tell that that was my first workout since the half cause my legs were very tired and they are very sore today.

This morning I got up again and did spin class but didn't have to leave early today! Finally!!!! I did enjoy a little bit of drama in my spin class. Once of the spinners got all mad at the teacher (this is the one I don't like) so I was just enjoying it a little bit. I tried really hard not to laugh but I finally put my head down and just listened to the argument. Classic!

After the fight and the class ended I went out to do the rowing machine and the stair stepper, all very low impact for these sore sore legs!

I was off to work where the air conditioner was out! That wouldn't have been too big a deal but I am a sweater so I was worried all day that I was going to sweat through my nice dress shirt. This wont be a problem tomorrow cause Im wearing shorts until I get air back! Apparently sweating is a good thing cause it means you have a good heat exchange but its annoying when you sweat through your clothes in an office.

Then tonight I was supposed to go run but things came up with my running buddy so I did a swim instead. It helped me cool down a bit and get in another low impact workout.

Now I am trying to eat dinner, watch Dancing with the Stars (yes its important and go Team Aly I routed for her at the Olympics and I will here too!) and pack and finish all the other things that should be done so I can go to sleep. Not enough hours!

Amazingly enough I have no pictures from today other than my mailbox, maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of me sweating through my clothes at work!

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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