Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just When I Thought No One Was Reading

Let me just say wow! I really never know how many people are out there reading. I get a few comments every now and then from my regulars and I know my sister read because sometimes thats the only way we communicate but yesterday I posted my before and after pic to Instagram and Facebook with a link to my blog and the outpouring of support and congrats was simply amazing! Thank you guys so much! If I wasn't motivated to do phase 2 and have equally awesome results I am now.

Today was Day 2 of Phase 2, Im not going to countdown each day I just like the alliteration of that one. I made it to the gym after a long talk with my pillow this morning. I was not feeling getting out of the bed. I made it to my spin class with the girl I don't love and then did a little independent cardio before heading off to work.

I wanted to make sure that my workout was good this morning because I didn't know if I was going to do workout number 2 today. I am really trying to let my body rest this week because I have a half on Saturday and I absolutely worked my body to death last week. I think we call this tapering off....or an excuse to not go back to the gym in the afternoon. Either way, one workout for me today.

The rest of my evening has been pretty normal, packing, cooking, and eating. I got my final treat tonight before diving right into the crazy of Phase 2. I don't want to be at the last week of Phase 2 stressing so I have tried to get all my treats in early. I had French Fries with my dinner tonight. Two days with a few treats and it back to the grind. Now the bar has been set and I have to have an even more impressive Phase 2 photo!

Tomorrow is another day and another single workout but not by choice. I have to get my morning workout in and make it count because tomorrow afternoon I have and appointment to let Uncle Sam take advantage of me and I am looking soooooo forward to that, NOT! Uncle sam would be the second old guy I have turned down this week, another 60+ hit on me at the gym again this week, flattered but no! And Im going to keep lying to them and get bad karma.

And finally since I have talked and talked and talked without one single picture Ill leave you with this...

It Bruce! I didn't take a single picture so I took this for you so you can get to know Bruce a little better. I talk to him before I get online and talk to you guys.

Night all!

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Anonymous said...

Please don't admit (on the World Wide Web) that you talk to that fish! Hahaha

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