Monday, April 22, 2013


Hello hello hello all....lets just start with this! I have had just the best day!!!! I love getting to report a good day, especially when that day is a Monday.
I started off this morning with a great workout, Body Pump and Upper Body weights. I was glad to lift upper body because after 7 hours in the yard on Saturday my legs and especially my hammies are still pretty sore. I did a little bit of legs but mostly focused on the arms. Then there was some cardio but I get to take the cardio easy on Monday and Wednesday cause I know Im going back to the gym for more with Boot Camp.
While I was in the yard on Saturday I got a call from the bike shop telling me my bike was in and that I could pick it up at lunch on Monday. I was chomping at the bit to get out of the office and get to the bike shop. I took off to go get lunch and pick up my bike and grab some FroYo for lunch.

I started with the bike pick up so my food would be hot and my froyo would be cold, but I found myself almost unable to drive for looking at my beauty in the rear view mirror.

Just FYI I have like 1000 pic of the bike already!
I got back to the office and took a few people out to the car to see my new toy. Thankfully my BossLady Jen is a bike rider so she was as excited as I was to see my new bike! We have already planned to ride tomorrow afternoon and I have already packed all the things I can think of that I might need, cause I have no idea what I really need for this sport.
I also had a great day at work, I was pretty busy after being off on Friday. I gladly got caught up, and that took a while, and then got some good work news and it was just a great day at work too!!!!
I got home and took my bike over to my sisters house, then went to the other sister, and then finally to Dads to show off my bike. I had to show it off so much it was dark by the time I got home. Don't worry though, I still managed to take her on a maiden voyage around the neighborhood. (Yes, right now she is a girl but she still doesn't have a name yet, the first time I fall off the SOB might become a man!) I took her on a one mile, head lamp ride. I actually heard a guy outside in his yard say, "Was that a UFO?!?" No just me and my new road bike!!!!!!
I finally put the bike more pic....

Now to top off my night I am home and packed up and watching Dancing with the Stars and I feel an early bedtime in my future. I was over productive this weekend which allowed me to have tonight off from cleaning and gave me the time to play with my new bike and pack up so I can get all my crap ready to go again tomorrow.
I cant wait to announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow, probably in the evening, so don't forget to go enter, there are lots of ways to enter, DONT FORGET, this is the last chance!
Im so happy to share my great day with you guys! I hope tomorrow is a repeat of today! Night folks...
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Anonymous said...

Yay! Riding day tomorrow! She's beautiful! Now name her! -jen

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