Monday, April 1, 2013

Phase 1 and DONE!!

Ok, we will just talk about the big elephant in the I didn't hit my goal and yes it hurt my feelings really bad, but after having the day to be upset I am over it and focusing on the good.

First off in order to have hit my goal I had to lose 14 pounds this last week. It was an incredibly high number but over the week I had really convinced myself that I could hit it. I was sure! So that made for a harder landing when I fell off that scale this morning.

But I have to look on the positive side. In week 12 of Phase 1 I lost 10 pounds. My body was working with me and shedding pounds like it hasn't in a while. I also got to see some big changes in my body with those last 10 pounds. I officially need new pants again!

So I am focusing on the positive as best as I can. 61 pounds in 90 days is pretty great.

So today was my free day, over this year I am really only going to get 4 official free days so I am taking them when I can. I am proud to report that the thing I wanted most, Jelly Beans gave me a belly ache and I dont really want those again. I only ate half my nachos at lunch cause I got full. I had a high calorie day but have already packed up my food in preparation to be back on track tomorrow.

And...I have a few phase 1 photos for you. You've read about the hard work and calorie deficits now you can see the results.

Please know, these pics are taken at 4:45am so don't judge the hair or face!

I know I am pleased and really Im not mad about not hitting my goal anymore.

Now on to Phase 2! And a new calorie goal, 44 lbs, I just had to tack that 4 on to this phase. Here goes again....

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Anonymous said...

~ Fave Cousin

Elizabeth said...

forget new pants..i think you need new everything! very impressive pictures...even more so for being upright before 5am!!

Dianne R. said...

you are awesome!

Jane said...

Been reading your blogs while, can't remember if I've ever posted. Great job on phase one!! Your pictures are inspiring and you have motivated me to get off my butt (tomorrow). Good work!!!!

Jamie Danielle said...

DAMN GIRL look at you!!!!
Totally awesome, very impressive & motivating :)

Wendie Haynes said...

Great job! You look awesome! I think I need to hit phase II with you, if only I can get my knees to work again. Found some BioFreeze, thank you so much for the advice!!

Good luck to you on you next phase!!!

Jane said...

For what it is worth, I think that is amazing and you should be downright proud of yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, that is amazing!! Just curious, and you may have it posted somewherw, what was your calorie goal for phase 1 and what's your calorie goal for

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