Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pray for Boston

Lets start with the Boston Marathon.  I know along with everyone else in America my thoughts a prayers are with those affected by the bombing in Boston on Marathon Monday.  My heart breaks for those who lost loved ones and those injured.  I also have an amazing amount of sadness for those runners who worked so hard to qualify for this marathon (for those who don't know you cant just sign up for Boston, you have to qualify with an amazing time) for many it is a bucket list marathon, that didn't get to finish.  I know it seems so small on the grand scheme of things but as a runner and someone who has worked so hard to run 26.2 miles my feelings hurt for them.  Again, I don't mean to take away from the full impact of the terror attack, I just see it from a different perspective. 

I also think a huge congrats to those who did finish the race is in order.  I read several running blogs and some of the runners feel guilty for running the race and finishing.  So even if no one else says it to you, "Congrats!"

I will keep watching the news like everyone else hoping they find the responsible parties for the bombing.  This morning I was on the rowing machine and stayed for 5000 meters watching the news coverage.  I had two great cardio workouts today.  I did an hour of spin and then about 40 minutes on the rowing machine.  I was glad to be off my feet for my cardio workout today.  Yesterday I had 2 workouts that were both pretty hard on my joints so I tried to be easier on my joints today.

I sat at work all day long....all day long on my butt!  I was so ready to get out of my chair and move!  I went to the gym and swam a mile, 32.15 new PR!!!!!  It was a great workout that was very easy on my joints all day today. 

Tomorrow its back to weights and Bootcamp.  My poor knees and hips are sore and I'm not sure they are ready for Bootcamp again already!  I think Ill be alright after a good nights sleep and some rest for the legs. 

I have one little happy for you tonight....this is why I shouldn't know where the photographers are at races...

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