Saturday, April 6, 2013

Race Day: Oak Barrel x3

Finally here, race day is here and time to do it! I was a little nervous last night, as you all read but when I got up this morning I was really ready to go. I kept going over my list of things that I needed (very OCD) but when I got there I had what I needed so all was ok.

We did race packet pick up the morning of and went back to the car to get ready. The yellow tag on Emma's outfit was really throwing off the whole look.

We managed to get a start line picture right before the gun went off. Love this girl!

My race started great. I was 30 minutes in and 5k down, I don't normally run that fast so I was really pleased with my time at this point. But the joy soon came down a bit when I started up the hill. Whiskey Hill and I still haven't gotten my shot of JD!!

Please notice the people up in the top of the picture, this hill just keeps going and going. I think the hill was steeper this year.

This way my view for the 1 mile Whisky Hill, just look down and keep putting on foot in front of the other.

This was the end of my picture taking extravaganza. I got in a zone and was just trying to keep up pace. I knew as the race went on I would get slower because I have not really been training for 13 but I was feeling pretty good.

I started getting fatigued around mile 9 and I was just waiting on the downhill that is so enjoyable. I made every turn looking for my downhill and I was pretty sure about mile 8 that they had taken it out. But once I hit 9 I started coming down and my legs were very happy!

I was walking a lot more than I had hoped to but I was way ahead of the time I thought I would be. Around mile 11 I was really really ready to be done! My feet started to hurt and I could feel a blister forming on the bottom of my foot.

Then I saw the last water station (by the way they had tons of water stations but I seemed to be more thirsty than normal!) That last stations I knew there was only about a mile and a half left so I drank a little more than normal.

When I passed mile marker 12 I was really ready to be finished...but luckily I found a friend. A woman ran beside me and she already had on a finisher medal. So she was walking right around me and I told her that she was my new friend and I needed her to run with me, and she did!!!! She ran the last mile of the race with me and gave me someone to talk to. My music was just not cutting it anymore, I needed a running friend.

She was really sweet to run with me and I found out that she had come back to look for her friend but never could find her and decided to come back to get her prize. (she placed!)

She took off right before the finish line again and I headed into finish! Ahhhh finally there!!!!! Finish line finish time!

I finished just over 3 hours, and I am totally happy happy happy with that time. I was sure this was going to take 3 and a half because I haven't really done the long runs. Ive been more focused on my 10k speed than I have been my half so I was ecstatic about my 3 hours!

I am proud to report that I didn't finish with bloody feet (just a tiny blister on my left foot) and I didn't cry at all during the race. That is more than I can say for the last 2 times I ran this race. Instead this was a great experience for my race today.

On the ride home Emma and I decided that we definitely needed some Sonic because we were starving and sooooo thirsty! I had 2 bottles of water, a Gatorade and a few sips of chocolate milk and just could not get my fill! The tater tots were just icing on the cake. Oh, cake, I could eat some cake!

I think I hit my goal today!

I am now so incredibly happy to be home, showered, with my feet up still pounding water and just taking it easy before I take my post Halfarathon nap. I am just trying to get iced and rested before I fall asleep so I don't get leg cramps. BTW, I was so thrilled today that my legs didn't cramp. I have been having so much trouble with that lately and until I got on the couch not one cramp during the run!

I was also so excited to see so many people that I haven't seen in a while. I saw a friend from High School and my High School best friends mom, and so many more! I loved getting to catch up with people I haven't seen it years!

Now nap time is here and I must recover so I can start up again on Monday with my Phase 2 weight loss, that's if I can walk on Monday!


Elizabeth said...

so proud of you! you did great, especially since you haven't focused on running so much as all that crazy-wonderful other workout stuff! and you looked great afterward, not worn out and zombie-like!--beth

Wendie Haynes said...

Congrats on the great success. Not crying is always a plus.

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