Thursday, April 4, 2013

Recovery Week is Coming to an End

This whole week for me has really been a recovery week.  Ive been focused on getting over my soreness and repairing my muscles from all the two and three a days from last week.  Tomorrow is actually the final culmination of the recovery with a day of rest.  That's right now workout tomorrow, one full day of REST!  Oak Barrel half marathon is just one day away!  Throwing it back, way back, Emma and I at the last Oak Barrel we ran together, I missed 2012.  Love this girl!

Today I had spin class this morning and then off to the elliptical machine.  Today I did so much better with my workout reading material...I love the trashy tabloids but I thought I could get a little educational today.

After Saturday my race focus changes from running to triathlon!  And I couldn't be more excited, except for the fact that I am getting a little nervous about the bike section.  Hence the book...a girl at the gym brought it to me today to read.  Speaking of that, I am liking my gym more and more every day.  First a book and then another girl overheard me talking about an open water swim and offered to paddle board in a lake or on the river sometime so I could swim without having to be in the river alone.  That was just nice!

After my workout was complete I was off to work.  I was slammed today, more than normal and due to a contest at work I hope to be this busy for a while.  The day just flew by.  I did manage to go to lunch and go stock up on race day supplies.  I texted my niece and got so tickled once I read the text, apparently food and anti-chafe cream are all you need on race day.

I think I have an overstocking problem, I went in for 2 bags of chews and 2 things of GU and 25 dollars later I had a bag full of goodies.

I left work late and went right home to get the office cleaned and get a swim in before it was time for bed.  Since January 2nd I have not gotten to sleep in on a work day so I don't quite know what to do with myself.  I have no bag to pack, no food to pack (cause I'm eating sketti tomorrow for lunch) and all my alarms have been reset for 2 hours later!

After tomorrow its back to waking up early and getting straight to the workout with 13.1 miles.  I'm not sure I'm completely ready for it physically but I am so excited for it to get here already! 

Check the time stamp guys its after 11pm!  I cant get my sleep all messed up so I am going to get into bed.  I don't know what I'm going to have to say tomorrow with no workouts so maybe I should share this pic tomorrow, but since I already put it on Instagram Ill share with those who didn't see it...

IN LOVE WITH THIS WATER BOTTLE and every time I pick it up I have to say, "Watahhhhhh!"  Funny every single time.  I buying another one tomorrow!

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Honeybee GB said...

I like the bottle. A super nice bottle is an encouragement for me to drink more water :D


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