Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Have a Winner!!!!!!

Out of 22 entries we had a winner, and would you believe it was from the #besthashtag!!!!  That's right, I just numbered out the entries and used a random number generator to pick the winner.....

Congrats Ellie!!!

 That's right this selfy was hashtagged with #imaddictedtobodyglide...since I couldn't decide between her two hashtags and one other I gave them both an extra entry for the best #hashtag.

She has a love for Body Glide like I do!
They were very very creative!

For those of you who are wondering yes, she is my niece, so before you say its not fair just go back to the original post!  I said family could enter too, I cannot eliminate them they are 70% of my readership!

She even kept up the hashtag excitement when I texted her to let her know she won!

Love this girl!  Body Glide really should put us on payroll!!!

So CONGRATS to our winner!!!!!!  Hope you enjoy your prize and thanks to everyone out there who entered!  I had so much fun that I think we will do another one sooner rather than later!

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Anonymous said...

congrats to ellie!!!

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