Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wednesday, Thurdsay, Friday (I dont even know what today is.....)

Alright, again, I'm sorry that I have been a suck blogger this week.  I wasn't planning on my week to be so busy but things just got crazy and I didn't manage it very well.  I was a good with my food and my workouts all week long.  I have managed to get in 2 a day everyday until tonight. 

Yesterday I started the day with Pump and then had BootCamp last night.  Usually when we do BootCamp we have to run about .5-.75 miles to the park, then do a workout and then run back...well Wednesday we didn't get the 10 minute run it so it was 1 whole hour of workouts. 

We did squats until my squatter was broken.  My legs were just shaking and weak when the class was winding down, and then she decided we would run suicides fun runs (to be PC.)  My legs were fatigued, I thought my legs were strong until I started Bootcamp.  In all fairness to my legs I did Pump that morning and then did heavy leg weights on legs so they should have been tired.

The big ones make me feel stronger.

Now this morning it was off to spin class and I know I have been pretty sore since BootCamp started but this morning was nothing like last week.  I could actually spin today. 

Then after another hard/busy day at work I finally got to see my family tonight.  I have missed them this week.  You know most people have someone to go home to at night and talk about their day, and I use my family for that.  But this whole week I haven't gotten to talk about my day and I think it was building up in my brain.  I had lots of work and no outlet!  But tonight I got to hang with my people and I feel better already.  We went to watch my nephew play soccer and then out to dinner.

I missed out on my evening swim but I think the therapy of my family was better than any time I could have spent in the pool.

So tomorrow my day is way out of schedule.  I am not going to workout in the morning...I have to go to the doctor in the morning.  I have the day off work for this but this is the most not fun appointment ever!!!  If I get the chance to get an evening workout I will hit the gym but the morning workout is just not happening. 

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