Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend Ready

Its been a short week but it has definitely not been a relaxing week. Not in my world at least. It has been a good week, productive week, and intense!

This morning I started with a 1 hour run. This was not my best run, not the worst, but pretty average. My new running friend and I were both slightly sore from riding our bikes the night before (not together) so we were off to a slower start and once we got warmed up things got better but it was a few more walk breaks than normal. I know when we finished I was pouring sweat and continent with my burn for the morning and didn't go do anymore in the gym. I left it at 60 minutes of running and called it a morning.

I was earlier to work than normal since I left the gym a little bit earlier than normal. I was able to get started early which means I was finished earlier. I was pretty caught up on my work so I was able to take a lunch and get things together for my ride this evening.

I went to the bike shop to get another water bottle cage for my bike, this is necessary because I drink 24oz. before I get going good. I also got some new flavors of Nuun...again, I'm not obsessed, really??!?!

I was ready for 5 o'clock and ready to go ride. I knew my legs were pretty fatigued from the night before but I have got to be prepared to run and ride on tired achy legs. Remember: I just realized how hard this race was going to be!

We rode a pretty flat course today that was about 14 miles, just shy of I think and then dismounted for a 1 mile run. We did ditch our bikes once during the run to take a picture and "Enjoy a Lake" even thought we didn't live there....

How ridiculous is this? We cant enjoy the lake cause we don't live in the subdivision??? Crazy crazy people! How can you pass up these Kodak moments?

We dismounted our bikes and put on our running shoes. I actually did 1 mile with Ralph. He was a pretty good pacer and I didn't even realize it at the time. I wish I could properly describe how it feels to get off a bike and start running but Im just not that good of a writer. The best I can think of is legs that feel like noodles and unable to stand up straight.

We started our run and this was the worst for me thus far. I was pretty sure my legs were not going to acclimate before the mile was up. We did complete the mile, what felt like the slowest mile in the history of running, and Ralph informed me that we did a 12 minute mile. Let me brag for just a second, we did an 11:54. Im not a fast runner and this felt awful and slow and to finish with a sub 12 minute mile put me on cloud nine.

Every time I see it I smile again. I tried to be cool about it since its still not a blistering pace but I kinda wanted to jump up and down and cheer. I didn't dare jump though, I wasn't sure my legs would catch me on the way back down.

I had planned on a swim tonight but I simply ran out of time. I ran out of hours so instead I decided a supine post from my mattress would be the better decision, that was after I walked another 2 miles back and forth from my bedroom to my utility room trying to get ready to go again tomorrow.

Oh, tomorrow, ONE WORKOUT! A little bit of rest for my weary bones and some softball with my babies. That sounds like a great night. I need to go to sleep now so I can get to the tomorrow that I am so looking forward to!


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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ice on Every Inch and a Smile on my Face!

Today everything has been right on track and I couldn't be more pleased.  I need 5 more weeks of exactly like today to hit my Phase 2 goal and I feel like I might be getting back into my groove.

Right off I had a workout buddy this morning which was really nice.  We missed each other before class so I was in Pump and she wasn't but luckily we saw each other after class and were able to get in a 52 card workout and 3000 row before we had to head off to work. 

The 52 card workout was as hard as ever; Burpees, Squats, Push Ups and Step Ups.  It was a nice mix of full body, upper, lower and cardio. 

Work was work, nothing special.  It was a little calmer than normal since its the beginning of the month (yes I know its really the end of the month but not in my work world)  There was time to take a breath after the busy of last week.  And while at work I got an email telling me that I had a "happy" coming...

Hopefully I will get this before I have to do another solo ride...I will feel safer with this.

I was ready to get my second workout in at about 3 o'clock.  I should mention that this work day lasted 16 hours.  Every time I looked down thinking it was time to go it would say 1:40 or took forever, but quitting time finally rolled around and I got to head off to workout number 2.  I went to ride my bike and then run.  The bike was the actual workout but the run afterwards is to get used to running right after a 25 mile bike.

Its amazing how weird your legs feel after being on the bike.  Let me show you an example of what I mean.  Tonight I rode for 1 hour, hard in a very high gear, trying to wear my legs out.  I traveled 13.52 miles in 1:01.  I was so pleased with that time and I accomplished the "Wear My Legs Out" goal.

When riding I am in this position (ABOVE) and after an hour in that position to step off the bike and start running you basically stay in that same position, keep the seat up your butt and remove the bike and that's what the run feels like.  The legs are wobbly shaky messes and if you are me cramping.  My calves were cramping for the first .5 miles. 

I didn't run long, it was less than a mile total.  The goal was not distance today, just getting accustomed to running after sitting on the tiny seat for an hour.  All in all it was a successful workout.  I don't know how many calories I burned cause the BodyBugg is still on the coffee table but I know 100% that it was a good burn!

I'm finally home and have my tomorrow already done.  I have the pleasure of sleeping late tomorrow since I'm meeting my friend to run instead of spinning. By sleeping late I mean 5:15am instead of 4:45!  I have another day full of calorie burning tomorrow and I'm ready to get going again.  And I wasn't lying about the ice thing....

Hips and Knees need week I get a massage for these sore muscles!

I did have one food fail today.  Who knew that cut green beans are disgusting but Italian green beans are delicious?  So delicious that I threw away the cut beans today and even cooked new Italian green beans for my lunches for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recovering from a 3 Day Weekend

I know I enjoyed my 3 day weekend and I hope you all did too. I went to my sisters house for some box chicken and all the fixings. It was a delicious meal with some quality swim time. I contributed the food with Emily's World Famous Fruit Bowl but I didn't spend a lot of time around the fruit, I stuck with box chicken.

I actually got home from my day of fun earlier than I expected and was able to get packed up for my whole week. My food is cooked and all the laundry is done....all I have to do it put my stuff in the bag in the morning and walk out the door. No prep, nothing!

I also decided to take a few days away from my BodyBugg. I have been obsessively counting calories in and calories out and my stress level has been a touch high over all this counting so in an effort to relax just a bit I have taken the Bugg off and put it away. I am still keeping track of my calories but just trying to take a break from the exact count every single second.

Today was a good Pseudo Monday. I got to sleep a touch later than normal, remember Im skipping Spin for a while so I met a friend at 6am and we went and ran. If I do say so myself it was a pretty good run.

We did just over 3 miles, I messed up my exact distance cause I accidentally hit the stop button. Whoops! Then I did a few minutes on the elliptical before a steam and off to work.

My food was also pretty good too. I had eggs for breakfast, no sandwich today just the eggs and pasta for lunch. I also had a treat. Kids size Lemonade Sorbet from Ben and Jerry's. 100 calories of complete deliciousness. This evening I did cheat a bit, but then I went to swim for a while so hopefully I didn't negate the whole day.

My swim was incredibly successful, strong for 35 minutes with no stop. And now Im looking forward to tomorrows workout, I have Pump in the morning but my Bosslady Jen is joining me tomorrow at the gym. Then we are doing the 52 Card Pickup workout. Its gonna hurt soooo good!

I feel like I have done cardio for the last week so Im ready to do some lifting. Especially since tomorrow night I'll be hitting the cardio again!

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend Warrior

I try to be more than a weekend warrior but the weekends are the best days to get in a long workout...and this Saturday that is exactly what I got. I work up earlier than I like on the weekends and went to meet my cousin for a run. I had plan to run and bike like the week before.
The weekend before didn't go exactly like I planned and it has kinda had me freaked out this week. I just realized this race was bigger and further than I had originally thought. I was thinking a couple of hours and done but it is much more than that.

My Rambo Look!

Anyway, I met my cousin and we ran 5 miles. We only planned on 4 but things were feeling good so we went on and did 5. It was one of the best runs I have had in a while. I am so happy and grateful to have running friends that will run with me at my pace but push me too. It was a great run.
After the run I was right on my bike with just a little break. I wanted to do longer than the week before and this workout felt good too. I was able to get 6 more miles than the week before and didn't think I was gonna die the entire ride.

I had my bathing suit so I could get in the pool after my ride. Last week I was so hot so I thought it would help me cool down if I needed too, instead I was able to get in the pool and swim foe 25 minutes as a cool down.
I as so amazed at how well this workout went I couldn't stop smiling. Last week I finished my workout and got in my car and laid down on my console trying not to vomit, this week I got done and cleaned up and went to Wal-Mart with a big goofy grin on my face.
I wasn't quite done when I got home, instead I had tons of yard work to do. I worked like crazy but was quickly worn out.

I thought these were all the same when I planted them, guess not.
After the workout was done I was ready to lay down for a minute. I was officially hot again and needed a drink. My 3pm view...

During my workout I was pounding the water and Nuun (shameless plug coming) and I have decided I am in love with Nuun. The first couple of times I drank it I thought it tasted like watered down Gatorade and I wanted it to taste like Gatorade but now I love LOVE LOVE it.

I went to my sisters house after my 15 minute power nap and walking in on this scene. They had been worked to the ground.

I stepped in for a few minutes but they were mostly done by the time I got there. I thought they were cute all exhausted in yard.
Sunday, however I got to join the party. We worked for hours and the same scene happened again, they at least found shade this time.

Now the actual weekend is over but thankfully its a holiday so I get an extra day. That works out pretty good for me cause I want to get in another long ride tomorrow. I also have to plan out my food and workouts for a short wek so hopefully that wont take as long on a short week (haha)!
Now I feel like Triathlon training is back on track and now its just time to get better. I think I can get better, faster, and stronger before race day. Oh, I am so happy this training weekend went better than last!
Everyone be safe and have a happy Memorial Day!
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ups and Downs

Hey all. Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday but I had one of those moments again where the decision had to be made, sleep/post, and after the day I had I choose sleep. When I say it like that it makes it seem like I had this awful day and I really didn't, but I had a long busy busy day.

This is the busiest week of the month at work, every month, and on Wednesday evening everything I touched seemed to turn to crap! I started the day off right, I got in Pump on some very sore muscles but I still lifted the same or a touch heavier than normal. Then I did some cardio but I tried to stay off the treadmill because I was having some hip pain. LOW IMPACT IS MY FRIEND! I called my doctor to try to get a cortisone/steroid in my hip (he offered at my last visit) but I didn't know that meant he wanted me to see an orthopedic. I have an ortho and I'm not going to a new one, I don't have time for a doctors visit to evaluate, an MRI or CT scan so he can see whats going on, and then a 3rd appointment for a cortisone shot, which is all I really want! So instead I'll just quit talking about it, let it hurt, and take excessive amounts of anti-inflammatories. I did it with the pain in my chest I can do it with my hip too.

I have to share this photo cause it made me laugh out loud when it happened. I wear my gold watch like a bracelet and love it but when I put it on yesterday it was so big on my arm. It was moving up and down about 5 inches. It wasn't incredibly tight to begin with but it was much bigger than it has been. All I could think was I have been busting my ass so that it will fit in my jeans and I can see the weight loss in my wrist!!!!

If that last sentence didn't clue you in I will say it out right. I need to see a new round of results. I have been trying not to get discouraged but I need to see some movement down on the scale or on my pants size, either one would work! I think I have plateaued a bit and I have been stressed out and I think that might be working against me. I have been on track with my food and my workouts so there is not a hidden reason why Im hanging on to this weight. Maybe if I can just relax a bit I can get the number to go down again.

I have about 6 weeks to go in Phase 2 and I swore this time I wouldn't get to the last month and have a lot of pounds to get off, eh, missed that one!

Anyway, Wednesday night was the last night of bootcamp and it was just as tough as the first one. We did sprints outside in the blazing heat and sun! Not fun! But I managed a crazy good burn (with lots of moaning and complaining) and I found a friend to run with on Tuesday mornings since Im giving up spin class.

This morning I did get up and go to spin class, probably my last for a while. After I posted on Tuesday I was going to go in a new direction on Tuesday and Thursday mornings I got several text and emails about others wanting to run. I love to have company and I generally run better when I have friends. It made me think I made the right decision to take a break for a while.

Im glad I did go this morning cause a buddy of mine brought me homemade salsa and chips. It is delicious and Im not afraid to admit that I ate some in the gym and then finished off the rest of the chips just after breakfast. It was sooo good, thanks Cheryl. Just FYI, Ill have a nickname for you soon but I don't know what it is yet.

It was off to work again after another pretty good workout. Work was not as busy today as it has been the rest of the week so that was nice. I wasn't sure if I was going to get in another workout tonight but I was able to get in a swim. I went to a soccer game and had dinner with my crew and then took out the garbage at the office and it was still before 9 so I took advantage of an empty swimming pool and got in 2000 yards. In case you are wondering that is 40 laps, my longest swim by far and it felt wonderful.

Im a little bit late again tonight but that is really just the theme this week. I wish I was just late but tonight I am late and really hungry, and that is after I ate dinner. So my post tonight included a half PB sandwich and banana in bed with an Orange Nuun. I have a long weekend coming up and I don't have a lot of rest planned but I am hoping for a nap all three of my days off.

Side note/Question: Does anyone out there have a solution for muscle cramps and spasms? And not bananas...I eat 1 banana every day and I have started eating 2, one in the morning and one at night but I am still having cramps in my feet and legs and even my hands every now and then. Any suggestions?

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hey Hey Tuesday

Well I don't know about y'all but this has been a pretty long but pretty good day. It was a pretty standard Tuesday. I got up and did Spin class and I hesitated even saying this cause some of my new friends at the gym read my blog now but I have always tried to be brutally honest so here goes.

I think I'm gonna have to find a new Tuesday morning workout. I'm not loving spin class anymore and this class in particular just isn't giving me the workout I need. Riding a bike and spin class are two very different things and I didn't know that until I was doing them both at the same time. I think I'm going to take advantage of a free Tuesday morning and run a weekly Tuesday 10k. It will be great training for my race coming up and I wont have to go to Spin anymore. Thats still in the thinking mode but the more I have thought about it today the better the plan sounds.

After Spin I did just a few minutes on the treadmill but after a few minutes I remembered how much my hip was hurting and decided to take it a little less impact to the elliptical machine. Much better decision if I do say so. I was able to get in an amazing burn with much less stress on my very sore joints!

My hip has hurt all day long and been locking up on me a bit so Im going to try to keep it a little bit on the lower impact the next few days. We will see how that actually goes. Tomorrow night I have BootCamp and it hasn't been low impact for 6 weeks so Im not thinking it will be tomorrow. This will be the last official day of Bootcamp and I am kinda sad about that. I have made good friends in class and hate to miss the next round but I have to get in some distance training runs and rides so Im skipping the next round of Bootcamp and can hopefully come back after my race.

Sorry, I get carried away when I blog. After work today I had several ball games to go watch, but I really needed one more workout. I usually ride and swim on Tuesday but I really wanted to go watch my babies play ball. I have been having those feelings again about being so incredibly selfish this year so I just needed to go tonight for some quality family time. I went to the games and got to hang with my family and then skipped the dinner trip and went to the gym to get in a swim.

Just FYI when you are feeling a lot selfish about neglecting your family the best thing to do is NOT go swimming. I had 35 minutes of all alone time in the pool to just swim and think. It was a great swim but my mind was just wandering the whole swim. Basically after arguing with myself I just decided I better make this year count and make it all worth it.

Aside from a 25 minute argument with myself in the pool I also had to deal with 2 kids/immature adults that swam on either side of me the entire swim. I couldn't tell if they were watching me under water or talking to each other but after about 20 laps it got very very annoying. I just wanted them to get on the same side of me a do what they needed to do but to dance and flip and flirt around me was driving me nuts! On the plus side of my swim I swam really fast tonight. Last week I felt strong but it took longer than normal, tonight I didn't feel particularly strong but I was quick.

Im way later tonight than I like to be but I am so glad that I got the night with my family that I don't even care. I have Pump in the morning and then the final day of Bootcamp.

I have to share one funny tonight since I had another day of failing to take pictures....I have been craving a hot Krispy Kreme donuts for over a week now but I am just too stubborn to give up the 200 calories and eat it. Its just principal at this point, but then I came across this picture and laughed hysterically so here you go.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Review and Monday

This post takes on the best part of the week (the weekend) and the worst part of the week (Monday) and is just gonna smash them all together. For me they have both been pretty good so I cant complain. I guess more weekend would be better but I got so much done this weekend it seemed like longer than normal. Maybe because it didn't rain the entire weekend!

I did get my wish, Saturday was bright and pretty all day long. Would have been a prefect day to start my ride at 6:30 and run at 7:30 before the heat of the day really kicked in....and then I woke up.

Yep, I overslept by an 1 hour and 45 minutes! How in the world??? For real my alarm never went off. When I woke up the alarm was still set and not snoozing. Who knows?!? Anyway I had to re-work my day. I had ballgames from 9-1:30ish so I was going to have to run after the games. I left the 3rd game a touch early and met my cousin and ran about 3 miles. Not my best run but not my worst. It was really hot and I think I went out to fast cause I hit a wall about half way through. After the run I was right on the bike. 10 miles again in the heat and sun and I was done. I got tooooooo hot and couldn't get cooled off. I thought I was going to be sick so I got home as quick as I could after sitting and getting a drink and laid down...PRONTO!

After I got cooled off and settled down a bit it was time to clean the house. I spend so little time at home during the week that my house is a wreck by the weekend. I cleaned my house for a while then went and cleaned the office so I wouldn't have to do it during the week this week. I was back home just in the last of the day light to mow the yard and do my laundry. I told y'all I was busy. Not so much busy as just doing all the things that I didn't get done during the week like I should have.

Sunday (otherwise known as the day of rest) was just that. I get up early for church and then nap! And I enjoyed my nap very very much, all three hours of it. After I napped I went to my sisters house to play and drove into them doing yard work. The youngest neice wanted away from the work I think...

She got off her bike and asked if she could get in my car! How precious is that girl!

After just a minute of yard work it was back to relaxing and eating popsicles. I did just fine going to sleep last night and apparently I was really looking forward to my workout this morning because I was up all night long thinking it was time to go to the gym...amazingly enough I was still 2 minutes late!

It was a tough Pump class this morning but a good tough. I added extra weight where I could and took off some where I needed to! Apparently my biceps are getting weaker because that song is getting harder and harder.

After Pump I was wanting to run. I have really been trying to work on my speed, I know you must have heard about that by now, and Im still trying but its slow going. I got on the treadmill with an episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (fitting right!?!?) and ran my little heart out. I was running well and that made me want to run faster. At about mile 1.5 I thought I can run a 5k in less than 40 minutes. I wish I had had that idea at mile .01 because I ran my little heart out from that point on but just didn't quite make it.

I think I will try this again this week!

After work it was off to Bootcamp. This is the last week of Bootcamp and today we did our final testing to see our progress over the last 6 weeks. On all of the exercises I did better than before except one, the side plank. My hips are really really sore so I put my butt back down on the ground and missed my time on the left side plank! But I did shave 2 minutes off my run time. I was happy about that but I still wish it had been faster! With as much running as I have been doing lately I will want it faster every time.

My bones are sore from all this running but Im hoping if I keep up the running then I will workout that soreness and get faster! I need my hips to not be so sore! They have been hurting for a few weeks now...oh well, ice and Aleve will make it all better right?

The best part of the day is the fact that I was home at 7:30 ish and didn't have to get back out for anything. My clothes and food were done by 8:00pm and I am so close to bed its scary! I am hoping to watch my Stars dance while laying in bed. That would be NICE!

My food has been crazy on track the last week. Sometimes getting into the groove of things makes it easy and I don't know what it is in the brain that makes it click, maybe the prize or the idea that things work better when the food is good but either way my calories have been right on track. I had a couple of days that my calories were a bit low but that was because I skipped dinner since it was late but now I am packing a protein bar and protein shake in case I see that I am going to miss my dinner so I can make sure to eat enough calories. I try to eat between 1200-1500 calories a day and up to 2000 one day a week and Sunday is my cheat day. I do log my calories on all days, even the cheat day, like it or not!

I now buy eggs by the 3 dozen because it saves me time and money! I no longer have to go to the store twice a week just for eggs!

The reason I share all this is because I get asked all the time how many calories I eat a day. People assume that I eat very few so that I can lose weight at a rapid pace but I don't want my metabolism to shut down on me.

Now Im going to spend some quality time with my mattress and about 5 ice packs. So nice to have a good weekend and a good day!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend of Rest

haha yeah right!!!!

I don't know about y'all but I am ready for the weekend. Ready, ready, ready! I am just hoping that the weather will cooperate and let me get my workouts in...outside.

Its not looking good right now but I still packed up my car and my bags and I'm ready to go tomorrow. I'm hoping to get in my first Brick workout tomorrow. A Brick workout is 2 disciplines from the triathlon back to back. So tomorrow I will start with a bike ride and then I'm meeting my cousin for a run.

I ran with Ralph on Tuesday after my ride and realized how hard it was going to be to get off the bike after 25 miles and then run 6 more. Oh I am not thinking that is going to be fun, so I will prepare for it.

Today I got new laces so I don't have to tie my shoes 100x like I did in the last race and water bottles (one for my bike and one for the pool) so that I don't have to borrow one from my riding partner.

Now I don't want to have to do this workout inside so all I can do is hope that the rain waits until I get my workout in.

My workout today was a quality workout. I had Pump this morning and then low impact cardio of the elliptical and rowing machine. And that was all the working out I got today. I made sure my food was on track knowing that there would not be another workout for the day.

I kept my calories in check and had a total net burn of 2400 calories for the day. It could totally be better but with one workout today Ill take it with a smile on my face.

I am going to keep striving for a burn of 7000 calories in a day until I hit it. If I get to go out tomorrow and do my workout like I want to I have a good chance of hitting my goal.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Almost Friday! Yippee!!!!

I was worried about how this day was going to go because less than 30 minutes after waking up (after not enough sleep) I saw this...

Oh, yeah, before 5am and I was getting pulled over for speeding. Uh, luckily I was let go because I appoligized 1000x and promised that I would slow down, which I did. After that I thought maybe this was an omen that I was going to have a good day.

In all honesty I HAVE had a pretty darn good day. Ive decided that Im going to not talk about sleep because that is just not in the cards this week but even with the lack of sleep this week I have had some incredibly successful workouts.

This morning was spin class and Cardio extraordinaire. I had to work extra hard in class because I have to impress the teacher, remember, teachers pet, right here!!! I was really pushing hard in class despite the fact that my tush is still sore from our ride on Tuesday. We spun our little hearts out and then I went back out to the treadmill. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to run since I have had such a good running week.

I started at a blistering pace today but I did get faster. Less warm up time more time running.

I wish I knew what my exact mileage was but I took the picture and the display moved to "Cal" instead of "dist"! I was right at 3 miles but I really dont know the exact number. But it felt good, not as fast as yesterday but I was able to run longer and stronger than the day before.

I finished up like yesterday with an elliptical cool down and some serious ab work and then steamed my little heart out!

Once at work things were pretty busy but I could see my to do list getting smaller and my progress getting larger. I love days that I can see progress. I did have to step out at lunch to get a fan for my bedroom since the one I have went on the fritz and stopped blowing air and then to pick up lunch.

I packed a Lean Cusine Ravioli meal but wanted a veggie to go with it. I try to prepare my own food but sometimes when time short I grab a prepackaged meal and enjoy.

I try to pick ones with no preservatives and with ingredients that I can pronounce and have less than 1,000mg of sodium. Those are really the only requirements I have for a easy lunch.

Not bad right!??! I enjoyed my lunch with a side of Black Beans from Moe's and some salsa. So so so good! Since Im late again tonight Ill have a Lean Cuisine tomorrow too!

After work I made it home to see my nephew play soccer. I wasn't sure I was going to make it since I sat in traffic for hours. Luckily I had snacks in the car.

My night finished up with a swim. Again, not my best swim but a pretty strong swim. There were other people in the pool and that always makes me work harder. Im competitive, we know! I did 1500 meters in 35 minutes and called it a night!

I think my burn will do for today and my calories in were right on track. The only thing not calculated is my swim and the hour I stood up at the ballgame. I imagine that equals 3000 more calories right??

I only have one workout for tomorrow and date night with dad! Im excited to spend a little time with him. Im also looking forward to a night off cause I have a hard workout planned for Saturday morning....but I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It Really is Wednesday

Today is only Wednesday but all day long I felt like it was Tuesday since I skipped out on my Monday workout. I am finally past it, really, no more guilt about missing a gym day. Instead I have had 2 amazing workout days!

This morning I did Body Pump and I put heavy weight on again. As heavy as I could stand anyway. My whole lower body was crying from the bike ride yesterday evening but once I warmed up I was fine.

After the weights I did another run. I rocked out the treadmill again! I decided to go again since the day before had been so successful. I walked for about 5 minutes and then started cranking up the speed. I managed to get in 2 miles at less than a 12 minute mile.

My goal for this triathlon was to get my 10k time in under an hour but I think I was over ambitious for this race coming up...instead I have re-thought my plan and I am shooting for 1:12 10k. I think its much more doable to get to that time goal for July and then work on my speed for the next one.

I finished up with a cool down on the elliptical and since I was officially late I steamed and showered and got to work!

After work I had bootcamp and I was going today since I skipped on Monday (really Im over it!) She killed us this afternoon...

My squatters were already waisted and then we did about 482 step ups. I didn't think we would ever stop stepping up! Once we stopped stepping up we did pushups on the bench which killed my hands which led to the shirt coming off for the remainder of the workout. Have no fear, I had a tank on, but it felt nice to be in a tank outside wishing I was getting a tan instead of being punished by a personal trainer.

After the second workout I had choir practice and then several errands to run. I had to go to 2 out of 3 sisters houses to make deliveries and then I had to go by my dad's house to give him a kiss. I decided to lose 140 lbs in a year without thinking about how much free time I would have to sacrifice. I still see my family a lot but I do not get to see them like I used to. Sister 2 said tonight, "It will be worth it..." and I really hope so. I don't want to miss time with my family to be vain and gain all the weight back...its kind of its own motivation, I sure don't want to do this again, even though its been fun as hell! Im not done but just trying to find a whole new source of motivation.

Leave home at 4:45am, walk in the door at 10:05, bed by 11pm, and do it all again tomorrow! Woooo hooooo lets go!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It is Sooooo Way Past My Bedtime

I know its late but I still had to get on here and tell you about my day cause it was an amazing workout day. First of all I did indeed get up this morning and go to spin class. Spin was more crowded than usual and I am "kinda" competitive so I want to do better than all the other people in there so it was a pretty good workout this morning.

After my spin I got on the elliptical machine since Tuesday is cardio day! After the Fat Burner program on the elliptical machine I got on the treadmill for a tempo run before I had to head off to work. My run was G.R.E.A.T!!! I started running and felt good so I upped my speed and it still felt good, this continued on for 15 minutes. I was running at a sub-10 minute mile. I just don't usually run that fast so it felt great. Go figure, 2 days of rest and I was on fire!

I wish I could have kept running but I had to get to work. I stayed on longer than I really should have but I just couldnt pass it up. After my workout I was off to the gym and on a endorphin high.

Then today I had a lunch date with my neice. She and I had plans to eat and get threaded. Yes, hair removal and lunch go hand in hand. I have done it once before and she wanted to get it done so her face doesnt break out.

It does hurt, but not that bad! And now my face is all smooth.

After work I was off to a bike ride with my friends. I was still feeling pretty good and pretty strong and it was a great ride. 21 miles! That is a new high for me. The hills were a little tough today but I didn't have to get off the bike. I did need to cry once but I did not get off the bike. Oh, and I did cause my riding partner/bosslady to fall off her bike once. I kinda stopped right in front of her on accident, whoops.

After I got off the bike my I ran with Ralph for about half a mile. It wasn't far but I have to practice getting off the bike and starting the run. It was nice to have someone to go run with. For the first 100 yards everything hurt: legs, butt, shins...but it got better with each step. We only ran about half a mile max but I was happy to know my legs will support me after 21 miles on the bike.

I had to share a pic of my new headband. Love it!

After the ride I rushed home to clean the office and maybe get in a swim. I really wanted to get in the pool for a few laps before the day was done. I got in the pool for about 20 minutes and that was all I had for the night. My body was pooped. I knew I would be late so I figured I would just stay up an extra minute to post since I had an amazing calorie burn today.

I also had a good eating day today. I had my eggs for breakfast as usual and cajun chicken for lunch. My lunch was a little higher in calories but as you can read by the end of my night there was no dinner in there. When I got home I packed up my food and munched a little on high protein food before bed.

As for my goal of a 7000 calorie burn and >1400 calorie intake I did pretty good. My burn was about 5050 and my intake was about 1250. Let's keep those same goals again for tomorrow.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Fat Girl Failure

Well today was a total failure! Yep, I sucked at weight loss today and everything health and fitness related.

I skipped my morning workout cause I had a bit of a stomach ache. I just couldn't imagine trying to lift while I was trying not to vomit. (maybe a bit dramatic but I didn't feel good!)

So I skipped out on my workout and I felt incredibly guilty. It was worse when I realized that I was not going to get in another workout today. I usually get in an afternoon on Monday bootcamp but tonight I had to go to ballgames so i missed all my workouts!!!! That's right, 0 workouts today.

It wouldn't be so bad but I also ate terrible today. Why oh why did I screw up my diet and exercise in one day! I should have made better food decisions.

But now the day is done. I made awful decisions today but tomorrow starts a whole new day. Now I just have to get my motivation back on more screw up days for a while! I have to be diligent if I want to hit my next weight loss goal and get my Crossfit!!!!

So now I have to sleep so I don't sleep in again!

Tomorrows goal: 7000 cals burned (all three Triathlon disciplines covered)
Calorie intake 1400 or less

Big goals but I think it can be done! Lets have a good week starting now!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you all have had a marvelous Mother's Day. I know I have had a great time celebrating with my sisters today. I have been back and forth about Mother's Day this year....and I decided to enjoy this holiday this year. I had to decide to enjoy it because it was a little bit tough for me this year.

Since I have 3 wonderful mothers in my family its only right that we celebrate! So I made some Mother's Day cupcakes (it had nothing to do with the fact that I wanted to eat cake batter) and got presents for my sisters.

Durning my Sunday school class today we had to show a picture of our mom and tell something about her. It was a fun class!

After church we went to lunch and celebrated the day as a family. I actually got Mother's Day presents too! Im not a mom and this has been a particular hard holiday this year so it was exciting to get to open presents with my sisters. I did pretty good until I got a wall hanging that said "Love You More" and it made me a little more emotional than I thought it would . All in all it was a good day!

So I would like to say again, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you MOMs out there! I hope you have had a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Little Rest

I really didn't get all that much sleep last night but I am feeling much better today. I was just a whiney hot mess last night but today is already better. I must have just been having one of "those" days!

My day started with this Ecard which put a huge smile on my face and it really just stayed the whole day.

I went to spin class this morning, EARLY AGAIN, and we still have a sub. Dont tell anyone but I am totally his favorite. Its really not a secret because he said in class I was his fave....ok, so what he said was "We ran that race together" but what I heard was "you're my fave!" He said he saw me at the race on saturday (the rainy one that I finished second to last) and that he was behind me....I knew he was LYING when he said that!!!!

Anyway, being the favorite comes with its own subset of problems. I didnt want to disappoint him so I was just spinning my little heart out, but the problem is my "area" is still sooooooo sore from Tuesday's run which made this an incredibly effective but painful spin class. The pain is not exclusive to sitting on a bike seat, every time I stood up from my desk chair and sat back down it felt like I took a punch to the "area!"

After spin I did a bit more cardio with elliptical and step and then tried to get to work a touch early since I had quite a bit to do. And I was really hungry this morning so the sooner I got to work the sooner I got to eat my breakfast.

Egg Sandwich, ripe banana, coffee coffee coffee and a vitamin pack! Breakfast of Champions

Work was crazy from start to finish. I was super busy but not so busy that it was not was a pretty good day at work. After work I got to go home, watch a soccer game and spend time with my family. I have talked to most of them but only actually visited one this week. You know if I don't get my family time I get a little cranky. But tonight I got to see them at the ballgame and then have some dinner together.

And the best part of my day, I was home before 9pm, my bags are all packed up, and I will be in bed before 10...and I got to watch a whole TV show! I was almost a normal 20 something year old tonight.

I have a new shirt for you guys tomorrow that I think you are really gonna like. Get ready cause its a good one and Im making you wait!! I have a big day planned tomorrow. It starts like normal, Pump and cardio, but then at lunch Im going out to celebrate Sister ?'s birthday and eat some Nothing but Noodles and Bundt cake. Don't worry, I have already counted those calories in my daily count so I can enjoy a normal birthday party with my peeps with no guilt.

I could stay here and type all night but I am really focused on this full nights sleep.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Exhausted (forgive me now)

Let me start this off so you can get my correct frame of mind. I AM EXHAUSTED...and it's only Wednesday. My body is pitiful! My legs are sore, my shoulders are weak (my arms shake when I pick up my cell phone) and my eyelids weigh 7 lbs each!

I have had amazing workouts this week. I told you all about Monday but yesterday was something special and since I choose sleep instead of a post I'll tell you about it now.

I was bike heavy yesterday. I started off with an early morning spin class and row/run session. I got an awesome burn before 8 am. I've really been trying to speed up my run so I did run on ye treadmill so I could set the speed and go without worrying about slowing down. It was only about 15 minutes but it was 15 minutes on pace.

After work it was off to ride a bike on the road. Riding a stationary and riding on the road are so different and I would have never believed that! When Im in spin class and we go to a climb I get out of the saddle and run standing up. When Im on a road bike I sit and down shift so I dont have to stand up.

We went for a long ride on some kinda back roads but with some traffic. (Apparently I have to learn to ride in traffic!) I have been told for a week about a massive hill that I would have to climb at the end of the 17 mile ride. It was a doozie! Im sure people climb bigger ones every day but for me this i new and Im still thinking a small hill is Everest!

As I started up the hill I was actually saying out loud "I can do this" and when I tried to down shift my gears didn't shift right. I didn't know to move to my smaller ring before I got all the tension on my chain. It got stuck. I was still determined to make it up this hill so I hopped off and fixed the shift and got back on right in the middle of the hill! Once I was in the right gear all was good and I was able to get to the top of the hill. I wish I hadn't gotten off but I was still happy to make it to the top!

Just for you Sister 2!

I think post ride is where the tiredness really set in. I was all set to get home early and get in bed, but then I don't know what happened. I got home and the next time I looked up it was 10:30pm and I was still cooking my eggs for the next day. I hurried the process and got in bed but the damage was done!

I got up this morning, amazingly enough, and I was early to the gym. Thats right, EARLY! I think 1 minute after class starts is on time but today I was like 3 minutes early. This is when I realized that my legs were still pretty fatigued from the rides the night before.

I managed to show some support for my girl @RunEmz in my shirt.

I made it through the first class with lots of groaning and whining and then went out to the aerobics room for some time on the elliptical machine. I made it about 30 minutes before I was done! I had 30 minutes left and I just couldn't do it....I got off, went to the car and got my bathing suit. I had to do something that didn't require me to run/use my quads for one more second.

I swam a few laps, I had to swim with my eyes open cause if I closed them they got heavier and heavier and I figure the worst place to fall asleep is in the middle of a swimming pool while you are swimming laps.

I was tired most of the day but able to make it through. I went and got a pedicure at lunch and enjoyed getting my legs rubbed, I couldn't talk the guy into rubbing my quads but I tried. This was when I realized the true extent of my exhaustion. The soft touch of the massage almost made me cry. Thats real!

After work it was off to BootCamp (you can imagine my excitement for that) but luckily she had a hard one planned tonight. We ran .5 (seemed like 10) miles through the park to the steps. Did several rounds of burpees, jacks, dips, pushups, and mountain climbers and then ran over to a huge hill (Everest) to do a few hill sprints before doing some ab/leg work and then running back the gym. Again, several times through this workout I wanted to cry, not cause it hurt but because I was DONE!

I AM FINALLY HOME! Those are the happiest words I have tonight. I have managed to get packed up for tomorrow and post (complain) from bed tonight and hopefully get rested up before I go again tomorrow. I only have one workout tomorrow so Im gonna try to make it a good one and get in bed early. I say that every night but it never happens.

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