Saturday, May 4, 2013

10K Saturday

Happy weekend everyone!!!

I used to never post on the weekend but now that I am getting into my triathlon training more and more I have to use the long hours to get in a long workout with 2 or more sports.

Yes, I am obsessed with the training for this triathlon. I thought this was going to be easy (honesty and humbled in one sentence) but I was so wrong. I am not afraid of this race but I want to be more prepared than less prepared. I realized it was not going to be as easy as I thought when I got off my bike the other day after 17 miles and could not imagine getting off that bike and try to start running....6 miles at that!

All that being said I was more motivated than ever for my Friday workout. I just realized that I was going to have to be stronger and faster and work harder every day. So I put a little more weight on my bar for Pump and ran a little faster on the elliptical machine. I even sweated a little more in the steam room.

I also found more candy...and stretched and foam rollered longer...

After my workout I really tried to chill for the rest of the day because I had a race on Saturday and I had already really had a good workout week so I was battling fatigued muscles and I needed my legs to be cooperative on Saturday morning.

I had to get up bright and early this morning for the race. It started at 7am. Normally that is fine and keep it from being to hot the later we get in the running season. But today at 46 degrees the heat was a non-issue and with the rain it just made it colder.

This race was called Run through the Roses...Im not really sure why because there were no roses, just rain and a killer hill. There was not a big crowd either, maybe the rain ran off the walkers but they started and the runners were gone! I was at the back of the pack literally me and another guy and a woman with her kid. We were all running and got left in the dust. I don't mind being at the back of the pack but I don't want to be last, ever!!!!

I WAS NOT LAST BUT I COULD COUNT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE BEHIND ME ON ONE FINGER! Yes, I used the same joke earlier on twitter, I thought it was funny enough to use twice! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @fatgirltothin! (Shameless plug, why yes!)

Luckily I was just a touch faster than the dude cause after 6 miles in the pouring rain I crossed the finish line ahead of him! Second to last is not really what I wanted to be but I still finished 6.2 miles. I finished in 1:24 which is a long way from my under an hour goal but Im working on it.

This was not my favorite race. My shoes kept coming untied, there was a devil hill at mile 5.5 and I couldn't even enjoy the downhill finish cause I was afraid I was going to slip and fall. I might run it again, I might not, but either way it was a good training race.  And it was pretty exciting to run a race with my BEST running buddy ever who I have not run with in forever and some new friends from my new gym. 

Sorry there are no more photos from today but I learned my lesson from last week. I had my phone in a plastic bag under my shirt and rain coat and didn't take it out during the race.

After the race the goal was to warm up, but that was not happening to quick. I got out of most of my wet clothes at the race but when I got home I got the rest of the wet off, found my electric blanket and cuddled up in bed for a warm up and a nap. It took me almost an hour just to warm up enough to go to sleep. I was shivering and you can sleep and shiver at the same time.

After my morning power nap I went to the gym to swim with my swim partner. We swam for about an hour (which I really just walk in the water) and then I managed about 10 minutes of laps on my own and then some stretching. I was pretty tired and just did have a long swim ahead of me. But swimming seems to help with post race soreness because I am feeling pretty good.

I am finally done with my workouts for the day and I am very much looking forward to my day of REST tomorrow so I can go again starting on Monday. Triathlon training is getting pretty serious now so every day has to be intense and towards the goal!

Now I have to free up some space on my DVR!

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