Thursday, May 16, 2013

Almost Friday! Yippee!!!!

I was worried about how this day was going to go because less than 30 minutes after waking up (after not enough sleep) I saw this...

Oh, yeah, before 5am and I was getting pulled over for speeding. Uh, luckily I was let go because I appoligized 1000x and promised that I would slow down, which I did. After that I thought maybe this was an omen that I was going to have a good day.

In all honesty I HAVE had a pretty darn good day. Ive decided that Im going to not talk about sleep because that is just not in the cards this week but even with the lack of sleep this week I have had some incredibly successful workouts.

This morning was spin class and Cardio extraordinaire. I had to work extra hard in class because I have to impress the teacher, remember, teachers pet, right here!!! I was really pushing hard in class despite the fact that my tush is still sore from our ride on Tuesday. We spun our little hearts out and then I went back out to the treadmill. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to run since I have had such a good running week.

I started at a blistering pace today but I did get faster. Less warm up time more time running.

I wish I knew what my exact mileage was but I took the picture and the display moved to "Cal" instead of "dist"! I was right at 3 miles but I really dont know the exact number. But it felt good, not as fast as yesterday but I was able to run longer and stronger than the day before.

I finished up like yesterday with an elliptical cool down and some serious ab work and then steamed my little heart out!

Once at work things were pretty busy but I could see my to do list getting smaller and my progress getting larger. I love days that I can see progress. I did have to step out at lunch to get a fan for my bedroom since the one I have went on the fritz and stopped blowing air and then to pick up lunch.

I packed a Lean Cusine Ravioli meal but wanted a veggie to go with it. I try to prepare my own food but sometimes when time short I grab a prepackaged meal and enjoy.

I try to pick ones with no preservatives and with ingredients that I can pronounce and have less than 1,000mg of sodium. Those are really the only requirements I have for a easy lunch.

Not bad right!??! I enjoyed my lunch with a side of Black Beans from Moe's and some salsa. So so so good! Since Im late again tonight Ill have a Lean Cuisine tomorrow too!

After work I made it home to see my nephew play soccer. I wasn't sure I was going to make it since I sat in traffic for hours. Luckily I had snacks in the car.

My night finished up with a swim. Again, not my best swim but a pretty strong swim. There were other people in the pool and that always makes me work harder. Im competitive, we know! I did 1500 meters in 35 minutes and called it a night!

I think my burn will do for today and my calories in were right on track. The only thing not calculated is my swim and the hour I stood up at the ballgame. I imagine that equals 3000 more calories right??

I only have one workout for tomorrow and date night with dad! Im excited to spend a little time with him. Im also looking forward to a night off cause I have a hard workout planned for Saturday morning....but I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.

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