Sunday, May 5, 2013

Decision Made

How did I miss something so obvious....

You guys have come up with many different suggestions, some pretty good ones but none of those have been just right. I would read them and think "new shoes, Ill just buy those!" or "A weekend getaway, who has time for that!" But then last night I was sitting at dinner and was talking about Crossfit.

I was instantly excited just talking about it. I was talking about how much I wanted to try it and how I wanted to find a "real" Crossfit box and not just a Crossfit class. I have been wanting to do this for about a year now.

So that's it. I found the box that I have looked up several times and got some more info! If I hit my Phase 2 weight loss goal I am gonna give myself a 3 month trial of Crossfit. It more expensive than I like to spend on my gym membership but its also a prize, and its cheaper than my bike!

So now its official, I put it on my Extreme Weight Loss: Weightloss Edition Whiteboard and now I am already more motivated!

Wish me Luck!

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ChristyLShelton said...

That is awesome Emily. I have been wanting to try it too but thought it was so expensive. Which one are you going to?

ChristyLShelton said...

This Christy L Shelton is me Christy Ragucci btw

Emily said...

Hey Ragucci! I'm gonna try Crossfit Huntsville on Leeman Ferry.

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