Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hey Hey Tuesday

Well I don't know about y'all but this has been a pretty long but pretty good day. It was a pretty standard Tuesday. I got up and did Spin class and I hesitated even saying this cause some of my new friends at the gym read my blog now but I have always tried to be brutally honest so here goes.

I think I'm gonna have to find a new Tuesday morning workout. I'm not loving spin class anymore and this class in particular just isn't giving me the workout I need. Riding a bike and spin class are two very different things and I didn't know that until I was doing them both at the same time. I think I'm going to take advantage of a free Tuesday morning and run a weekly Tuesday 10k. It will be great training for my race coming up and I wont have to go to Spin anymore. Thats still in the thinking mode but the more I have thought about it today the better the plan sounds.

After Spin I did just a few minutes on the treadmill but after a few minutes I remembered how much my hip was hurting and decided to take it a little less impact to the elliptical machine. Much better decision if I do say so. I was able to get in an amazing burn with much less stress on my very sore joints!

My hip has hurt all day long and been locking up on me a bit so Im going to try to keep it a little bit on the lower impact the next few days. We will see how that actually goes. Tomorrow night I have BootCamp and it hasn't been low impact for 6 weeks so Im not thinking it will be tomorrow. This will be the last official day of Bootcamp and I am kinda sad about that. I have made good friends in class and hate to miss the next round but I have to get in some distance training runs and rides so Im skipping the next round of Bootcamp and can hopefully come back after my race.

Sorry, I get carried away when I blog. After work today I had several ball games to go watch, but I really needed one more workout. I usually ride and swim on Tuesday but I really wanted to go watch my babies play ball. I have been having those feelings again about being so incredibly selfish this year so I just needed to go tonight for some quality family time. I went to the games and got to hang with my family and then skipped the dinner trip and went to the gym to get in a swim.

Just FYI when you are feeling a lot selfish about neglecting your family the best thing to do is NOT go swimming. I had 35 minutes of all alone time in the pool to just swim and think. It was a great swim but my mind was just wandering the whole swim. Basically after arguing with myself I just decided I better make this year count and make it all worth it.

Aside from a 25 minute argument with myself in the pool I also had to deal with 2 kids/immature adults that swam on either side of me the entire swim. I couldn't tell if they were watching me under water or talking to each other but after about 20 laps it got very very annoying. I just wanted them to get on the same side of me a do what they needed to do but to dance and flip and flirt around me was driving me nuts! On the plus side of my swim I swam really fast tonight. Last week I felt strong but it took longer than normal, tonight I didn't feel particularly strong but I was quick.

Im way later tonight than I like to be but I am so glad that I got the night with my family that I don't even care. I have Pump in the morning and then the final day of Bootcamp.

I have to share one funny tonight since I had another day of failing to take pictures....I have been craving a hot Krispy Kreme donuts for over a week now but I am just too stubborn to give up the 200 calories and eat it. Its just principal at this point, but then I came across this picture and laughed hysterically so here you go.

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