Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Can Finally Say a Good Day

Work was still crazy busy but it was way more manageable than the last couple of days!

First off, I left my house at 4:45am and just walked in the door at 10:30pm. It has been long but I have had 3/4 amazing workouts a good day at work and got to ride my bike!

My day started with Spin class. The normal guy has gone on vaca for a few weeks, or took time off, I don't really know but I know we have a new teacher for a couple of weeks. He was pretty good, different from what I am used to but still a very effective workout. He had good music which really does help when he wants you to climb for 8 minutes. I didnt know how I was gonna like him and was thinking about trying something new til the guy that I actually like came back but he was alright so Ill keep going to Thurday spin!

I told y'all I was kinda sick, look at all those cough drop wrappers by my bike!

After spin it was a marathon session on the elliptical machine. It was a cardio day for sure but I didnt want to kill my joints before the day got started good.

Then Steam, shower and off to work. I got caught up and got all of the most important stuff done! My pile on Monday was so big I was sure I would never get through it all...

Seriously huge pile of work!

After work it was off to ride my bicycle (insert Queen Bicycle song here!) I ventured off of the circle track and actually on to the road. My same riding friends were with me a taught me some new tricks of the road and signals. In total we did just shy of 17 miles (I think, I joked about the actual distance that I can remember if that is right or not) and the only down side was I forgot my water. I wasn't thirsty while we were riding but I was really thirsty for the rest of the evening.

I wanted to do like a did last week and swim after my ride. I had to take care of my chores before I could go play in the swimming pool so I was off to take out the garbage at the office I clean, only to get there and realize that I was out of garbage bags, I really think they are disappearing! So I had to leave, go get some, come just took up some time. But at this point my endorphins were really kicking so I wasn't mad about it, just realizing that it was going to make me late! I figure I can sleep sometime in 2014!

I did make it to the gym, way later than I wanted to but I got there and swam for 20 minutes and then tried to get home, only to realize I was out of gas. This was the entire evening. I should have been home about 9:30pm but I just kept getting side tracked.

I am finally home! FINALLY!!!! I got packed up for tomorrow and I think I have all I need for tomorrow. I thought about skipping the post tonight but since I have had complainy post all week long I thought it might be nice to post a good one!

I just have my regular workout planned for tomorrow and then I get the evening off because I am going to run a race on Saturday. This was a last minute decision for me and its early so it wont take up my whole day. I have chores to do around the house and about 2044 hours of sleep to catch up on.

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