Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It is Sooooo Way Past My Bedtime

I know its late but I still had to get on here and tell you about my day cause it was an amazing workout day. First of all I did indeed get up this morning and go to spin class. Spin was more crowded than usual and I am "kinda" competitive so I want to do better than all the other people in there so it was a pretty good workout this morning.

After my spin I got on the elliptical machine since Tuesday is cardio day! After the Fat Burner program on the elliptical machine I got on the treadmill for a tempo run before I had to head off to work. My run was G.R.E.A.T!!! I started running and felt good so I upped my speed and it still felt good, this continued on for 15 minutes. I was running at a sub-10 minute mile. I just don't usually run that fast so it felt great. Go figure, 2 days of rest and I was on fire!

I wish I could have kept running but I had to get to work. I stayed on longer than I really should have but I just couldnt pass it up. After my workout I was off to the gym and on a endorphin high.

Then today I had a lunch date with my neice. She and I had plans to eat and get threaded. Yes, hair removal and lunch go hand in hand. I have done it once before and she wanted to get it done so her face doesnt break out.

It does hurt, but not that bad! And now my face is all smooth.

After work I was off to a bike ride with my friends. I was still feeling pretty good and pretty strong and it was a great ride. 21 miles! That is a new high for me. The hills were a little tough today but I didn't have to get off the bike. I did need to cry once but I did not get off the bike. Oh, and I did cause my riding partner/bosslady to fall off her bike once. I kinda stopped right in front of her on accident, whoops.

After I got off the bike my I ran with Ralph for about half a mile. It wasn't far but I have to practice getting off the bike and starting the run. It was nice to have someone to go run with. For the first 100 yards everything hurt: legs, butt, shins...but it got better with each step. We only ran about half a mile max but I was happy to know my legs will support me after 21 miles on the bike.

I had to share a pic of my new headband. Love it!

After the ride I rushed home to clean the office and maybe get in a swim. I really wanted to get in the pool for a few laps before the day was done. I got in the pool for about 20 minutes and that was all I had for the night. My body was pooped. I knew I would be late so I figured I would just stay up an extra minute to post since I had an amazing calorie burn today.

I also had a good eating day today. I had my eggs for breakfast as usual and cajun chicken for lunch. My lunch was a little higher in calories but as you can read by the end of my night there was no dinner in there. When I got home I packed up my food and munched a little on high protein food before bed.

As for my goal of a 7000 calorie burn and >1400 calorie intake I did pretty good. My burn was about 5050 and my intake was about 1250. Let's keep those same goals again for tomorrow.

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