Monday, May 6, 2013

Starting the Week Off Right

I'm trying to start things off right this week by getting plenty of sleep, eating good, and getting in every workout I can. Well, I started off to the gym bright and early. I got in an excruciatingly hard Pump class this morning and I really don't know why. Maybe this maybe that, but overall it was a great workout. After Pump I did some heavy lifting on the legs. My legs were waisted when I finished with them. I also did a little bit of the lat pull down with heavier weight than I normally do because if I want to do Crossfit I am going to have to be strong enough to do a pull up. New goal for this phase: pull up, even if its just one!

This photo owns me every time! Might as well post it on here, I put it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too!

For those of you who are new to my blog, and I know you are out there, let me explain. I have broken down the year into 4 Phases (think Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition) and I have a focus on Weight Loss.  Since that's original post the goal weights changed a bit (they got bigger) but the concept is the same.  I cannot find the other post where I changed the goals so I cant link you to it!  Found it!!!  We are going back to the basics. Each phase has a weight loss goal and a prize if I hit my goal. Phase one was a success with a loss of 61 lbs, I missed my goal by 4 lbs but I did get the prize which was my Road Bike.

The goal for phase 2 is 44 lbs. It was supposed to be 40 lbs but I tacked on that 4 that I didn't get in Phase 1. I have just less than 2 months left to go in Phase 2 and if I hit my goal this time I get a 3 month membership to a Crossfit gym. Now that you are caught up....

After work it was back to the gym for Bootcamp. She was brutal tonight. This was another one of those workouts that was all right at the gym so we had plenty of time to just work, no nice little jog to the park to get ready for the work and then the jog back, nope 60 minutes of hell! Ok so maybe that is a little over dramatic but after the morning workout my muscles were pretty beat.

After Bootcamp there was nothing else planned. I was able to get my nightly chores done in a reasonable time and now I am working on that plenty of sleep for the week.

The one place that struggled a bit today was my food. My eggs this morning were nasty so they got trashed after a few bites. I ended up eating pretzels and grapes for breakfast and was starving by lunch. I had lunch with a co-worker at Applebee's and although I ordered a turkey sandwich I also ordered a Blondie! I have never eaten there and not get a Blondie and I wasn't going to start today. So my food was poor at lunch but I was good for dinner so I didn't totally ruin my calorie intake for the day. To keep this from happening again I cooked up some fresh eggs tonight for my egg sammy in the morning and I hope that will not taste nasty like today's eggs!

Now if I could just get these "Stars" to dance a little faster I could really get to bed early.

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