Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Under the Weather....not really!

This whole day!  I know I have said it about 1000 times in the last 2 weeks but the trend continues.  Crazy busy from the second I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. 

I didnt get in a morning workout today, I had a sore throat when I woke up and just couldn't seem to clear my throat.  I tried drinking hot tea and eating cough drops but I just couldn't shake it.  I slept in and tried to feel better.  As the day has gone on its gotten better but I still have a scratchy throat.

Since work has been crazy I have been trying to take my lunch break and go do  something that does not include work!  Today I had an errand to run, I needed Truvia and Febreeze vent clips for my car, $94 dollars later I finally left Target with bags of things that I really didn't need.  Maybe this is why I cannot think of a present for hitting my Phase 2 goal.
Seriously, It was supposed to take 15 mintues and $15.

Greatest Thing Ever~ It helps when my car smells like tennis shoes and ass!

After work I had to get in a great workout!  Thats right, great since I didnt get a good one in this morning.  I had bootcamp which was a good mix of cardio and weights.  It was a sweat causing workout for sure.  I did enough wall squat/ball throws to kill someone.  I think I can already feel my leg muscles growing.

After workout, I was satisfied with my burn, I ran right off to Praise Band practice.  I had to grab dinner on my way there and it was the thrid night this week that I have had to eat dinner out.  I just cant imagine fixing dinner to go too.  I already eat breakfast and lunch out everyday but I guess fixing dinner is just going to have to happen so I can stay on track.  I cant eat a hot dog and FF every night and keep up my weight loss.

I got home at a reasonable hour and got all my stuff packed up and loaded for tomorrow.  I get to go ride my bike tomorrow!  Yeah.  The rain has finally gone away, hopefully it will stay that way.  I wish I could start the day with a bike ride but maybe that will make the workday better, just knowing I will get to ride when its all done!
Ready for tomorrow, working out sore throat or not!  Lets go!

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