Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ups and Downs

Hey all. Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday but I had one of those moments again where the decision had to be made, sleep/post, and after the day I had I choose sleep. When I say it like that it makes it seem like I had this awful day and I really didn't, but I had a long busy busy day.

This is the busiest week of the month at work, every month, and on Wednesday evening everything I touched seemed to turn to crap! I started the day off right, I got in Pump on some very sore muscles but I still lifted the same or a touch heavier than normal. Then I did some cardio but I tried to stay off the treadmill because I was having some hip pain. LOW IMPACT IS MY FRIEND! I called my doctor to try to get a cortisone/steroid in my hip (he offered at my last visit) but I didn't know that meant he wanted me to see an orthopedic. I have an ortho and I'm not going to a new one, I don't have time for a doctors visit to evaluate, an MRI or CT scan so he can see whats going on, and then a 3rd appointment for a cortisone shot, which is all I really want! So instead I'll just quit talking about it, let it hurt, and take excessive amounts of anti-inflammatories. I did it with the pain in my chest I can do it with my hip too.

I have to share this photo cause it made me laugh out loud when it happened. I wear my gold watch like a bracelet and love it but when I put it on yesterday it was so big on my arm. It was moving up and down about 5 inches. It wasn't incredibly tight to begin with but it was much bigger than it has been. All I could think was I have been busting my ass so that it will fit in my jeans and I can see the weight loss in my wrist!!!!

If that last sentence didn't clue you in I will say it out right. I need to see a new round of results. I have been trying not to get discouraged but I need to see some movement down on the scale or on my pants size, either one would work! I think I have plateaued a bit and I have been stressed out and I think that might be working against me. I have been on track with my food and my workouts so there is not a hidden reason why Im hanging on to this weight. Maybe if I can just relax a bit I can get the number to go down again.

I have about 6 weeks to go in Phase 2 and I swore this time I wouldn't get to the last month and have a lot of pounds to get off, eh, missed that one!

Anyway, Wednesday night was the last night of bootcamp and it was just as tough as the first one. We did sprints outside in the blazing heat and sun! Not fun! But I managed a crazy good burn (with lots of moaning and complaining) and I found a friend to run with on Tuesday mornings since Im giving up spin class.

This morning I did get up and go to spin class, probably my last for a while. After I posted on Tuesday I was going to go in a new direction on Tuesday and Thursday mornings I got several text and emails about others wanting to run. I love to have company and I generally run better when I have friends. It made me think I made the right decision to take a break for a while.

Im glad I did go this morning cause a buddy of mine brought me homemade salsa and chips. It is delicious and Im not afraid to admit that I ate some in the gym and then finished off the rest of the chips just after breakfast. It was sooo good, thanks Cheryl. Just FYI, Ill have a nickname for you soon but I don't know what it is yet.

It was off to work again after another pretty good workout. Work was not as busy today as it has been the rest of the week so that was nice. I wasn't sure if I was going to get in another workout tonight but I was able to get in a swim. I went to a soccer game and had dinner with my crew and then took out the garbage at the office and it was still before 9 so I took advantage of an empty swimming pool and got in 2000 yards. In case you are wondering that is 40 laps, my longest swim by far and it felt wonderful.

Im a little bit late again tonight but that is really just the theme this week. I wish I was just late but tonight I am late and really hungry, and that is after I ate dinner. So my post tonight included a half PB sandwich and banana in bed with an Orange Nuun. I have a long weekend coming up and I don't have a lot of rest planned but I am hoping for a nap all three of my days off.

Side note/Question: Does anyone out there have a solution for muscle cramps and spasms? And not bananas...I eat 1 banana every day and I have started eating 2, one in the morning and one at night but I am still having cramps in my feet and legs and even my hands every now and then. Any suggestions?

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