Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend Ready

Its been a short week but it has definitely not been a relaxing week. Not in my world at least. It has been a good week, productive week, and intense!

This morning I started with a 1 hour run. This was not my best run, not the worst, but pretty average. My new running friend and I were both slightly sore from riding our bikes the night before (not together) so we were off to a slower start and once we got warmed up things got better but it was a few more walk breaks than normal. I know when we finished I was pouring sweat and continent with my burn for the morning and didn't go do anymore in the gym. I left it at 60 minutes of running and called it a morning.

I was earlier to work than normal since I left the gym a little bit earlier than normal. I was able to get started early which means I was finished earlier. I was pretty caught up on my work so I was able to take a lunch and get things together for my ride this evening.

I went to the bike shop to get another water bottle cage for my bike, this is necessary because I drink 24oz. before I get going good. I also got some new flavors of Nuun...again, I'm not obsessed, really??!?!

I was ready for 5 o'clock and ready to go ride. I knew my legs were pretty fatigued from the night before but I have got to be prepared to run and ride on tired achy legs. Remember: I just realized how hard this race was going to be!

We rode a pretty flat course today that was about 14 miles, just shy of I think and then dismounted for a 1 mile run. We did ditch our bikes once during the run to take a picture and "Enjoy a Lake" even thought we didn't live there....

How ridiculous is this? We cant enjoy the lake cause we don't live in the subdivision??? Crazy crazy people! How can you pass up these Kodak moments?

We dismounted our bikes and put on our running shoes. I actually did 1 mile with Ralph. He was a pretty good pacer and I didn't even realize it at the time. I wish I could properly describe how it feels to get off a bike and start running but Im just not that good of a writer. The best I can think of is legs that feel like noodles and unable to stand up straight.

We started our run and this was the worst for me thus far. I was pretty sure my legs were not going to acclimate before the mile was up. We did complete the mile, what felt like the slowest mile in the history of running, and Ralph informed me that we did a 12 minute mile. Let me brag for just a second, we did an 11:54. Im not a fast runner and this felt awful and slow and to finish with a sub 12 minute mile put me on cloud nine.

Every time I see it I smile again. I tried to be cool about it since its still not a blistering pace but I kinda wanted to jump up and down and cheer. I didn't dare jump though, I wasn't sure my legs would catch me on the way back down.

I had planned on a swim tonight but I simply ran out of time. I ran out of hours so instead I decided a supine post from my mattress would be the better decision, that was after I walked another 2 miles back and forth from my bedroom to my utility room trying to get ready to go again tomorrow.

Oh, tomorrow, ONE WORKOUT! A little bit of rest for my weary bones and some softball with my babies. That sounds like a great night. I need to go to sleep now so I can get to the tomorrow that I am so looking forward to!


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