Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Review and Monday

This post takes on the best part of the week (the weekend) and the worst part of the week (Monday) and is just gonna smash them all together. For me they have both been pretty good so I cant complain. I guess more weekend would be better but I got so much done this weekend it seemed like longer than normal. Maybe because it didn't rain the entire weekend!

I did get my wish, Saturday was bright and pretty all day long. Would have been a prefect day to start my ride at 6:30 and run at 7:30 before the heat of the day really kicked in....and then I woke up.

Yep, I overslept by an 1 hour and 45 minutes! How in the world??? For real my alarm never went off. When I woke up the alarm was still set and not snoozing. Who knows?!? Anyway I had to re-work my day. I had ballgames from 9-1:30ish so I was going to have to run after the games. I left the 3rd game a touch early and met my cousin and ran about 3 miles. Not my best run but not my worst. It was really hot and I think I went out to fast cause I hit a wall about half way through. After the run I was right on the bike. 10 miles again in the heat and sun and I was done. I got tooooooo hot and couldn't get cooled off. I thought I was going to be sick so I got home as quick as I could after sitting and getting a drink and laid down...PRONTO!

After I got cooled off and settled down a bit it was time to clean the house. I spend so little time at home during the week that my house is a wreck by the weekend. I cleaned my house for a while then went and cleaned the office so I wouldn't have to do it during the week this week. I was back home just in the last of the day light to mow the yard and do my laundry. I told y'all I was busy. Not so much busy as just doing all the things that I didn't get done during the week like I should have.

Sunday (otherwise known as the day of rest) was just that. I get up early for church and then nap! And I enjoyed my nap very very much, all three hours of it. After I napped I went to my sisters house to play and drove into them doing yard work. The youngest neice wanted away from the work I think...

She got off her bike and asked if she could get in my car! How precious is that girl!

After just a minute of yard work it was back to relaxing and eating popsicles. I did just fine going to sleep last night and apparently I was really looking forward to my workout this morning because I was up all night long thinking it was time to go to the gym...amazingly enough I was still 2 minutes late!

It was a tough Pump class this morning but a good tough. I added extra weight where I could and took off some where I needed to! Apparently my biceps are getting weaker because that song is getting harder and harder.

After Pump I was wanting to run. I have really been trying to work on my speed, I know you must have heard about that by now, and Im still trying but its slow going. I got on the treadmill with an episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (fitting right!?!?) and ran my little heart out. I was running well and that made me want to run faster. At about mile 1.5 I thought I can run a 5k in less than 40 minutes. I wish I had had that idea at mile .01 because I ran my little heart out from that point on but just didn't quite make it.

I think I will try this again this week!

After work it was off to Bootcamp. This is the last week of Bootcamp and today we did our final testing to see our progress over the last 6 weeks. On all of the exercises I did better than before except one, the side plank. My hips are really really sore so I put my butt back down on the ground and missed my time on the left side plank! But I did shave 2 minutes off my run time. I was happy about that but I still wish it had been faster! With as much running as I have been doing lately I will want it faster every time.

My bones are sore from all this running but Im hoping if I keep up the running then I will workout that soreness and get faster! I need my hips to not be so sore! They have been hurting for a few weeks now...oh well, ice and Aleve will make it all better right?

The best part of the day is the fact that I was home at 7:30 ish and didn't have to get back out for anything. My clothes and food were done by 8:00pm and I am so close to bed its scary! I am hoping to watch my Stars dance while laying in bed. That would be NICE!

My food has been crazy on track the last week. Sometimes getting into the groove of things makes it easy and I don't know what it is in the brain that makes it click, maybe the prize or the idea that things work better when the food is good but either way my calories have been right on track. I had a couple of days that my calories were a bit low but that was because I skipped dinner since it was late but now I am packing a protein bar and protein shake in case I see that I am going to miss my dinner so I can make sure to eat enough calories. I try to eat between 1200-1500 calories a day and up to 2000 one day a week and Sunday is my cheat day. I do log my calories on all days, even the cheat day, like it or not!

I now buy eggs by the 3 dozen because it saves me time and money! I no longer have to go to the store twice a week just for eggs!

The reason I share all this is because I get asked all the time how many calories I eat a day. People assume that I eat very few so that I can lose weight at a rapid pace but I don't want my metabolism to shut down on me.

Now Im going to spend some quality time with my mattress and about 5 ice packs. So nice to have a good weekend and a good day!

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