Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend Warrior

I try to be more than a weekend warrior but the weekends are the best days to get in a long workout...and this Saturday that is exactly what I got. I work up earlier than I like on the weekends and went to meet my cousin for a run. I had plan to run and bike like the week before.
The weekend before didn't go exactly like I planned and it has kinda had me freaked out this week. I just realized this race was bigger and further than I had originally thought. I was thinking a couple of hours and done but it is much more than that.

My Rambo Look!

Anyway, I met my cousin and we ran 5 miles. We only planned on 4 but things were feeling good so we went on and did 5. It was one of the best runs I have had in a while. I am so happy and grateful to have running friends that will run with me at my pace but push me too. It was a great run.
After the run I was right on my bike with just a little break. I wanted to do longer than the week before and this workout felt good too. I was able to get 6 more miles than the week before and didn't think I was gonna die the entire ride.

I had my bathing suit so I could get in the pool after my ride. Last week I was so hot so I thought it would help me cool down if I needed too, instead I was able to get in the pool and swim foe 25 minutes as a cool down.
I as so amazed at how well this workout went I couldn't stop smiling. Last week I finished my workout and got in my car and laid down on my console trying not to vomit, this week I got done and cleaned up and went to Wal-Mart with a big goofy grin on my face.
I wasn't quite done when I got home, instead I had tons of yard work to do. I worked like crazy but was quickly worn out.

I thought these were all the same when I planted them, guess not.
After the workout was done I was ready to lay down for a minute. I was officially hot again and needed a drink. My 3pm view...

During my workout I was pounding the water and Nuun (shameless plug coming) and I have decided I am in love with Nuun. The first couple of times I drank it I thought it tasted like watered down Gatorade and I wanted it to taste like Gatorade but now I love LOVE LOVE it.

I went to my sisters house after my 15 minute power nap and walking in on this scene. They had been worked to the ground.

I stepped in for a few minutes but they were mostly done by the time I got there. I thought they were cute all exhausted in yard.
Sunday, however I got to join the party. We worked for hours and the same scene happened again, they at least found shade this time.

Now the actual weekend is over but thankfully its a holiday so I get an extra day. That works out pretty good for me cause I want to get in another long ride tomorrow. I also have to plan out my food and workouts for a short wek so hopefully that wont take as long on a short week (haha)!
Now I feel like Triathlon training is back on track and now its just time to get better. I think I can get better, faster, and stronger before race day. Oh, I am so happy this training weekend went better than last!
Everyone be safe and have a happy Memorial Day!
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