Saturday, June 29, 2013

Apparently it's "Nice Guys" and "FatGirls" Finish Last

I have a race update and I will just go ahead and warn you that this is not the peachy happy its all good race update like some.  This race was soooooo NOT my favorite race.  First off, yes I finished it, but I think I could have been convinced to quit any time after mile 6. 

We started the race off at 7am.  It was incredibly organized and from what I could tell started on time.   The biggest problem for me was the heat.  I have been incredibly worried about running a small race, especially this small, because I don't want to finish last but thankfully my niece was running this race too and she ran the whole thing with me. 

We started out really strong but I knew there were hills coming up on the run so I was trying to save some energy.  We walked most of the hills at the beginning and the ran the flat parts and ran fast on the downhills.  I actually enjoyed the first 5 miles because I got an hour with my niece who I don't get to see near enough anymore and she told me all about her new job and everything else we needed to catch up on.  This was the best part of the whole race.  (By the way I still maintain that this child saved my butt today cause she stayed beside me the whole race, even when I started to deteriorate)

By the time we got to mile 5 it had been about 1945 miles since the last water stop.  I was dying of thirst and the temp was just getting higher and higher.  I took a Hammer Gel at this stop and just knew that was going to help, it didn't, I just got slower and hotter from there.

Once we got to mile 6ish we turned on to a road that was flat for the most part, it had zero shade, and it was the last 4 miles of the run.  This was also pretty much the last time I ran on the whole race.  We  walked to the top of a hill and trotted down and crossed the street at a run but that was pretty much it.  This road was just blazing hot.  This is also when I started taking my water breaks and putting one in my belly and two all over my body.  I say that like we had lots of water breaks but there were just 2 on this 4 mile stretch. 

My sister did call while we were running and than the Lord she brought us a water while we were on the road.  This bottle of water might have saved my life!!!!

The last mile was the worst, I had just killed the bottle of water and my belly was starting to hurt.  I was so hot I kept thinking that I could be sick.  We ran the last 40 yards to the finish line and then I ran to the shade and sat down with a bottle of water.  I was not sure that I was not going to be sick.  I was just smouldering at this point.  I couldn't even talk for fear that it would be followed by vomit!!!

Oh, and we finished last!  I FREAKING HATE BEING LAST!!!  But again my sweet niece was right there beside me, she is an athlete so I know she hated being last but she never complained once about the speed we were traveling.

Finish Line!  OVER!

After we finished my sister and bro in law took us to Blunch.  I had to sit on the ground for a few minutes before I could get in the car to go eat.  We went to one of my favorites and I couldn't even eat.  I was still so hot that I couldn't stomach my food.  I just needed a cold shower and a nap.

When I finally got home I stayed on the couch pounding water for a while before heading to dinner.  I finally got my appetite back, and it came back with a vengeance!  I had a few slices of pizza, I figured that wouldn't kill my weigh in Monday since I had burned 409,83 calories and not taken any in.

Now we are 1 day away from the completion of Phase 2 and even more exciting we are 14 days away from the Triathlon!!! 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two More Quality Workouts!!!

This morning started off with a 4 miles run. I would say it was the same ol' run as usual but it was anything but ordinary. We headed off at 6am and I was super sore...I haven't been that sore in a while...anyway, we walked the majority of the first mile and got warmed up and then started running.

You might need to know this first: It stormed all night long even waking me up at 2 am with a roll of thunder that rocked my house. But when I got up I drove all the way to meet her with no rain but some thunder here and there.

So we got the first mile down and we could hear the thunder rolling again so we were running away from it. We ran about 2 miles out and through a cemetery (I told you it was different!) and the rain finally caught us. We ran the last couple of miles in the pouring down rain.

I hate to admit it but it was actually kinda fun. I don't normally run in the rain but once you are out there you have to get back. I could have done without the thunder and lightening but I will still go with fun!

Since I got back to the gym soaking wet I chose to go ahead and shower instead of trying to do more while wet. I think it was a good decision. I need to be tapering off a touch because I have a 10.2 miles race this weekend and I have not been race prepping like I should.

My food was on track all day today. I think at the beginning of the week I was not eating enough calories but for the last 2 days I have really focused on getting in all my calories in. Just cause I want a good number doesn't mean I am going to jeopardize my metabolism for one good weigh in. So I am still eating mostly fruits and veggies and staying very strict to my calories limit.

After work I had a couple of errands to run and then I was off to swim. I knew I was going to be able to swim a little bit longer than normal and still get home early.

I did a strong 30 minute swim. This was one time I can say I hit that "intense" level and not just the "moderate" level that you have to measure your workout by. I was super pleased with my swim and even more pleased with the fact that I was home before 8pm with dinner in the hatch and packed up for the next day. I have even laid out my clothes for race day Saturday since the race starts early at 7am. I would rather it start early cause its gonna be sooooooo hot!

The hope is early bedtime tonight since I don't get to sleep late on Saturday. After this weekend I will be in official triathlon training prep....I will have to start tapering for sure and take the intensity down just a touch but still get to run and ride. Im looking so forward to it!!!!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day!!!!

I'm in LOVE with this....

Ok, that was just so you could have a chuckle, I have watched it like 10,000 times today so I had to share. Now lets talk about the day...

First off I did things today that were not planned but they turned out to be pretty amazing. I did Pump first thing this morning and it was packed. I had really only a few choices for weights so some of the muscle groups I did more weight than normal and others I did less weights. The class was effective and I got a great workout but it was just different than normal, I like consistency and not getting to use my exact weight kinda freaked me out.

After Pump I didn't really have the rest of my workout scheduled. I got on the rowing machine just long enough to figure out what I wanted to do. I rowed for about 15 minutes and caught a glimpse of the stair stepper in the corner of the room....that was it. Today was the day that I was going to hit 100 floors.

I climbed up on the machine and started to work. I was not loving the workout but I soooo wanted to get to 100 floors. I stayed on the machine for 30 minutes, I didn't have the best form and I didn't love it, but by golly I got it!!

After getting off the StairMaster I was soaking with sweat and dangerously close to being late. I steamed for just a few and got off to work. I got ready so fast that I had time to hit Starbucks. I forgot my bottle of water this morning and I was so thirsty...not a good decision...because apparently when I am thirsty and go to Starbucks I buy everything. I got a water and a latte and a new coffee cup. All I wanted was a water and coffee.

Its like going to the grocery store hungry I guess?!?!

How cute is my new cup? It matched my outfit, that's why I had to get it!!!

After work I had made plans to ride my bike to town and have my dad pick me up and drive me back home. I had the night off from choir practice so I had a little longer to ride than normal. I got kinda freaked out when I started thinking my tire was going flat so I went back to the house and aired it up again, and just couldn't get it off my mind the whole ride. After checking the tire for the 140th time I finally just tried to clear my mind and ride. But all the checking and worrying made me take longer than I wanted.

I rode for 2 hours and did around 20 miles (I don't know exactly because I forgot to stop tracking my miles so I measured the ride home too) and was a little bit late to meet dad but only by a few minutes. My sweet daddy drove me home so I didn't have to ride up the giant hill...I just didn't have it in me tonight. (I couldn't figure out why my legs were worthless tonight and then I remember...100 floors)

Once I got home I had time to watch my baby Chris Powell help someone else lose an incredible amount of weight and chillax for a little bit. I actually got to get some chores done that have been piling up.

I did get to spend a little time on the couch with some ice on my knees and to eat some dinner. I forgot how much I love to sit on the couch! Now I'm ready for bed to rest my weary bones so I can do it all again tomorrow!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Update (and a New Bootcamp)

When the last day of the work month and Monday happen on the same day it is a recipe for disaster, luckily yesterday was not one of those “disasters.” For a Monday and for the busiest day of the month I was actually pretty chill. I think I’m adopting a pretty chill lifestyle (bahahahahah) but my weekend was kinda relaxed as well.

For starters I did not get in a traditional workout. My friends all went for a run on Saturday at the butt crack of dawn and I just couldn’t do it. I wanted some sleep! So I got in bed a little later than normal on Friday night and woke up when my body was ready to wake up…turns out my body was ready at 10:40 am. What kind of adult wakes up at 10:30am!?!? This girl!!!! It was so nice to sleep more than 4-6 hours and my body was very appreciative of it.

Once I got up I had to go put icing on a cake at my sister’s house so we could prepare for a birthday! Then I'm not sure how it happened but I started helping strip pain off a my nephews boat. Who knows? So I worked over there for a while and then finally had to call it quits and go mow my own yard when I was attacked by wildlife! Yes, a slithery snake was in my yard. I would say I handled it well but I didn’t! I saw the snake and put of my ‘frady pants and ran away, then I had the realization that I was alone and had to take care of it so I put on my brave pants and ran my mower over the snake, then I cried a little bit and freaked out and put my ‘frady pants back on and drove to my sister’s house to get help. I didn’t know if he was dead or if he was still under my mower and I couldn’t touch it thinking he might be there.

My sister and dad came over to help and we found the snake it about 4024 pieces in the yard. A dead snake is the only good snake in my book.

So Saturday was a bust as far as working out went but I think my body was very grateful for the rest. I haven’t given it much rest in a while, especially since I am so close to the end of Phase 2. Sunday was another day of rest…like a real day of rest. I was up late making cupcakes (same birthday) and I didn’t get to bed until about 1. I have to get up early for church so the 5 hours of sleep was not enough…I made up for it however with my 3 hour Sunday nap.

The Birthday Girl
I don’t know why I had trouble falling asleep on Sunday night! Haha! But once I finally got in bed on Sunday night I was really rested and really really caught up on my sleep. Which worked out pretty good since Monday was officially one week until the final weigh in for Phase 2! Woo hoo! Of course final week means “Balls to the Wall” all week long not just on Friday.

So far my workouts have been on time. Pump on Monday morning was brutal. I don’t know if it was the summer solstice or if gravity is now working against me but everything I picked up weighed just a little bit more than it did on Friday! After pump it was a cardio session and off to work. Then we catch up to Monday and the last day of the month but like I said, it wasn’t too bad this month. I was able to get off relatively on time and get home in time to clean the office and get in bed on time. (Do you notice the recurring theme in today’s post…SLEEP?) That’s right another full night’s sleep and I still managed to wake up 3 minutes late. Luckily traffic wasn’t bad today so I got to the gym on time and was able to get in a pretty quality run with my running buddy. Over 4 miles today, yippee, and getting a little bit faster each time. We are not focused on speed just getting out there and running.

After work I met up with my running buddy to go to Running BootCamp.  She talked me into it this morning and I was a little nervous about it because the minimum requirement per mile was 10 minutes and I am a far way from that, but I went anyway and I was able to keep up.   I wasn't first but I wasn't lasts and I got a great workout.  I think I will be doing that one again.  I was not quite prepared for the heat. 90 some odd degrees at 5:15 is hot!!!!

I was so hot when we finished that I stripped down to my bottom layer for the ride home.

After my second workout of the day and 7+ miles successfully in the books I was ready for a little less impact on my joints so I went to the pool.  Yep, workout #3 and this was just what the doctor ordered.   I just got me a new bathing suit that actually fits and I swear it made me faster cause I was just cutting right through the water tonight.  My swim is getting stronger and I could really tell it tonight...but I'm still giving some credit to my new bathing suit cause its so cute!

Finally I am home after a day of crazy intense workouts.  I went from good workout to great workout...I'm not really sure how I'm going to do better tomorrow but that is the goal, be better than I was yesterday. 

 Now that I am home it is way to late to eat so I'm skipping dinner.  I know don't skip meals but I'm hungry but I don't think I will make a good decision at 10pm so I'm just gonna skip out tonight and do my best to get my food in earlier than 10pm tomorrow.  My food all week long has been on the $$$.   Ive been sticking to mostly fruits and veggies and nuts and fish.  Its very Paleo but unintentionally.  I just want to make this week the best it can be and hopefully see another good number on the scale before we crank up Phase 3. 

Ive added some juice to this last week to get in the veg I lack and I love this bottle.  #greenmachine

6 Days til the Phase 2 weigh in (BTW I will do another recap of the Phase thing soon for those new to the blog)
 18 Days til the Triathlon
122 Day til Amber's Wedding

Some big things are coming up!!!  Cant wait!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Think I Burned 13,059 Calories Today

Maybe 13,000 is a slight exaggeration since I only did one workout today but it was a pretty amazing workout.  Let's start with the drive to the gym....on my way there I looked down and I was out of gas.  I was going to try to push it and get to the gym but I tried that once before and was left on the side of the road.  Extra calories burned by my speedy fill up!

I got enough gas in my car to get to the gym but not much more than that.  I just didn't want to be more than 5 minutes late and I made it.  The first part of the workout was Pump and it was a great class.  We did lots of my favorite tracks today including the one with jump squats.  Everyone gets mad when I request that one and I didn't even ask for it today.  I knew the day was looking up.

After Pump it was time for 52 cards.  My running friend met with me this morning to do the workout.  She wanted some cardio so we were high heart rate heavy today.  It was Burpees, Suicides, Box Jumps and Mountain Climbers.  Whew! I really had the sweat going!

I hadn't planned on weighing today but my workout friend talked me into it.  I got on the scales a little bit nervous but I knew I had a good week so hopefully the scale would reflect.  And I was happily surprised.  I got a good number and even though I'm still crazy far away from the Phase 2 goal I am happy with my loss.  I have 10 days left before my final weigh in...I think realistically I cannot hit the Phase 2 goal but I could still get a stomach virus or food poisoning and drop a couple of extra.  (its just a joke guys I'm not looking for a stomach virus!)

I was so happy with my weight loss that I treated myself to a Subway breakfast sandwich.  We have a Subway sandwich shop in my gym!  I smell the fresh baked bread and cookies every morning and I just thought this was a great day to have one.  If you haven't tried it yet the egg sandwiches are delicious.

I was early leaving the gym so I went by the grocery store to get some creamer for my coffee and they didn't have the one I like so I was doing some snooping around the creamer section.  HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS?!?!!?!

How much will power do you think I have Girls Scouts/Nestle!?!?  This is just taking it too far.

I shared with all the girls at work and let them know that this would be going in the garbage at 5pm and not make the commute home with me!  Once 5 rolled around I kept my end of the deal and gave it away.  Hopefully I will never have to see it again....and it was delicious!

I tried to get a run planned out for tomorrow but all my crazy ass running friends are leaving at 5:30am to run the  course for the race we have next weekend.  I was trying to decide if I was going to run or not (with the hip acting up I think I need to rest a minute) and the idea of a 5am workout on Saturday helped me make that decision.  NO!  I will get a good workout in tomorrow, swim/bike/run or all three but I will be doing mine a little later in the day!

I did get to go eat dinner with some of my family tonight and while I was eating and getting to talk with 2 of my sisters they managed to convince me that I need a tri suit to compete next month.  I have really confused about what to wear for this race and how I was going to handle the transitions and somehow I was convinced tonight to wear a full body tight suit!  Oh my gosh I am not sure how this is going to look on my body type, you know, the over weight body type!  They made some valid points about chaffing and changing while wet and I was sold.  They really should work in retail!

I'm not sure the world is ready for me in this outfit...but there is always the t-shirt that can go over the top~

Now that I am officially up way past my bedtime I going to hit the pillow.  I am getting the treat to sleep until my body wakes up tomorrow.  The idea of sleeping until I wake up really puts the cherry on the Sundae to make this day go from good to great.  Hope you all had a great one too...

Night, and have a happy weekend!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home: And Its Still Daylight

Big workouts today!  I got just one step closer to those really big mini goals this morning.  I have several mini goals that don't really mean much in the grand scheme but they matter to me, for example:

1. Do 1 pull up
2. Get up Park City Hill on my bike (one mile up hill, and its a pretty big climb)
3. Get in the Overweight Category instead of the Obese on the BMI chart

Today I met with my running buddy at 6am and we were off for just over 4 miles and today was just not my day.  I couldn't really get it legs were just not participating.  And then about mile 2 I took a step that just shot pain up my hip.  I have been having some hip pain but this was really painful all of a sudden.  I was able to finish the run it was just not as good as it could have been. 

Once back to the gym I did a few thousand meters on the rowing machine and then moved over to the pull up machine.  I was able to do 3 assisted pull ups today...3, 3 FREAKIN' pull ups!
One day I hope to make that unassisted but for now Ill take 3 assisted ones.  BTW: for those haters out there lets put this in perspective, when I do a pull up I am pulling up 260 and most of those people are lifting about 150.  Its a big deal to me!

I was just on top of the moon after my 3 pull ups...

Work was better today, not sure if it was my pull ups or if it was really better but today was not as craptastic as yesterday!  I was so excited today because I didn't have any ballgames or plans after work.  I was actually going to get home at a reasonable hour and do some things around my house that I have neglected for weeks.

I did have to run to town and take out the garbage at the office building I clean and I ran by the gym to get in a half hour swim at the pool before heading home.  I got an amazing swim tonight, it was short but very effective.  I was home by 7:30pm....

Home in the Daylight!!!!

Once I got home I got my car packed up and started dinner all while coloring my hair.  I had 4 inches of roots and you can't call that ombre, its just unkempt roots.  So I got everything done but my hair was still going so I took that opportunity to chill out and rest my hip a bit. 

I don't quite know what to do with myself with all this free time, if tomorrow goes like this again I might mop my kitchen floor, its been forever since I did that one!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2 Days, 4 Amazing Workouts!

Tuesday:  My day started with a 4 miler with my running friend.  This started out and a dull of a run with neither of us really able to get motivated.  Once we got dialed in around .4 we were able to run and actually make some good time.  There was the potty break mid run that made our posted time much different than the time we actually ran.  We finished up with just over 4 miles. 

Once finished I realized that my new tank top that I am officially in love with is see thru after I get good and sweaty, and since I get good and sweaty walking into the gym this could be a problem.

I finished up my workout with a short row and a long steam.  I felt pretty good when I finished this workout and was pleased with my run over all.

Work was pretty busy but we did have time to go to lunch and celebrate BossLady's birthday.  I ate a small breakfast and planned out my lunch food in advance so I didn't destroy my diet at a Chili's fest!  The majority of the lunch conversation was about a co-workers breakfast that made her go into a food depression when she realized her breakfast had 760 calories.....we shouldn't have laughed but it was soooooo funny.

After work we had the last ballgame of the season and it just so happened that the game was earlier than normal so I was able to get a swim in, a really really long swim and still get home before 10pm.

This was the test for my new Lifeproof phone case.  I used it to count my laps.  I wanted to swim for about an hour since I had more time than usual but didn't want to have to keep track of my laps the whole time.

The phone was a success...and I managed 50 laps in the pool!!!  It was an amazing swim; I couldn't have asked for a better one.  I could have asked that the girl in the lane next to me wear a bathing suit that was larger than a thong but that is just getting picky.
After my swim I was able to visit with my sister for a few and then head home.  I don't know how exactly it happened but I got home after 10pm.  Really?!?!?  But I did get to bed quick because all my food was packed up and ready to go.

Friday:  This morning started off with Pump.  I am still using my heavier weights but it is not getting easier yet.  I have high hopes!  I really want to be able to use the big plates for the whole class but I'm still pretty far away from that goal, but that's why you have a goal right?

Anyway, after Pump I had a solo workout so instead of doing my circuit I thought I would get on the stair stepper and see how far I could go.  I set the goal of 50 floors and when I got to 50 I knew I could do more so I cranked it up and tried for 75.  Victory!  After  lots and lots of sweat I hit the magic number!  I almost clapped for myself (btw: I actually did clap for myself the other day in the dressing room.  I skipped a pants size, that required clapping!) but I held it in.

I finished up with a short trip on the elliptical and another long steam!  I put that in there every single day because it is important, every. single. day!!!!

Work today was ugh!  Nothing bad happened and there was nothing really bad but I just didn't want to be there.  I was incredibly productive cause I just put my head down and worked and tried not to look at the clock until it was quitting time.  I did eat well today except for the Baked Cheeto snack that I hopefully burned off during my last workout.

I had a good workout planned for this evening.  I had a 15 mile Brick planned and ti was a good one.  I did 13 miles on the bike with lots of hills and then a 2 mile run right after that I was averaging about a 12 minute mile.  For me that is fast...and applause again!

This was one of the last really long training sessions I will do before the big race because the big race is 24 days away!!!!!  I cannot believe how excited I am about this race.  I have been working so hard at this for so many weeks and months that I'm just ready for it to be time.  I think I am ready today!
Excitement means a doodle picture!
The only real goal I have for the race is don't finish last.  That's it.  I finished 2nd to last not to long ago that that made me feel like crap, and I have another race coming up in a few weekends that is a 10.2 miles that is not shaping up to be a large race and I don't want to finish last at that one either.  Repeat after me:  "Don't. Finish. Last. Don't. Finish. Last"

So now that we are all caught up I have to rest these bones so I can do it all again tomorrow.  The plan tomorrow is the same as Tuesday swim and run but surely I can find something else to fill in the 4 hours between getting off work and going to sleep!  Surely...

Monday, June 17, 2013

So Many Days to Cover

Who knows when I posted last because I sure cant remember... I think we have to cover the weekend. I don't know about y'all but I had a good weekend, restful and full. On Saturday, you know the one day I get to sleep in, I woke up early to meet my cousin for a run. I love running with her so it makes it easy to wake up early the only day I get to sleep in.

Its also getting really hot around here so you have to go early or die of heat exhaustion. So we left out around 7am. About 30 seconds she remembered a friend was having a yard sale and we needed to stop by. When we got there one of the girls hosting the sale daughter came up. She is about 4 years old and she wanted to go run with us. Well, we are both aunts and not much on the word "no!" so we agreed to a trip to the end of the road and back. Who knew this one be one of the most entertaining runs I have had in forever. I have done some strange things on my morning run but this little girl provided 15 minutes of non-stop laughter.

For starters she took off like a rocket. We were on the road so we were in high alert trying to keep a small child from running in the street. She was running a blistering pace in her polka dotted Mary Jane's and I was struggling to keep up. She got the speed under control quickly and we were running at a nice child's pace. There was lots of skipping and jumping involved on the first block...then we rounded the corner and things got interesting. She stopped at every flower and tried to pick it and took all the limbs people had put on the curb for the garbage pick up and carefully placed it back in their yard. She even tried to pet a few creatures along the way including a concrete rabbit.

When we made it to the final stretch she decided we were in a race and it was us against Cousin Anna. We took off running again and would have to stop and put our hands on our hips and rest. At one point she said, "Deep breaths ladies!" I laughed until I almost cried. She also informed me that she was a kid and not a child. We won the race and delivered her back to her mom safely. Needless to say the rest of the run was not as entertaining but every few steps we would get a giggle talking about how cute this little girl was!

I had to cut out a little earlier than normal because we had a Saturday ballgame and then I teamed up with my niece and went for a bike ride. This is the niece that is doing the triathlon with me so we headed out on some new roads. We got in about 20 miles. Her tush was hurting and neither of us wanted to ride up the big hill to get back to the house so I let her call her Pa to come pick us up.

The rest of the day I tried to get a little rest but didn't have much luck. I was starving because of all my working out and I couldn't lay down cause I sun burnt my back while I was on my back. The downside of the workout tank top, SUNBURN!


On Sunday I took the day off. That's pretty standard for me: Church, a 3 hour nap and no real workout. I usually get in a backyard game of volleyball or something equally fun but no workout. It was not a normal day, it was a special day because it was Father's Day so Ill give you my Daddy tribute....

Then today started off right with Body Pump (still with the increased weight) and it was a tough one today! She did lots of songs that I had never done before and my body was screaming before 6am. After Pump I did lots of cardio, some stair stepper and even some Bosu ball planks and burpees. I got a good sweat going before work.

I had plenty to do today at the office. I got everything done before 5pm and not one second early. I always hope to get to leave a few minutes early to beat the traffic but not today.

I had a slight work related injury. Hello Kitty made it all better. It was a tiny scratch that I did to myself but I could not get it to stop bleeding. Imagine the looks you get for the neck band aid!

I made it home in record time though and was able to get my night started. I wanted to clean my house up a bit, get my food cooked for the week, and even get in bed at a reasonable hour. I was successful! I had to go to the grocery store before I could make any food because I was totally out of food but once I got home I was cooking and cleaning all at the same time.

And at 9:15pm I can proudly announce that I am blogging from BED!!!! Tomorrow things are getting real because we have our last ballgame of the season so there should be plenty of time to get in two a days. Two or three a days until the next season starts up, football and volleyball, CANT WAIT!

I will wish you all a good night and hopefully I can get a good nights sleep so I can get a good run in the morning. Let's do it!


I got a new toy this weekend. The Lifeproof cell phone case. It's everything water, wind, sweat proof and much needed being that I try to ruin my phone every other day with water or sweat or pool water. Its just a little added insurance. Ill let you know how it works.
By the way if any of you have quit smoking I found the perfect use for an old ashtray, holding the case underwater to make sure it is water tight. Just a suggestion!

I think I have covered the entire weekend but who really knows. What I do know is that Phase 2 officially ends in 2 weeks and I am ready for a final weigh in. I forgot to weigh in on Friday so I will be just as surprised on July 1st as the rest of you. Hopefully we will see some pretty numbers on that scale but I saw pretty numbers on my pants (I skipped a whole size) when I bought new clothes the other day so I just cant imagine being too disappointed.

Night all!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Its Officially HOT!

I said I was going to do better today with taking pictures for my blog and I did. I told my running buddy we would have to take a pic when we were done since we happened to show up in practically the same outfit. We didn't plan it but running up and down the streets of Huntsville we looked all color coordinator.

I should also mention that I am hot! Hot hot hot!!! This week it got hotter here in the south which means I have officially broke out the tank tops. I choose not to wear tanks if I can help it but I cannot stand another run with sleeves that are made out of asbestos.

The tank helped with my hotness and the run this morning was much better than Tuesday. I thought so at least. We were moving much faster than Tuesday and maintaining the run for much longer...Tuesday was about half a mile, walk break, another half, walk break. But this morning we took our first walk after 1.35 miles!!

Turns out when you wear a true tank and not just a cut off tshirt and forget your Body Glide you get this problem.

If you are wondering yes it hurts like hell! After our run I did another 5k on the rowing machine. That was all for the morning. I had another planned workout for this evening so I was ready to be done.

After work we had another ballgame but it was an early one. I decided to opt out of dinner so I didn't have to drive back and forth all over town and just went to take out the trash at the office building that I clean and then hit the pool. I was able to get in long swim. A long swim in a empty pool. I didn't think I was going all that fast but I finished in record time and felt like I could have kept going for hours.

Im pretty sure after my morning of cardio and my evening swim I got in a pretty awesome burn. I know my food was on track today too which means I should have ended up way in the negative today.

Tomorrow we go balls to the wall at 5:30am because I will only get one workout....gotta make it count!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sometimes I Suck as a Blogger

I just cannot think of anything to say this week. Monday was a plain Jane day with no real excitement. Yesterday was pretty much the same, I was actually busier yesterday than the day before but nothing really eventful.

I met my running partner yesterday morning and I kinda sucked it up. The first two miles I really struggled but I did get better as the run went on. We got in a total of 4 miles but they were not the fastest or the best. I have much higher hopes for tomorrows run.

My running buddy (Ill have a nickname for her soon) sent me this today....just what I needed after a bad run!

After my run on Tuesday I went to the rowing machine and rocked out a 5k before going to work. After work we had a ballgame, we have a ballgame every night this week which makes for pretty late nights but then its over next week and I will be missing having a sport to watch.

After the game I did manage to get in a short swim but I had so much to do that it was a short swim and then home to a late bedtime!!!! Even though I got to bed late I managed to get up pretty good this morning.

I had Pump this morning and today I decided was the day to up my weights. For the last week the weight I have been using was not as challenging as it has been so today I added the next weight up on every single exercise. It was a pretty effective workout. I also have had to move to shorts. I am a tight pant kinda girl but it has officially gotten so hot and I have officially started sweating like a pig that I have switched.

After class it was a leg circuit and one lap around the building. It was lots of squats and half burpees and step ups....not the best workout but it was better than my bed. Then a .25 mile run and off to work again.

I had plans to go ride after work tonight. I generally get in a good Wednesday workout before choir but choir was cancelled so I planned a run. Then I got called to a meeting at 3pm that lasted to 6:30 and that really kinda screwed my entire post work workout.

I didn't go ride cause I lost my day light. On my way home I was trying to decide if I wanted to try to get in another workout or take a night of off. I rarely take a day off and its not a day off it was a night off and I decided it was a good idea.

So instead I went to visit with my sister, help her with a little yard work, and even mooch some dinner off her. My bro-in-law made grilled chicken so it was diet friendly food with the family. We seem to eat out at fast food a lot which is a down fall for me, I just don't make good decisions when I go to fast food which is why I avoid it like the plague! It was so nice!!

One of the best things is I finished my day off with one workout, a calorie count below my intake level, and all my stuff packed up and ready to go before 10pm!

I have some goals for the rest of the week....

1. Have a good run tomorrow
2. Take some pictures so the blog might be more interesting
3. Burn 7000 calories in a day (by the way this will be a goal until I reach 7000 and I haven't been within 1500 calories of that yet)

Since Im wrapping up this phase and it really doesn't look like I am going to reach my goal I should have several chances to hit my burn. What I mean is I'm not giving up on this Phase without a fight! I think 2 and 3 a days are for sure in my future and the more I workout the more I can burn. I would almost be willing to bet I will hit my 7000 calorie burn goal this month even if I don't hit my Phase 2 goal! But Im fixing to make Phase 2 my bitch, 8 weeks of little to no weight loss I have finally started seeing results again so lets keep it up right!!!

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Monday, June 10, 2013


Today has been a typical Monday. It wasn't a bad day, wasn't a particularly good day....just a plain ol' day. I started my morning off hating my alarm clock. I have had two nights sleep in a row where I closed my eyes and then my alarm went off instantly. I know I got a full nights sleep but I sure didn't feel like it.

I was not wanting to get up for sure but I did. I got my clothes and food together and head off to the gym. I had a morning of Body Pump and then 3000 meters on the rowing machine and 2 miles on the elliptical machine. My new workout buddy didn't make it this morning so I just used the machines. We have a big workout planned for Wednesday so I gladly worked the machines today.

Once my workout was done I was off to work. I knew there were not a lot of emails waiting on me and was thinking the week was going to be like last week....SLOOOOOOW! But luckily I had some work today and stayed pretty busy all day long. I looked up once and it was after 1pm. Hello, lunch, I totally missed it. So I took a later lunch and then finished up my work day.

After work I rushed home to get my stuff together for tomorrow. I had about an hour to get packed up before a ballgame. I managed to get 3 days of lunches cooked and my laundry started and even got my breakfast made. It was an incredibly productive 45 minutes.

I knew if I got all packed up before the game I could possibly get an early bedtime! After two "short" nights sleep I need one that feels like a full nights sleep. Im not sleep deprived but I feel like I am.

I told y'all, it was a very humdrum day. Nothing overly exciting, just a good day of calorie burning and quality food.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Doughnut Day!!!!!


I'm not sure if you guys know yet, cause its only been all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all day long but Happy Donut Day!!!!!  I have been craving pizza and a donut for 2 weeks and today I got to celebrate one of the two.

One of my friend at work informed me that not only was I going to get to eat a donut but that I got one for FREE!!!!  A Krispy Kreme for glazed goodness for 200 calories and $0.

We even took some back to the office for everyone...turns out our boss had the same idea.  Well he might have gotten the idea from a carefully worded text message.

To bad we ran in to him while we were there!

I am happy that I got to partake in the holiday and happy that I was able to resist the remaining 40 donuts that sat in the office for the rest of the day.  My co-worker and I resisted for several hours and I finally had to hide them, no more sitting in the copy room to walk past ever 9 minutes.

I did take one selfie for the occasion and to rub in that I got to eat a doughnut....
She did not enjoy my text!
I did a lot of laughing today and this one really got me. 

Ok, off the donut talk.  Since I have been a horrible blogger all week long and only posted every other day at best I thought I could stay up a few minutes late tonight and fill you in on the last couple of days. 

Yesterday I got up early for a run with the girl that wished me to choke on my donut. 
We did 4 miles in record time.  Mile one: good.  Mile two: great.  Mile three: sucked.  Mile four: record time!  I wasn't pushed to get to work early so I did some more cardio before the steam and shower.  I was working on my relaxation because I was getting ready for my massage.

Lunch time massage, I suggest this for everyone.  I did a deep tissue and worked out lots of my soreness.  I had to pound water for the rest of the day to keep from getting sore.  Luckily I didn't get sore from the rub down. 

After work I was off to a ballgame and then to the gym for a swim.  I ended up being a little later to the gym than I like but I got in a great swim.  I think my muscles were all rejuvenated from my massage and I swam stronger than normal.

This morning it was Pump and 52 cards.  Pump was the same class as normal.  The room seems to be getting hotter and hotter and the sweat get to pouring earlier in the class.  By the time we were done with Pump I was warmed up and ready for 52 cards.  This workout was more intense than last week and I have the bruise to prove it.  We did up/downs, crunches, suicides, and box jumps.  The up/downs were chest to floor and they hurt.

This week I have had many injuries.  I have the bruise from today and then a jammed finger nail from Wednesday....look at these injuries!

haha! ok, it looks better than it feels!

Today I only had the one workout but I think it counted for 2 or 3.  It was a doozie!  After the cards we did a short row and a quarter mile around the building.

Work was busier today that it has been all week long which made for a nice day.  It went by so fast!  My night was finished off with dinner at a country buffet and another ballgame.  I got home and right in bed.  I get to sleep late tomorrow, 6:30am late!  I have a run and a swim planned tomorrow as well as yard work and a really long nap!  If I cant manage to fit it all in I will make sure I get the nap!

Happy Friday and Donut Day!!!!  Hope you all had a great one.  If you haven't gotten a donut yet you only have an hour left...go get your donut already!!!!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Results Finally Showing

Im so happy to report two days of awesome work, good eating, and weight loss. I was beginning to get discouraged with my loss and the fact that it was moving slow but this week I have been able to see some new results and I have been able to do more physically than I have in a few weeks. I think I hit a true plateau and hopefully Im on my way back down the other side.

Tuesday I set a lofty goal of 7000 calories burned and I failed....but I failed real real good! I burned 5030 calories not counting my swim. It was amazing. I started with a 4 mile run with my new running friend, we meet 2 days a week, and then because work is slow I stayed at the gym a little bit longer than normal and did 5000 meters on the rowing machine. That was a new high for me.

Work was slow on Tuesday which made it easy to cut out just a few minutes early to go ride. We had a 30 miler planned, 30! The ride itself was good, I felt strong and proud to have traveled 30 miles, the not my favorite. I don't mind the busy road but I like busy roads with very large shoulders. This was a busy road with no shoulder. I whined about it for a while but overall I was pretty happy with the ride.

Once the ride was over I was not as sore as I thought I would be. My arms were more sore than my I thought. I finished off the night with a 20 minute swim and then hit the bed. I was so tired and worn out that I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

This morning I was off to it again bright and early. I met my new workout partner and we did it right this morning. We did the Pump class and then moved on to a circuit and then some running. Not sprints like before but outside feet to the floor running. She said she wants to get faster and so do I so it works out well that we are both pushing for the same goal.

Got my new #BEAST shirt on! Beast mode is on!!!!

I had planned the same workout for this evening as last week....a short ride with a run following. This is when I realized that my legs were indeed sore. The ride was hard and I felt like I couldn't get my leg up. It was not a bad ride, just harder than normal. I hopped off the bike and took off for a mile and then had to stop for choir practice. I got an amazing workout and I was sure that I was going to get rained out. Thankfully I got my burn in.

After a few night errands I got home and packed up. I had to make sure and pack up some cute undies for tomorrow cause my sore legs are getting massaged!!! I cannot wait, one whole hour of relaxation on the poor overworked muscles.

I am also happy to report that Dr. Oz 3 day cleanse turned into Dr. Oz 2 day cleanse followed by a short "come to Jesus" meeting and meaningful text conversation and we decided to stop with the cleanse. Hallelujah!!!! I am happy to have solids again, I missed chewing even though it was only for 2 days. Instead of starvation we are holding each other accountable for our food choices.

I would just like to mention, that is 3 new people in my life that are doing some part of this year of weight loss with me. They are all so special because they make me work harder and hold me accountable. Its like when I needed someone new in a new part of my workout or diet my prayers were answered. Yes, I do pray about this one year challenge, I didn't at first because I thought it was selfish but I cannot do it all by myself and when I finally let that go look what happened. I am grateful and blessed! Thanks to all my new workout friends out are making this way more fun.

I am hoping to keep seeing these results like I have the last week. Im hoping to hit my goal but I know its really far away so Im just giving it all I've got at this point.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say....

....then you are probably on Dr. Oz's 3 Day Detox.  Luckily, this time I have a friend doing it with me and it turns out misery really does love company.  Just knowing that she is struggling through every single sip with me makes it a little easier.  I don't know why I am doing it again really other than to try to jump start what seems to be my stall in weight loss.  It hasn't really stalled just came to a screeching halt slow down.  And for those of you wondering, this is not a calorie cut out.  I am still getting my daily allowance of calories just in smoothies.  

I'm still killing my workouts and even doing more than I was at the beginning of this phase.  Its one more month to go and I know I will have a weight loss this time but I just don't know if it will be close to my goal.  Phase 2 is kicking my ass right now.  So now I'm fighting mad and kicking back!!!

Today I had a morning of weights with Pump class (which I am pretty sure the AC is broken) and a circuit of upper body, kettlebell swings, and Burpees and up/downs.  Oh, and there was 1 round of tabata with step ups and jump ropes and another round with treadmill sprints and then I finished off with the elliptical machine.  My new workout buddy was there for the entire workout and champed it was an especially hard one so I was pretty proud.

I only had one workout today but I think just prepping for tomorrow should count as a second.  I got home and ran around for an hour prepping my smoothies for tomorrow, doing laundry, and packing up my car for tomorrow.  I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I had a short time to get it all in before a ballgame and before I had to head to the office to clean.   That was another calorie burner! 

I'm finally home for the night, choking down the last shake of the day, and dreading doing this again tomorrow.  Its only 3 days, that has been my mantra all day long.  Tomorrow it mega cardio day and if all goes as planned tomorrow might be my 7000 calorie burn day, maybe?!?!?  I'm gonna push for it for sure. 

I have a run with my new running buddy in the morning followed by some rowing and abs.  Then a long bike ride after work and if there is time left a swim to finish it all off.  After that Ill be ready for my massage on Thursday.  I try not to wish my week away but on Thursday I get to eat solid food again and get a massage....that sounds like a great day already!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Feeling Every Single Muscle In My Body

My workout on Friday morning has pretty much wrecked my muscles for this entire weekend. Pump class was the same as usual, I didn't even up my weight on Friday and thats usually when I do. I knew I had a pretty tough workout planned for me and my new workout buddy.

We did an entire workout with a Medicine Ball. Yes, 6 different workouts in a circuit formation and 3 rounds. I know I was pouring sweat at the end of the circuit was just the beginning. After the circuit it was medicine ball sit ups and resistant sprints! Oh they hurt so bad.

Now the sprints were the culprit of the leg soreness, Im pretty sure. I know today my legs are killing me. I was pretty sure I was going to rock these sprints and I was able to do them, but I am paying for them today.

I did weigh on Friday morning and the weight is still going down, but it is going down way slower than I think it should be. Since I have one month left in this phase and the weight loss was the same with and with out my BodyBugg I got to put it back on! I wish I could figure out why its moving down slow (but it is still heading in the right direction) I could speed up the process!

After work I got home to a little happy in my mailbox. I finally received my RoadID. I have seen these things for years but I have never thought about getting one until I started riding my bike. I got to thinking if I got hit by a car or had a medical emergency how would anyone know how to help me? Even when I ride and run with people, they don't know things like my blood type or my Emergency Contact people/numbers. So this little guy just straps around my ankle and has my info on it just in case. (I have become the Queen of just in case lately so I like to have it) I even got a few wrist bands in multiple colors so I don't get tired of wearing it.

I was up pretty late on Friday night, we had ballgames and then a late dinner and I had to make cupcakes for a special 7 year olds birthday today! It kept me up later than I wanted to be but it also made a little birthday girl happy so who cares, right!!

I wimped out of my early morning run, because of the late night before remember? I did manage to get up in time to get to the ballgames this morning. After the games I went for a ride. It was NOT a good ride today! This was the worst ride I have had thus far to date. I don't know why other than my body is sore and tired or because I found ever single hill in Lincoln County but it was just awful. I also had several run ins with nature today and I am not a huge fan of nature. There was a snake on my route and a bee flew into my ear while I was speeding down the road. (I use the term speeding loosely, there was nothing speedy about todays workout) I also encountered a head wind the entire ride. This was the equivalent of the 16 mile training run for my marathon.  I remember it fondly because it was the worlds worst training run ever in the history of training!

After my ride was over I went home and took my bike off my car. I also took the bike rack off my car and put them all up. I have no desire to ride it again for the next few days. My butt and legs need a little break to recover before I can do that again! Im not giving up the bike, I just need to recover.

I had no time to rest before heading over to my sisters house to help with some yard work. That was the last of the resting. We finally finished it and since its done I get a nap tomorrow. I can tell my body is really needing a few hours of sleep and recovery. I am sore in all my favorite muscles and even in some that I didn't know existed. Luckily, I had it on my mind last week to schedule a massage so I get to look forward to that next week. I really don't know what made me think to get one other than my hip hurting but I was sure I needed one, and after today I know that is so true!

Tomorrow we get to celebrate the birthday again but I have to be a touch better on my diet tomorrow. I ate horribly today and it had nothing to do with cake but just eating convenient foods. Dinner was the worst because I ate too much. My belly was hurting and I haven't had that happen in a really long time, and I didn't enjoy it all that much either. Todays over eating will lead to a food hangover tomorrow and also happened at a perfect time because on Monday I am doing another 3 day cleanse on Monday with my cousin. She needs a jumpstart and I need a cleanse.

Tomorrow the goal is to recover and hopefully fight off some of this soreness then back to the grind on Monday. One month left of Phase 2 and I know I have a ways to go. Ill give it my all but Im going to have to be on my game for sure!

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