Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2 Days, 4 Amazing Workouts!

Tuesday:  My day started with a 4 miler with my running friend.  This started out and a dull of a run with neither of us really able to get motivated.  Once we got dialed in around .4 we were able to run and actually make some good time.  There was the potty break mid run that made our posted time much different than the time we actually ran.  We finished up with just over 4 miles. 

Once finished I realized that my new tank top that I am officially in love with is see thru after I get good and sweaty, and since I get good and sweaty walking into the gym this could be a problem.

I finished up my workout with a short row and a long steam.  I felt pretty good when I finished this workout and was pleased with my run over all.

Work was pretty busy but we did have time to go to lunch and celebrate BossLady's birthday.  I ate a small breakfast and planned out my lunch food in advance so I didn't destroy my diet at a Chili's fest!  The majority of the lunch conversation was about a co-workers breakfast that made her go into a food depression when she realized her breakfast had 760 calories.....we shouldn't have laughed but it was soooooo funny.

After work we had the last ballgame of the season and it just so happened that the game was earlier than normal so I was able to get a swim in, a really really long swim and still get home before 10pm.

This was the test for my new Lifeproof phone case.  I used it to count my laps.  I wanted to swim for about an hour since I had more time than usual but didn't want to have to keep track of my laps the whole time.

The phone was a success...and I managed 50 laps in the pool!!!  It was an amazing swim; I couldn't have asked for a better one.  I could have asked that the girl in the lane next to me wear a bathing suit that was larger than a thong but that is just getting picky.
After my swim I was able to visit with my sister for a few and then head home.  I don't know how exactly it happened but I got home after 10pm.  Really?!?!?  But I did get to bed quick because all my food was packed up and ready to go.

Friday:  This morning started off with Pump.  I am still using my heavier weights but it is not getting easier yet.  I have high hopes!  I really want to be able to use the big plates for the whole class but I'm still pretty far away from that goal, but that's why you have a goal right?

Anyway, after Pump I had a solo workout so instead of doing my circuit I thought I would get on the stair stepper and see how far I could go.  I set the goal of 50 floors and when I got to 50 I knew I could do more so I cranked it up and tried for 75.  Victory!  After  lots and lots of sweat I hit the magic number!  I almost clapped for myself (btw: I actually did clap for myself the other day in the dressing room.  I skipped a pants size, that required clapping!) but I held it in.

I finished up with a short trip on the elliptical and another long steam!  I put that in there every single day because it is important, every. single. day!!!!

Work today was ugh!  Nothing bad happened and there was nothing really bad but I just didn't want to be there.  I was incredibly productive cause I just put my head down and worked and tried not to look at the clock until it was quitting time.  I did eat well today except for the Baked Cheeto snack that I hopefully burned off during my last workout.

I had a good workout planned for this evening.  I had a 15 mile Brick planned and ti was a good one.  I did 13 miles on the bike with lots of hills and then a 2 mile run right after that I was averaging about a 12 minute mile.  For me that is fast...and applause again!

This was one of the last really long training sessions I will do before the big race because the big race is 24 days away!!!!!  I cannot believe how excited I am about this race.  I have been working so hard at this for so many weeks and months that I'm just ready for it to be time.  I think I am ready today!
Excitement means a doodle picture!
The only real goal I have for the race is don't finish last.  That's it.  I finished 2nd to last not to long ago that that made me feel like crap, and I have another race coming up in a few weekends that is a 10.2 miles that is not shaping up to be a large race and I don't want to finish last at that one either.  Repeat after me:  "Don't. Finish. Last. Don't. Finish. Last"

So now that we are all caught up I have to rest these bones so I can do it all again tomorrow.  The plan tomorrow is the same as Tuesday swim and run but surely I can find something else to fill in the 4 hours between getting off work and going to sleep!  Surely...

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