Monday, June 10, 2013


Today has been a typical Monday. It wasn't a bad day, wasn't a particularly good day....just a plain ol' day. I started my morning off hating my alarm clock. I have had two nights sleep in a row where I closed my eyes and then my alarm went off instantly. I know I got a full nights sleep but I sure didn't feel like it.

I was not wanting to get up for sure but I did. I got my clothes and food together and head off to the gym. I had a morning of Body Pump and then 3000 meters on the rowing machine and 2 miles on the elliptical machine. My new workout buddy didn't make it this morning so I just used the machines. We have a big workout planned for Wednesday so I gladly worked the machines today.

Once my workout was done I was off to work. I knew there were not a lot of emails waiting on me and was thinking the week was going to be like last week....SLOOOOOOW! But luckily I had some work today and stayed pretty busy all day long. I looked up once and it was after 1pm. Hello, lunch, I totally missed it. So I took a later lunch and then finished up my work day.

After work I rushed home to get my stuff together for tomorrow. I had about an hour to get packed up before a ballgame. I managed to get 3 days of lunches cooked and my laundry started and even got my breakfast made. It was an incredibly productive 45 minutes.

I knew if I got all packed up before the game I could possibly get an early bedtime! After two "short" nights sleep I need one that feels like a full nights sleep. Im not sleep deprived but I feel like I am.

I told y'all, it was a very humdrum day. Nothing overly exciting, just a good day of calorie burning and quality food.

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