Saturday, June 1, 2013

Feeling Every Single Muscle In My Body

My workout on Friday morning has pretty much wrecked my muscles for this entire weekend. Pump class was the same as usual, I didn't even up my weight on Friday and thats usually when I do. I knew I had a pretty tough workout planned for me and my new workout buddy.

We did an entire workout with a Medicine Ball. Yes, 6 different workouts in a circuit formation and 3 rounds. I know I was pouring sweat at the end of the circuit was just the beginning. After the circuit it was medicine ball sit ups and resistant sprints! Oh they hurt so bad.

Now the sprints were the culprit of the leg soreness, Im pretty sure. I know today my legs are killing me. I was pretty sure I was going to rock these sprints and I was able to do them, but I am paying for them today.

I did weigh on Friday morning and the weight is still going down, but it is going down way slower than I think it should be. Since I have one month left in this phase and the weight loss was the same with and with out my BodyBugg I got to put it back on! I wish I could figure out why its moving down slow (but it is still heading in the right direction) I could speed up the process!

After work I got home to a little happy in my mailbox. I finally received my RoadID. I have seen these things for years but I have never thought about getting one until I started riding my bike. I got to thinking if I got hit by a car or had a medical emergency how would anyone know how to help me? Even when I ride and run with people, they don't know things like my blood type or my Emergency Contact people/numbers. So this little guy just straps around my ankle and has my info on it just in case. (I have become the Queen of just in case lately so I like to have it) I even got a few wrist bands in multiple colors so I don't get tired of wearing it.

I was up pretty late on Friday night, we had ballgames and then a late dinner and I had to make cupcakes for a special 7 year olds birthday today! It kept me up later than I wanted to be but it also made a little birthday girl happy so who cares, right!!

I wimped out of my early morning run, because of the late night before remember? I did manage to get up in time to get to the ballgames this morning. After the games I went for a ride. It was NOT a good ride today! This was the worst ride I have had thus far to date. I don't know why other than my body is sore and tired or because I found ever single hill in Lincoln County but it was just awful. I also had several run ins with nature today and I am not a huge fan of nature. There was a snake on my route and a bee flew into my ear while I was speeding down the road. (I use the term speeding loosely, there was nothing speedy about todays workout) I also encountered a head wind the entire ride. This was the equivalent of the 16 mile training run for my marathon.  I remember it fondly because it was the worlds worst training run ever in the history of training!

After my ride was over I went home and took my bike off my car. I also took the bike rack off my car and put them all up. I have no desire to ride it again for the next few days. My butt and legs need a little break to recover before I can do that again! Im not giving up the bike, I just need to recover.

I had no time to rest before heading over to my sisters house to help with some yard work. That was the last of the resting. We finally finished it and since its done I get a nap tomorrow. I can tell my body is really needing a few hours of sleep and recovery. I am sore in all my favorite muscles and even in some that I didn't know existed. Luckily, I had it on my mind last week to schedule a massage so I get to look forward to that next week. I really don't know what made me think to get one other than my hip hurting but I was sure I needed one, and after today I know that is so true!

Tomorrow we get to celebrate the birthday again but I have to be a touch better on my diet tomorrow. I ate horribly today and it had nothing to do with cake but just eating convenient foods. Dinner was the worst because I ate too much. My belly was hurting and I haven't had that happen in a really long time, and I didn't enjoy it all that much either. Todays over eating will lead to a food hangover tomorrow and also happened at a perfect time because on Monday I am doing another 3 day cleanse on Monday with my cousin. She needs a jumpstart and I need a cleanse.

Tomorrow the goal is to recover and hopefully fight off some of this soreness then back to the grind on Monday. One month left of Phase 2 and I know I have a ways to go. Ill give it my all but Im going to have to be on my game for sure!

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