Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day!!!!

I'm in LOVE with this....

Ok, that was just so you could have a chuckle, I have watched it like 10,000 times today so I had to share. Now lets talk about the day...

First off I did things today that were not planned but they turned out to be pretty amazing. I did Pump first thing this morning and it was packed. I had really only a few choices for weights so some of the muscle groups I did more weight than normal and others I did less weights. The class was effective and I got a great workout but it was just different than normal, I like consistency and not getting to use my exact weight kinda freaked me out.

After Pump I didn't really have the rest of my workout scheduled. I got on the rowing machine just long enough to figure out what I wanted to do. I rowed for about 15 minutes and caught a glimpse of the stair stepper in the corner of the room....that was it. Today was the day that I was going to hit 100 floors.

I climbed up on the machine and started to work. I was not loving the workout but I soooo wanted to get to 100 floors. I stayed on the machine for 30 minutes, I didn't have the best form and I didn't love it, but by golly I got it!!

After getting off the StairMaster I was soaking with sweat and dangerously close to being late. I steamed for just a few and got off to work. I got ready so fast that I had time to hit Starbucks. I forgot my bottle of water this morning and I was so thirsty...not a good decision...because apparently when I am thirsty and go to Starbucks I buy everything. I got a water and a latte and a new coffee cup. All I wanted was a water and coffee.

Its like going to the grocery store hungry I guess?!?!

How cute is my new cup? It matched my outfit, that's why I had to get it!!!

After work I had made plans to ride my bike to town and have my dad pick me up and drive me back home. I had the night off from choir practice so I had a little longer to ride than normal. I got kinda freaked out when I started thinking my tire was going flat so I went back to the house and aired it up again, and just couldn't get it off my mind the whole ride. After checking the tire for the 140th time I finally just tried to clear my mind and ride. But all the checking and worrying made me take longer than I wanted.

I rode for 2 hours and did around 20 miles (I don't know exactly because I forgot to stop tracking my miles so I measured the ride home too) and was a little bit late to meet dad but only by a few minutes. My sweet daddy drove me home so I didn't have to ride up the giant hill...I just didn't have it in me tonight. (I couldn't figure out why my legs were worthless tonight and then I remember...100 floors)

Once I got home I had time to watch my baby Chris Powell help someone else lose an incredible amount of weight and chillax for a little bit. I actually got to get some chores done that have been piling up.

I did get to spend a little time on the couch with some ice on my knees and to eat some dinner. I forgot how much I love to sit on the couch! Now I'm ready for bed to rest my weary bones so I can do it all again tomorrow!

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Wendie Haynes said...

That commercial always makes me laugh!

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