Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Think I Burned 13,059 Calories Today

Maybe 13,000 is a slight exaggeration since I only did one workout today but it was a pretty amazing workout.  Let's start with the drive to the gym....on my way there I looked down and I was out of gas.  I was going to try to push it and get to the gym but I tried that once before and was left on the side of the road.  Extra calories burned by my speedy fill up!

I got enough gas in my car to get to the gym but not much more than that.  I just didn't want to be more than 5 minutes late and I made it.  The first part of the workout was Pump and it was a great class.  We did lots of my favorite tracks today including the one with jump squats.  Everyone gets mad when I request that one and I didn't even ask for it today.  I knew the day was looking up.

After Pump it was time for 52 cards.  My running friend met with me this morning to do the workout.  She wanted some cardio so we were high heart rate heavy today.  It was Burpees, Suicides, Box Jumps and Mountain Climbers.  Whew! I really had the sweat going!

I hadn't planned on weighing today but my workout friend talked me into it.  I got on the scales a little bit nervous but I knew I had a good week so hopefully the scale would reflect.  And I was happily surprised.  I got a good number and even though I'm still crazy far away from the Phase 2 goal I am happy with my loss.  I have 10 days left before my final weigh in...I think realistically I cannot hit the Phase 2 goal but I could still get a stomach virus or food poisoning and drop a couple of extra.  (its just a joke guys I'm not looking for a stomach virus!)

I was so happy with my weight loss that I treated myself to a Subway breakfast sandwich.  We have a Subway sandwich shop in my gym!  I smell the fresh baked bread and cookies every morning and I just thought this was a great day to have one.  If you haven't tried it yet the egg sandwiches are delicious.

I was early leaving the gym so I went by the grocery store to get some creamer for my coffee and they didn't have the one I like so I was doing some snooping around the creamer section.  HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS?!?!!?!

How much will power do you think I have Girls Scouts/Nestle!?!?  This is just taking it too far.

I shared with all the girls at work and let them know that this would be going in the garbage at 5pm and not make the commute home with me!  Once 5 rolled around I kept my end of the deal and gave it away.  Hopefully I will never have to see it again....and it was delicious!

I tried to get a run planned out for tomorrow but all my crazy ass running friends are leaving at 5:30am to run the  course for the race we have next weekend.  I was trying to decide if I was going to run or not (with the hip acting up I think I need to rest a minute) and the idea of a 5am workout on Saturday helped me make that decision.  NO!  I will get a good workout in tomorrow, swim/bike/run or all three but I will be doing mine a little later in the day!

I did get to go eat dinner with some of my family tonight and while I was eating and getting to talk with 2 of my sisters they managed to convince me that I need a tri suit to compete next month.  I have really confused about what to wear for this race and how I was going to handle the transitions and somehow I was convinced tonight to wear a full body tight suit!  Oh my gosh I am not sure how this is going to look on my body type, you know, the over weight body type!  They made some valid points about chaffing and changing while wet and I was sold.  They really should work in retail!

I'm not sure the world is ready for me in this outfit...but there is always the t-shirt that can go over the top~

Now that I am officially up way past my bedtime I going to hit the pillow.  I am getting the treat to sleep until my body wakes up tomorrow.  The idea of sleeping until I wake up really puts the cherry on the Sundae to make this day go from good to great.  Hope you all had a great one too...

Night, and have a happy weekend!!!

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