Thursday, June 13, 2013

Its Officially HOT!

I said I was going to do better today with taking pictures for my blog and I did. I told my running buddy we would have to take a pic when we were done since we happened to show up in practically the same outfit. We didn't plan it but running up and down the streets of Huntsville we looked all color coordinator.

I should also mention that I am hot! Hot hot hot!!! This week it got hotter here in the south which means I have officially broke out the tank tops. I choose not to wear tanks if I can help it but I cannot stand another run with sleeves that are made out of asbestos.

The tank helped with my hotness and the run this morning was much better than Tuesday. I thought so at least. We were moving much faster than Tuesday and maintaining the run for much longer...Tuesday was about half a mile, walk break, another half, walk break. But this morning we took our first walk after 1.35 miles!!

Turns out when you wear a true tank and not just a cut off tshirt and forget your Body Glide you get this problem.

If you are wondering yes it hurts like hell! After our run I did another 5k on the rowing machine. That was all for the morning. I had another planned workout for this evening so I was ready to be done.

After work we had another ballgame but it was an early one. I decided to opt out of dinner so I didn't have to drive back and forth all over town and just went to take out the trash at the office building that I clean and then hit the pool. I was able to get in long swim. A long swim in a empty pool. I didn't think I was going all that fast but I finished in record time and felt like I could have kept going for hours.

Im pretty sure after my morning of cardio and my evening swim I got in a pretty awesome burn. I know my food was on track today too which means I should have ended up way in the negative today.

Tomorrow we go balls to the wall at 5:30am because I will only get one workout....gotta make it count!

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safire said...

It's ridiculously hot and humid in Tampa right now so I run around 6:30 am in the morning to avoid the heat as much as I can but not run in the dark (fearful of that...)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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