Monday, June 17, 2013

So Many Days to Cover

Who knows when I posted last because I sure cant remember... I think we have to cover the weekend. I don't know about y'all but I had a good weekend, restful and full. On Saturday, you know the one day I get to sleep in, I woke up early to meet my cousin for a run. I love running with her so it makes it easy to wake up early the only day I get to sleep in.

Its also getting really hot around here so you have to go early or die of heat exhaustion. So we left out around 7am. About 30 seconds she remembered a friend was having a yard sale and we needed to stop by. When we got there one of the girls hosting the sale daughter came up. She is about 4 years old and she wanted to go run with us. Well, we are both aunts and not much on the word "no!" so we agreed to a trip to the end of the road and back. Who knew this one be one of the most entertaining runs I have had in forever. I have done some strange things on my morning run but this little girl provided 15 minutes of non-stop laughter.

For starters she took off like a rocket. We were on the road so we were in high alert trying to keep a small child from running in the street. She was running a blistering pace in her polka dotted Mary Jane's and I was struggling to keep up. She got the speed under control quickly and we were running at a nice child's pace. There was lots of skipping and jumping involved on the first block...then we rounded the corner and things got interesting. She stopped at every flower and tried to pick it and took all the limbs people had put on the curb for the garbage pick up and carefully placed it back in their yard. She even tried to pet a few creatures along the way including a concrete rabbit.

When we made it to the final stretch she decided we were in a race and it was us against Cousin Anna. We took off running again and would have to stop and put our hands on our hips and rest. At one point she said, "Deep breaths ladies!" I laughed until I almost cried. She also informed me that she was a kid and not a child. We won the race and delivered her back to her mom safely. Needless to say the rest of the run was not as entertaining but every few steps we would get a giggle talking about how cute this little girl was!

I had to cut out a little earlier than normal because we had a Saturday ballgame and then I teamed up with my niece and went for a bike ride. This is the niece that is doing the triathlon with me so we headed out on some new roads. We got in about 20 miles. Her tush was hurting and neither of us wanted to ride up the big hill to get back to the house so I let her call her Pa to come pick us up.

The rest of the day I tried to get a little rest but didn't have much luck. I was starving because of all my working out and I couldn't lay down cause I sun burnt my back while I was on my back. The downside of the workout tank top, SUNBURN!


On Sunday I took the day off. That's pretty standard for me: Church, a 3 hour nap and no real workout. I usually get in a backyard game of volleyball or something equally fun but no workout. It was not a normal day, it was a special day because it was Father's Day so Ill give you my Daddy tribute....

Then today started off right with Body Pump (still with the increased weight) and it was a tough one today! She did lots of songs that I had never done before and my body was screaming before 6am. After Pump I did lots of cardio, some stair stepper and even some Bosu ball planks and burpees. I got a good sweat going before work.

I had plenty to do today at the office. I got everything done before 5pm and not one second early. I always hope to get to leave a few minutes early to beat the traffic but not today.

I had a slight work related injury. Hello Kitty made it all better. It was a tiny scratch that I did to myself but I could not get it to stop bleeding. Imagine the looks you get for the neck band aid!

I made it home in record time though and was able to get my night started. I wanted to clean my house up a bit, get my food cooked for the week, and even get in bed at a reasonable hour. I was successful! I had to go to the grocery store before I could make any food because I was totally out of food but once I got home I was cooking and cleaning all at the same time.

And at 9:15pm I can proudly announce that I am blogging from BED!!!! Tomorrow things are getting real because we have our last ballgame of the season so there should be plenty of time to get in two a days. Two or three a days until the next season starts up, football and volleyball, CANT WAIT!

I will wish you all a good night and hopefully I can get a good nights sleep so I can get a good run in the morning. Let's do it!


I got a new toy this weekend. The Lifeproof cell phone case. It's everything water, wind, sweat proof and much needed being that I try to ruin my phone every other day with water or sweat or pool water. Its just a little added insurance. Ill let you know how it works.
By the way if any of you have quit smoking I found the perfect use for an old ashtray, holding the case underwater to make sure it is water tight. Just a suggestion!

I think I have covered the entire weekend but who really knows. What I do know is that Phase 2 officially ends in 2 weeks and I am ready for a final weigh in. I forgot to weigh in on Friday so I will be just as surprised on July 1st as the rest of you. Hopefully we will see some pretty numbers on that scale but I saw pretty numbers on my pants (I skipped a whole size) when I bought new clothes the other day so I just cant imagine being too disappointed.

Night all!

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