Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sometimes I Suck as a Blogger

I just cannot think of anything to say this week. Monday was a plain Jane day with no real excitement. Yesterday was pretty much the same, I was actually busier yesterday than the day before but nothing really eventful.

I met my running partner yesterday morning and I kinda sucked it up. The first two miles I really struggled but I did get better as the run went on. We got in a total of 4 miles but they were not the fastest or the best. I have much higher hopes for tomorrows run.

My running buddy (Ill have a nickname for her soon) sent me this today....just what I needed after a bad run!

After my run on Tuesday I went to the rowing machine and rocked out a 5k before going to work. After work we had a ballgame, we have a ballgame every night this week which makes for pretty late nights but then its over next week and I will be missing having a sport to watch.

After the game I did manage to get in a short swim but I had so much to do that it was a short swim and then home to a late bedtime!!!! Even though I got to bed late I managed to get up pretty good this morning.

I had Pump this morning and today I decided was the day to up my weights. For the last week the weight I have been using was not as challenging as it has been so today I added the next weight up on every single exercise. It was a pretty effective workout. I also have had to move to shorts. I am a tight pant kinda girl but it has officially gotten so hot and I have officially started sweating like a pig that I have switched.

After class it was a leg circuit and one lap around the building. It was lots of squats and half burpees and step ups....not the best workout but it was better than my bed. Then a .25 mile run and off to work again.

I had plans to go ride after work tonight. I generally get in a good Wednesday workout before choir but choir was cancelled so I planned a run. Then I got called to a meeting at 3pm that lasted to 6:30 and that really kinda screwed my entire post work workout.

I didn't go ride cause I lost my day light. On my way home I was trying to decide if I wanted to try to get in another workout or take a night of off. I rarely take a day off and its not a day off it was a night off and I decided it was a good idea.

So instead I went to visit with my sister, help her with a little yard work, and even mooch some dinner off her. My bro-in-law made grilled chicken so it was diet friendly food with the family. We seem to eat out at fast food a lot which is a down fall for me, I just don't make good decisions when I go to fast food which is why I avoid it like the plague! It was so nice!!

One of the best things is I finished my day off with one workout, a calorie count below my intake level, and all my stuff packed up and ready to go before 10pm!

I have some goals for the rest of the week....

1. Have a good run tomorrow
2. Take some pictures so the blog might be more interesting
3. Burn 7000 calories in a day (by the way this will be a goal until I reach 7000 and I haven't been within 1500 calories of that yet)

Since Im wrapping up this phase and it really doesn't look like I am going to reach my goal I should have several chances to hit my burn. What I mean is I'm not giving up on this Phase without a fight! I think 2 and 3 a days are for sure in my future and the more I workout the more I can burn. I would almost be willing to bet I will hit my 7000 calorie burn goal this month even if I don't hit my Phase 2 goal! But Im fixing to make Phase 2 my bitch, 8 weeks of little to no weight loss I have finally started seeing results again so lets keep it up right!!!

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