Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Update (and a New Bootcamp)

When the last day of the work month and Monday happen on the same day it is a recipe for disaster, luckily yesterday was not one of those “disasters.” For a Monday and for the busiest day of the month I was actually pretty chill. I think I’m adopting a pretty chill lifestyle (bahahahahah) but my weekend was kinda relaxed as well.

For starters I did not get in a traditional workout. My friends all went for a run on Saturday at the butt crack of dawn and I just couldn’t do it. I wanted some sleep! So I got in bed a little later than normal on Friday night and woke up when my body was ready to wake up…turns out my body was ready at 10:40 am. What kind of adult wakes up at 10:30am!?!? This girl!!!! It was so nice to sleep more than 4-6 hours and my body was very appreciative of it.

Once I got up I had to go put icing on a cake at my sister’s house so we could prepare for a birthday! Then I'm not sure how it happened but I started helping strip pain off a my nephews boat. Who knows? So I worked over there for a while and then finally had to call it quits and go mow my own yard when I was attacked by wildlife! Yes, a slithery snake was in my yard. I would say I handled it well but I didn’t! I saw the snake and put of my ‘frady pants and ran away, then I had the realization that I was alone and had to take care of it so I put on my brave pants and ran my mower over the snake, then I cried a little bit and freaked out and put my ‘frady pants back on and drove to my sister’s house to get help. I didn’t know if he was dead or if he was still under my mower and I couldn’t touch it thinking he might be there.

My sister and dad came over to help and we found the snake it about 4024 pieces in the yard. A dead snake is the only good snake in my book.

So Saturday was a bust as far as working out went but I think my body was very grateful for the rest. I haven’t given it much rest in a while, especially since I am so close to the end of Phase 2. Sunday was another day of rest…like a real day of rest. I was up late making cupcakes (same birthday) and I didn’t get to bed until about 1. I have to get up early for church so the 5 hours of sleep was not enough…I made up for it however with my 3 hour Sunday nap.

The Birthday Girl
I don’t know why I had trouble falling asleep on Sunday night! Haha! But once I finally got in bed on Sunday night I was really rested and really really caught up on my sleep. Which worked out pretty good since Monday was officially one week until the final weigh in for Phase 2! Woo hoo! Of course final week means “Balls to the Wall” all week long not just on Friday.

So far my workouts have been on time. Pump on Monday morning was brutal. I don’t know if it was the summer solstice or if gravity is now working against me but everything I picked up weighed just a little bit more than it did on Friday! After pump it was a cardio session and off to work. Then we catch up to Monday and the last day of the month but like I said, it wasn’t too bad this month. I was able to get off relatively on time and get home in time to clean the office and get in bed on time. (Do you notice the recurring theme in today’s post…SLEEP?) That’s right another full night’s sleep and I still managed to wake up 3 minutes late. Luckily traffic wasn’t bad today so I got to the gym on time and was able to get in a pretty quality run with my running buddy. Over 4 miles today, yippee, and getting a little bit faster each time. We are not focused on speed just getting out there and running.

After work I met up with my running buddy to go to Running BootCamp.  She talked me into it this morning and I was a little nervous about it because the minimum requirement per mile was 10 minutes and I am a far way from that, but I went anyway and I was able to keep up.   I wasn't first but I wasn't lasts and I got a great workout.  I think I will be doing that one again.  I was not quite prepared for the heat. 90 some odd degrees at 5:15 is hot!!!!

I was so hot when we finished that I stripped down to my bottom layer for the ride home.

After my second workout of the day and 7+ miles successfully in the books I was ready for a little less impact on my joints so I went to the pool.  Yep, workout #3 and this was just what the doctor ordered.   I just got me a new bathing suit that actually fits and I swear it made me faster cause I was just cutting right through the water tonight.  My swim is getting stronger and I could really tell it tonight...but I'm still giving some credit to my new bathing suit cause its so cute!

Finally I am home after a day of crazy intense workouts.  I went from good workout to great workout...I'm not really sure how I'm going to do better tomorrow but that is the goal, be better than I was yesterday. 

 Now that I am home it is way to late to eat so I'm skipping dinner.  I know don't skip meals but I'm hungry but I don't think I will make a good decision at 10pm so I'm just gonna skip out tonight and do my best to get my food in earlier than 10pm tomorrow.  My food all week long has been on the $$$.   Ive been sticking to mostly fruits and veggies and nuts and fish.  Its very Paleo but unintentionally.  I just want to make this week the best it can be and hopefully see another good number on the scale before we crank up Phase 3. 

Ive added some juice to this last week to get in the veg I lack and I love this bottle.  #greenmachine

6 Days til the Phase 2 weigh in (BTW I will do another recap of the Phase thing soon for those new to the blog)
 18 Days til the Triathlon
122 Day til Amber's Wedding

Some big things are coming up!!!  Cant wait!

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