Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Change the Diet...That was a Horrible Idea

This morning was an earlier morning than my usual Tuesday but today was 10k Tuesday!! We started our run at 5:30 instead of 6 to make sure we could get done in time to get to work. We started out to do the Cotton Row Run course in Huntsville and amazingly enough it was just as hard this time as when I did it 2 years ago during the race...but today was a wonderful run.

We set off to do 6.2 but ended up with 7.5 miles for the morning. The run went really well for the most part, about mile 3 and a 2 mile uphill we were struggling a little but then there was a 2 mile downhill that made it all better.

Calories burned post run...

After the run my legs were pretty tired and so was the rest of my body so I skipped the pull ups and went right to the steam room. After 2 long runs in 4 days the one thing that is really sore are my abs. I think tomorrow my legs will be a little tender but that is to be expected from the day.

This afternoon I took my lunch break and instead of lunch I had a CAT scan. I forget how hungry a long run really makes me until I do one, eat a normal breakfasts and then am starving by 10am. I had to be at my scan at 11:30 but not allowed to have food for 2 hours prior. I was hungry when I got there and starving when I left.

They gave me a giant drink to choke down before my test (this was so much better than the white chalky one that I have had to drink in the past) which helped with the hunger a little bit. The waiting took a while but the test only took a few minutes. I should hopefully get the results back tomorrow and hopefully have an answer to the hip pain.

After a day of work I was off again to workout. I met with my same friend from the morning run for a ride. We managed a 20 mile ride this afternoon at a nice pace with only one break for some electrolytes and turtle watching. We were on a bridge and there were like 9 turtles swimming around....we watched them durning the water break.

End of the day calories burned....I don't think the bike gives me an accurate calorie burn. I just don't...

After two great workouts I was starting to feel like the athlete I am working so hard to become. I finally took my diet back to what was working instead of all this protein and my workouts have already improved. I don't know what I was thinking changing up something that was working. I was feeling and training great, got this great idea, and my workouts started to struggle, the weight went up, the great idea wasn't so great anymore. So now that my eating is back to where it was 3 weeks ago and my workouts are stronger and Im feeling like the girl that finished Phase 2 with a bang.

Sometimes I just need to go a bit stupid so I can get things back on track and right in my brain.

My night went long cause I went to go visit and deliver things to my family. I got home and decided tomorrow was a great day for a Subway breakfast so I only had to pack my lunch and all my clothes were clean so I just had to pack them up in a bag and hit the bed as soon as I could.

Im later than normal and thought about not posting but since I had a good day both workout and diet wise I thought it would be best to post while I was still feeling good!

Now I sleep!!! Night!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Feeling Better

Ok, I don't really feel any different since my doctors appointment but I good results from the doc, all blood work good, we checked it all!  (No cancer, no diabetes, no cholesterol problem, no thyroid issues) We really did check it all.  And the x-rays of my hip came back good too, no stress fracture which was a big concern of mine.  Now it still hurts but the peace of mind of knowing that running is not making a stress fracture worse and I don't have cancer.  Those 2 things will make anyone feel better.

Now, lets talk about this weekend.  I know I got my burn in and I am happy that I took the time to workout because last week was not my best workout week.  I had plans to go to canoe the river but not until later in the day so I got up early, against my better judgement, and went to run with my local running people.  I now have two sets of running people...a girl could do worse.

I didn't know how far the run was going to be and we ended up doing 6 miles on Saturday before heading off to canoe the river.  The river was a few hours of rowing so my burn was on time....

I know I was pretty wiped out after the day because I slept right through dinner.  I went home and took a late nap and woke up at 8:15pm.  You would think I would have been up all night but amazingly enough I went back to sleep at 11pm and was out like a light.

Sunday was the same as always, REST Day and I did get in rest.

Then today was back to the grind.  I was up early and off to the gym for PUMP.  I was trying to keep my weights up but I was missing one set of weights so I did the best I could.  It was so hard today.  After class I ran off to do a short circuit with weights and cardio and then finished off with a 20 minute or so jog.  I kept a pretty good pace on the treadmill and was pleased with my run.  Even thought it still hurts when I run I at least know I'm not doing damage so I feel like I can go faster and harder.  I went so hard that I had to shuck some of my clothes because I was burning up!   I finished up my run in a tank top and that doesn't happen much, really only when I get really hot!

I finished up my morning with a steam and shower and then headed off to work early.  I just anticipated a busy day and it did not disappoint.  I was busy most of the day which makes the day just scoot by and that was fine by me.

After work I had hopes of making it to the gym again but I knew that I just might not get there with all the things I needed to do.  I headed off to pick up a few things after work, then had to clean the office and clean my house and cook my food for the next couple of days and its after 9pm and I didn't get in another workout.  But in all fairness I have not stopped moving since 6 so I think I have burned more than I would have if I had just sat on the couch.

Now, I'm getting ready for tomorrow in hopes of another nice workout day!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doctor Day

I forgot to mention last night that I painted my toenails but I painted them too close to bedtime so I had to spend the first couple of hours in my bed with my feet hanging out of the covers.  I just start with my sleep patterns tonight because it really does lead into today. 

I woke up this morning on time, whoo wooo, and I was exhausted.  I dreamed I was on the Biggest  Loser and I had worked out all night long.  I have been watching old seasons of the shoe, because I love it, and I must have had it on my mind.  I was pooped when it was time to get up.

When I got to the gym to meet my running friends I went ahead and let them know that I had been working out with the last 6 hours and I was pretty tired.  I did struggle a little with today's run, Thursdays are generally not my best because by the time Thursday rolls around my legs are done!

But today even with sore legs we managed to get in 5 miles in an hour.  For me that is a great time.  I am hoping to get to 6 miles an hour one day....  I was still a touch slow for the others but they were good and stuck with me. 

After my run I was off to the doctor.  For starters I didn't eat any breakfast cause I thought there would be blood work today and I was right, this is important for later.  I needed to get my hip checked out finally cause its been hurting for a while and I have searched possible problems for so long that I have given myself cancer again.  Yes, again!

Today I went to see a new doc and I was incredibly pleased.   She was so nice and listened to me and touched me.  That is more than I can say for my last doctor.  She also ordered some blood and lab test.  I was overly pleased.  She didn't think I had cancer....yes!! but checking none the less cause I had pretty well convinced myself (for any new readers this is a regular thing for me but it does stress me out pretty bad and I get all worked up about it, every time!) so we will know when those test come back.  I also got my hip x-rayed since I was told by an exercise physiologist about a month ago that it sounded like I had a stress fracture.  (I don't recommend this but I completely ignored his suggestion until after my triathlon because I really wanted to do my race)  But the hip has not been feeling better so I needed to go, I have had the appointment since before the race.

We also flirted with the idea of a hernia and a pulled or strained muscle.  Once this first round of test come back we will know what to look at next.  Again, I really liked this new girl and hope to continue to see her.  Now if we can just get this hip to stop hurting it will just get better!

Once the appointment was over I was starving.  We were well into lunch time and I hadn't put a bite to eat in my mouth.  When I get this hungry I don't usually make good decisions and I did not make good decisions today.  Uh, I have already been feeling fat and a day of bad eating is not what I needed.  I was able to salvage most of the day but the decisions made in a fit of hunger were not the best.

I have tried to relax a little bit about my food/diet.  What I have been doing has been working so why am I trying to change things up?  I just need to relax and remember what the main goal is here.  The goal is not to be "skinny" the goal is to be healthy and strong and fit and improving and athletic and lose weight in the process.  I just needed a good swim to get my mind right and get my goal back into perspective.

I swam tonight in the Cone of Awkwardness so I was trying to think of anything but what was going on in the lane beside me.  A family came in to swim, mother on the side and dad and daughter in the water.  They fought and argued the entire time.  I think there might have been some mental challenges involved but it was still awkward and I didn't want to stare but every time I got close they were yelling at each other.   I don't like to be around people fighting in general and I get uncomfortable instantly, parent/child, husband/wife it doesn't matter its odd. 

Thankfully when they came in I was close to finishing up my swim so it motivated me to swim a little faster than normal.  My belly was kinda wonkey during my swim, much to the part that I ate like crap today but I was still able to do it and burn my calories. 

Now I'm going back to my old eating habits with more protein supplements to recover after workouts and maybe a little less stress about the number of calories in and out and more about fueling for performance! 

And now I have to focus on sleeping for performance.  Night guys!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Uh Oh....

It shouldn't be this funny but it is every time.  Happy Hump Day people!

Today got started off much better than the last few days.  For starters I got up on time this morning and made it to my workout class.  Apparently this is a good thing just simply because the last two days I have not made my morning workout.  I am happy that I made it.

This morning was Pump with as much weight as I could stand, and today I could stand a lot.  Then I was able to get to the free weights and lift quite a bit there too.  Then I was off to cardio with some rowing.  I do love the rowing machine!!!

It was actually nice to get ready at the gym this morning because I am accustomed to getting ready there.  I had a bad hair day and another day of feeling fat.  I know my weight is down but I just don't feel all that thin right now, instead I feel like 300 lbs.  I'm hoping I'm just holding water or something cause my food has been pretty good and my workouts (as strange as they have been this week) have been right on. 

I have upped my protein this week and started adding protein shakes to my diet and maybe that's why I'm not feeling all that slim so I'm going to give it a few more days and if I'm still feeling fat I might cut my protein back again. 

I dont know if Im sticking to these shakes or not but look how cute my new pink Blender Bottle is!

I read about health and nutrition all the time and try to fit in as much knowledge as I can and the one huge question mark in my brain right now is How many calories should I be eating a day???  (Don't go less than 1200/1935 calories to maintain without any exercise/1500+ with exercise)  I'm just confusing myself at this point.  I don't want to hit another stand still but I feel like the number is going up right now!!  I don't know why this has all of a sudden gotten on my brain but I think Phase 2 should have had a bigger number and maybe my calories are too low.  I will figure it out...I need a big number this phase, I have a purse on the line!!!!

I got photo creeped on today but this is the way to show you my new desk chair.

Ok, I will step away from my crazy obsessive mind consuming thoughts of food and get back to my day....although if you have anything that might help with my food conundrum please comment or email me.  I'm taking all the advise I can right now.  Ive been reading the new Chris Powell book because I LOVE him because maybe he has a new suggestion that I don't know about yet. 

After work I headed out for a ride with my running buddy.  I'm going to get her to commit to a triathlon whether she likes it or not!!!  We did 18 some odd miles in just over an hour and it was a pretty awesome ride.  We kept a pretty steady fast pace the entire ride....we did however have to ride on a busy road which I don't love...just back read, I hate the busy roads but we got off the road and did the greenway for the majority of the ride.

I was glad to get a ride in because I really haven't been on my bike in a little over a week.  I'm sure my butt will be a pretty sore tomorrow and hopefully I will get to ride again sooner rather than later to keep from getting sore next time.

I'm done with my workouts for today and ready to get some sleep!  Go figure, waking up before 5am and actually going to workout makes me tired earlier.  haha, who would have guessed.

Lets hope for another good workout day tomorrow and just maybe a "feeling skinny" day tomorrow. 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Im Starting to Hate the Weather! (And Mama said to never use that word!)

Well my morning got shot to crap before I even got out of the bed.  I woke up at 5am on a day that I don't have to get up until 5:15 because of the lightening.  Yes, lightening woke me up.  I thought my TV was left on over night but no, the flashing lights and loud thunder was just too much for me. 

I texted my running buddy and had to cancel because not only was I not going to run in a thunderstorm but I was a little bit scared to drive in the storm that was brewing!  Now, fearful that I would get used to all this sleeping in crap that I have had going for the last two days I actually got out of bed on time today and cleaned up my house before I had to get ready for work.  I kinda killed two birds because my house is not clean and I had to wake up early so I didn't break my routine.

I went to work like normal and around lunch time I ran out and got myself a new chair...I got a 75 cm stability ball instead of a chair.  So far I am loving it...I have to keep my core engaged so I don't fall down and every now and then I would just drop and do a few crunches!  While walking into the sporting goods store the bottom fell out again and I got drenched from head to toe!  The weather was really working against me today!

I got back to my office just in time to spend the last half of my lunch break watching the debut of the royal baby....he was sooo sweet!  I'm just a little obsessed with this baby and I don't even know his name yet, nor do I live in England. 

Live Stream, thank you very much!

After work I knew it was time to get some calories burned.  I was off to boot camp and I had some ground to make up.  I really pushed hard in boot camp tonight and did pretty good until the last mile, we did about 7 steep hills leading up to that last mile and my legs were pretty burned.  And I got to talk to my running buddy who I didn't get to see this morning. 

Luckily, the rain held off long enough for us to finish our class and this was it for running boot camp.  I really did enjoy this class more than I thought I would.  I already want him to do another one because I think I got stronger and faster and defiantly able to climb more freakin' hills!!!

After Bootcamp I rushed off to the pool.  I didn't want to waste much time cause I had to get my burn in for the day, I also was ready to get home and try a little experiment I had been planning.  I did a new pool workout where there were more breaks between each swim.  I did 100m and then 200m with a very short break in betweeen.  I also went harder on those swims, not quite a sprint but pretty quick.

I noticed that I was a little more worn out when I was done swimming and I did less distance that I have done before.  I will definitely try this workout again.

Once I finally got home I was on a mission.  Food!  I did not do so good on my lunch today.  And not like you think....I didn't pack enough food.  I always have too much and today I was ready for some more to eat about 3:30 and I was completely out of food!  Don't worry, I have already packed for tomorrow and I will not have this problem again.

Then tonight I was on a mission to find a veggie that I like.  I have very few that I like, carrots and green beans, that's pretty much it.  So tonight I cut up/prepped a few that I have never really tried, not an honest try anyway and gave them a whirl.  I tried broccoli, squash, and green/red/yellow bell peppers.  I tried them both raw and roasted and it turns out that I don't like them either way.  This was an honest just put it in my mouth and give it a go...not good!! 

I'm taking suggestions if you can think of any other way to try these.
Then I was ready to try one more...at this point I was starving!  Remember, I didn't pack enough for lunch and it was after 8pm.  I tried spaghetti squash.  This one was actually pretty good.  It had the same texture as spaghetti and with the marinara sauce my taste buds were confused.  I wasn't fooled thinking that I was getting pasta but I was able to eat a squash without gagging and without the unwanted carbs.
Since I didn't know if I like it or not I only did one half.  I wish I had had more to eat but since I only prepared half I just ate that and called it a night.  I am still hungry but hopefully I can sleep it off and start again tomorrow with more calories.

The only other thing that I accomplished tonight was giving myself a mini-pedicure.  I am long overdo for a visit with Peter (the guy who rubs my legs) and it was about time to clean these toes up.  I am hoping to get them painted before October but I make no promises. 

I am officially late for bed and tomorrow its early wake up call again, maybe this time I can actually get up and go to the gym!  I sure hope so!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

My My Monday Again, It Comes Along Every Week!

Let's just say that this weekend and this Monday were not my shining moments. For starters I had a wonderful weekend....I got to celebrate my sisters birthday all weekend long. A full weekend of good food and cake and that is why my Monday face looks like that. I didn't eat good over the weekend and I didn't get much of a workout, thats right I didn't get a workout at all.

Happy Birthday Sister 2!!! She looks good in a hat.

Then this morning I was just not feeling it and I slept in. Thats right, I skipped my morning workout for a few more hours of sleep. I always regret it when I sleep in but I think I needed it because I didn't feel too guilty and still managed to salvage my burn this afternoon.

After work I had to clean the office and then I made it to the gym to get in some cardio and weights. I did a mix of the two...I started with a half mile run. Really a run, no jogging, then went straight to upper body weights. I would lift 2 different exercises and then run two laps around the track, then I would do those same two exercises and add two more and then run two more laps. I did this same cycle 6 different times dropping the first two exercise until I ran out of weights to lift for upper body.

It was a sweat producer and a great workout. Once I finished with the upper body circuit I did lower body weights and then half an hour of cardio for good measure. I got a good burn and made up for missing my Pump class and my cardio this morning.

I finished the night off with one last mini cupcake for the birthday celebration (no fear, I actually counted those calories into my daily allowance) and now Im ready for bed. I hit my burn for the day and stayed under my calories! Yipee!

Tomorrow the plan is already looking like an even bigger burn than most days....I have a morning run, an afternoon bootcamp and a swim planned. I think and hope that tomorrow might be the 7000 calorie day that I am always striving for!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Long Post, Long Day, Early Bedtime :)

First off, my bad on the blog yesterday.  If you pulled it up, first off there was not a post but for some reason my Mother's Day post from May as the most recent post.  I don't know what happened there but I fixed it now and I have to tell you about the last couple of days.

Yesterday I had plans for 2 workouts and I was about 50% for the day.  I had Pump and heavy lifting and a cardio circuit yesterday morning and was really pushing it.  I added weight to every single song in Pump and then lifted as heavy as I could on the independent weights.  I was a little bit "grunt"ier than normal.  After doing all my workouts it was on to row.  I am trying to get my 2000 meter row time better, I want less than 10 minutes.  This is what I do now, little goals!  So yesterday it was 10:45 so I was close....this also causes lots of grunting!

Then it was off to work....

After work I had plans to ride with Big Bad Cheryl but since I was running behind and she got a flat tire we scrapped the ride and went shopping and had a snack.  Yes, not the best decision but we still had a fun afternoon.

After our "workout" haha, I had choir practice.  I haven't seen those guys in a while or gotten to sing with my folks since I skipped church last week for the triathlon so I was actually overly excited to get to go last night.
I got in bed at a more reasonable time last night, whew, I cant go very long without some sleep.  I REALLY LIKE TO SLEEP!  I slept like a coma patient last night.  Which made it much easier to run this morning.

Too Late for Bed!

This morning I met some friends to run.  It was 3 of us today.  The goal today was to run 3 miles without stopping.  Now walk breaks...I really like my walk breaks as well.  Big Bad Cheryl is not committing to do a triathlon but we are training like we need to so that she can sign up for one and be ok, like one in August!

We should have put out a memo to the city of Huntsville letting them know we were running this morning and they should beware...

Dear Citizens of Huntsville, 
Tomorrow Big Bad Cheryl and I are running a 5k without stopping in the downtown area of Huntsville.  We will be leaving around 6 am and are not stopping until we finish.  This will include all stoplights and 4 way stops, no traffic sign or crossing guard will be considered.  So please for our safety please check at the stop lights for 3 women powering through at a snails pace and please don't hit us!!!!

 So maybe it wasn't that serious but we had a mission.  And we did so good.  We kept a pretty steady pace for 4 miles not 3 and it gave both of us a boost for our next run...that one will be 5 miles.  I know I can run for 5 miles without stopping but I just haven't in a while because I like to take my walk breaks every mile.  But I'm trying to get faster and stronger so I welcome the no break running, sorta!

Once we finished running I was off to practice my pull ups.  I did 13 today, 3 alone (with the weighted assistance), 10 with a little help, and then 2 more by myself cause you cant finish with 13.  I'm not superstitious but why would you stop at 13.  That's like walking under a latter for spite.  Not cool!

This made me laugh when I actually looked at it on my phone, nothing finer than selfies in the gym mirror....I didn't mean to in this pic.  I photo bombed myself.

Then I finished up with my rowing machine again.  I didn't do as well today, maybe because I was tired from my run.  My legs are actually still a little sore from the run.....that's a good thing.  It was another quality workout today, I was drenched with sweat and really felt like I had a burn that a Biggest Loser contestant would be proud of.

Before the Steam!  This is nuts!

My diet has been on track, until 5 o'clock.  I had an ice cream treat yesterday so today I am just trying to not eat and ice cream treat today.  Small victories....instead I packed up my lunch today with a few extra snacks so I wouldn't be so hungry when 5pm rolls around today.  I hope it helps.  I also found a new protein that I wanted to try called UNJURY.  Its a medical grade protein that is sold at my gym.  I didn't want to buy the entire container cause I don't know how it taste but one of the workers found a sample so I can try it first.  I hope it is good cause a protein shake is good for repairing muscles and nice for those nights that I don't want to eat dinner at 9:30pm.  It doesn't happen much but it does every now and then so maybe this can help with that.

My only other diet issue is that www.myfitnesspal.com does not like the amount of protein I eat everyday and I don't think I get enough.  Everyday I get the red minus sign...

And, now that I am having crazy ice cream cravings, no I'm not pregnant or anything like that, I'm just hot and I want ice cream every single minute of every single day.  So I'm trying something new....Arctic Zero.  The cookies and Cream....NOT GOOD.  I'm trying Chocolate tonight, I was told it was better....I hope so.

This one is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E!

Finally, my day ended with a swim. I had an audience today which is better than the creepy teenagers who watch me underwater and they might be taking my picture underwater.  Anyway, it was the final day of swim lessons at the gym so all the parents were in the pool area and every time one of the little children jumped in the water they would all clap, I just pretended it was for me and swam on.  I think having people watching was actually a good thing because I swam a record mile tonight.  After class was over I only had 4 laps to go...and this little girl got out of the pool and sat in a chair to watch...she watch me swim the whole time while she was in her lesson and wasn't going to miss the end of it.  She was so sweet and told me when I got out that I swam "a lot good!"  She was darling!

After the swim I am done.  I was off work on time, which means I was home on time, which means I got out of the pool before dark and am already home and ready for bed, and its only 8:30.  Ive been dying for an early bedtime all week long and this just might be the night! 

I wont get the whole morning workout I need tomorrow morning so I might have to get in another one in the afternoon.  I like to take Friday afternoon off but I have to get the last of my dental work done tomorrow before work.  BTW:  Take my word for it, even if you do not have dental insurance just pay the money and see a dentist because it has to be less expensive to go once a year than to get to pay for this crap all at once!  I'm just saying! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The 3.5 Miles that Saved My Legs

This morning I had a scheduled run. My legs were still pretty fatigued when I woke up and I was just not sure that I could do it. But like normal I needed to keep my routine so I got out of the bed to go meet BigBad Cheryl for our morning run.

When I got there I was still limping at best but we walked for a while to get warmed up and then were able to start jogging. I was moving at a snails pace and she was moving good....why cant we get on the same schedule...but she champed it out and ran slow with me and my sore legs.

Who would have thought it but after our run and for the rest of the day my legs got better and better. I was able to stand and sit like normal and with a few moans and groans I was feeling much better.

BTW, my Garmin watch has now officially hit the skids! Its such a sad day, it was a Christmas present the year that I ran my marathon (I actually got to use in on Dec 10 and then had to put it in the box and wrap it up and open it on Christmas morning) and now it is dead. I have an app on my phone that does what the watch can do but I hate running with my phone. I like to unplug and visit with my friend and having that phone attached to me just makes that more difficult.

So I got to do some research today and I think I might have to get a new watch, but Christmas is coming up so I might put this on my list instead of just going to buy it. The new Garmin is basic, I just need distance and time, and its waterproof which is an awesome bonus because Im pretty sure sweat is what killed the last one.

Cute yes?!!?!? Sisters 1-3 Can you add this to my Christmas/Birthday list please? I'll really try not to buy it before then....try!

This afternoon I had running bootcamp. I told my buddy this morning I was going to give it 100% but I just didn't know if my legs were going to hold up for bootcamp. Again, we did hills! Im beginning to think this should be called Hill Bootcamp. My legs were burning and hurting but I was able to do it. A few times I needed to stop and walk but it never failed that my bud would not let me quit so we ran most of the hill with a few walk steps here and there.

My legs were dead when class was over. That was great because the only thing I had left to do was swim. I know it sounds like a lot but if I want to hit these huge goals I am setting for myself I am going to have to step it up once again. I swam harder than I have in years. Again, its upping the intensity and making myself stronger. So I tried something tonight that I haven't been able to do in a while. I swam my last 500 meters doing flip turns. I have had trouble with dizziness and motion sickness when I flip but I know my swim will be more effective if I can get my turn more efficient. And tonight I was able to flip for 500 meters with no problem, its not much but it matters to me.

I was pleased with my calorie burn for the day and even more pleased that my sore tired body was able to keep up with 3 hours of cardio today. And my body is not near as sore as it was yesterday....PROGRESS!!!

Tomorrow I am implementing a few more changes. (Mix it up to make it better!) I am adding more to my weight training tomorrow, more to PUMP and even some additional weights after class. I need to build some muscle and not only do cardio. I'm going to also try to get in some more intense intervals with my cardio.

The only other real changes I am making are to my diet. Its nothing crazy, just trying to up my protein since I'm upping the weights. I have to rebuild all that muscles Im breaking down. I also need to take a closer look at my sugar intake and keep that down. I AM NOT GOING LOW CARB! I am not a fan of low carb diets, I just need to make sure that the carbs I am eating are helpful and useful to my body and not an ICEE! So if you see me at the gym in Beast mode lifting really heavy weights and grunting just smile and know that Im gunning for that Phase 3 goal.

I would really like to hit one of my goals since I have taken a year out to focus on weight loss and still have not actually hit my number!

Tonight Im going to leave you with one little happy....this made me laugh out loud. I don't really feel this way (I like to talk to people when I workout) but I have had days were I wanted a T-shirt with this one it.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Recovery...this is a new kind of sore!

Today has been a big focus on beating this soreness.  I managed to get in bed around 10 last night but  I did have to post so I just did that while laying in bed.  I was a little bit later to bed than I had hoped but it was no big deal, I didn't do all that much on Sunday...haha, oh that's right.

Amazingly enough I was up and at 'um this morning and ready for my class.  I am a creature of habit, I like things to stay the same that way its easier to do it everyday, so even though I wasn't really feeling the weight lifting I really didn't want to sleep in cause that just makes it easier to do it the next time.

So I was up to the gym bright and early.  I got to tell all my friends about the race and maybe talk a few of them into doing one too.  That's the idea right, inspire someone else.  After the Pump class, which hurt like all hell it was time for the pool.  This is not my normal swim time but with the way my legs are feeling I needed to take some of that pressure off my joints. 

The pool felt nice.  I was able to get in a pretty good workout with very little stress on my muscles.  Then there was an extra long hot tub and extra long steam time.  That was a pretty good treat this morning. 

And my "creature of habitness" kicked in again when I was getting ready.  I was actually relieved to be getting ready at the place that I am comfortable getting ready, unfortunately that is not my house anymore and this weekend I have gotten ready at the house and a hotel so to get back to the gym to my regular spot was nice.  That sounds insane to say, home is always home but the gym is habit.

I did my best today to keep moving so I wouldn't get stuck but I also wanted to sit all day long so my legs would recover.

After work I had a short shopping trip that needed to be handled.  I needed to get some TRI stickers!  I have one on my car from the sprint tri a couple of years ago but Emma doesn't have one on her car and we all know the only reason to run these races is for the medal and the sticker! 

I might have gotten carried away!

Once I got home I was ready for bed but I think going to bed before the sun goes down is a bit insane so I hurried to get all my stuff packed up and ready to go again.  Tomorrow we bring the intensity level up a bit more which scares me a little bit because I stood up for about an hour and a half doing laundry and cooking and my legs were aching just from standing.

I have now taken steps to really help the sore muscles and chill out so that tomorrow mornings run will go well.

Ice, Ice and more Ice!

Before I go to bed I am going to try to workout some more of this lactic acid with The Stick and the Foam Roller, and then BEDTIME!!!!

The Stick is incredibly painful but if you can actually do it it really helps with soreness.  I am not all that good at doing it to myself but I am going to try!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Triathlon/Dualathlon Race Review: A Great Day!

The weekend was finally here!  That's right triathlon weekend was here and I was ready to get this party started.  I have worked incredibly hard for this for months now and it was finally time.  On Saturday morning I got up early and packed up the rest of my stuff and got my house ready to be gone for one day.  I even thought in advance and put clean sheets on my bed and cleaned up the house so I didn't come home to a mess and did come home to a good nights sleep.

I packed 2 bags of clothes and equipment for one night!  Over packer!!!!

My niece sent this to me after she saw how much I packed.

I was finally off to get my race buddy and travel.  She was packed up and ready to go so we hit the road pretty quickly.  We had to take a slight detour to get a Sonic (one of 15 stops at Sonic BTW) and we were Chattanooga bound!

Once we got to Chattanooga we had to get all checked into our room and needed to get off to the Expo to get our race packets.  When we checked in I though we were going to have 2 double beds, and the guy at the front desk said, "Is a king OK?"  This was the reaction Emma had to that question.


I think she was ok with that.
Once we got everything settled in the room, bikes and all we were ready to hit the Expo.  I didn't realize that we had changed time zones on the way there, something I forgot, and we actually got to the Expo thinking we had an hour only to find out they were closing up.

The still let us get our packets and time chips and we were starving so it was ok that we were rushed.  We took a short drive to a restaurant that made a top 10 list named NYPD and it was a great dinner.

NYPD: New York Pizza Department

Pizza by the slice or the Pie, the slice was huge so we went that direction.  And we were carb loading so we did 2 slices. 

Hello Clean Plate Club!

This place will go back on my to do again list cause it was delicious.  After NYPD we made a quick trip to WM to get a phone charger and a few more things that might come in handy for the race.  Then it was back to the hotel to really start getting ready for the race.  We had instruction for applying our race tats and getting our transition items all ready.

Putting on the Tattoos was one of the most entertaining parts of the evening. 

We had tats on our left leg, left arm, helmet, bike, race bib, bracelet, and ankle, and 2 for the swim cap that we didn't need....as well as our age and division on our legs.  It was crazy body markings that I'm glad we did the night before cause it took a while. 


We were up bright and early, not as early as I had planned because my phone didn't reset when we changed time zones but we had a wake up call so all was ok.  We got dressed and got some food in our gut.  It was off to the race area.   We rode our bikes to the start line and got our stuff in transition before 7am.  Then we had about half an hour to get everything ready. 

We got a picture of the water level that kept us from swimming and found a free cup of coffee on the way.

The transition area was packed!

After a quick break it was time to race.  We basically left out of the gate in number order.  We left in 3 second intervals and were off for a 2 mile run.  This would have been a 1500 meter swim had the river not been so high.  When I took off out of the gate I took off way to fast.  I kinda panicked out of the gate and couldn't catch my breath.  It didn't help anything that we went out and went straight up hill.  I quickly had a conversation with myself and got all calmed down and was able to run the first 2 miles in under 24 minutes.  Great time for me!

The first transition came with just a touch of nerves too.  I just didn't quite know what to expect cause I have never done a transition before like this.  I walked when I got in the gate and then realized I had to go around the gate and run about 50 yards to my bike so I started running again.  I quickly changed into my riding cleats and headed out to the bike mounting area.  It was a long way to run in the riding cleats but thankfully I didn't fall running to the bike start and I didn't fall mounting my bike. 

The bike leg of the race was definitely the hardest part of the race and much harder than I had anticipated.  We headed out of the gate to a small hill and maneuvered through the downtown area before we headed out to the highway.  They had an entire lane marked off for us and traffic to our right.  We got on the highway and started with a huge HUGE hill.  It was a doozie.  Once at the bottom of that hill I looked up and there was another one, even bigger than before.  It was brutal.  Once at the top of hill number 2 we got a really good downhill but the road was grooved pavement so it made it a little scary to go down.  After those first 2 hills there was a sign that said "Mile 6" and I just knew they had mis-marked the course....it had to be mile 16.  After that part the ride got much better.  Don't misunderstand, it was hilly the whole 25 miles but those first 2 were just awful.

After the turnaround at mile 13 I got into a good riding rhythm and was able to get up the hills a little easier than the first half.  And then at mile 17 I got a phone call.  I told Emma to call if she had any trouble or needed anything so I got my phone out of my belt and called her back.  She was a bit lonely and just needed to talk for a few.  I soon reached mile 19 and had to end the convo because I came up on Everest and had to focus on climbing but we made plans to talk after Transition 2!

Pretty views along the ride.

After the final climb at mile 19 my legs were really tired and I was very much ready to get off the bike, it took a little bit longer than I had hoped for that leg of the race.  I was ready to dismount and start running.   My nerves kicked in a bit before dismount time because I didn't want to fall with my new clips.  I have practiced this a number of times around my neighborhood but its still new.  Dismount Successful:  Time for the 10k.

I headed off into the transition the second and final time.  I realized I didn't drink enough during the ride since I had a whole bottle left in my rack.  When I hit transition I guzzled a bit of water, choked down a Gu pack and headed out to run.  BTW: hot Gu is disgusting!  You should just know that.

We started running and I have never been so grateful that I have trained for that transition as I was today.  I was able to start running instantly instead of having to walk and I didn't have any cramps in my calves, that has been a problem with most of my training runs up to this point.

The first part of the run was that same uphill that we started on but I knew what I was getting into this time.  I saved a touch of energy on the hill and ran easy so I could have legs to finish the race.  At .5 miles we had to climb a flight of stairs to get on the Riverwalk.  It was a great course to run on cause it was mostly flat, 90% flat and nice to get to see the runners coming back towards the finish.  It kept me motivated to run and cheer on people on the other side because they were cheering for me.  I'm not usually a fan of an out and back but it was really working for me today.

There were really pretty views along the river.
I waited and waited for the turn around spot to get to start my run back to the finish.  I felt great along the whole run.  I met a friend about 1 mile into the run and she and I stayed really close for the majority of the 10k.  Her name was Rosie and she was just sooo sweet.  Thanks for helping me out on that run, sorry the bear attacked you at mile 3.  (she caught me at one point after I had been ahead for a while and said she was attached by a bear and mauled by a panther, that's why she got behind but she was all better now!)  Thanks for your help on that run!

After the turnaround point it was only a 5k to the finish and I still felt strong.   I was defiantly fatigued and sore but I knew I could make it to the finish.  I was still trying to save a touch of energy for the finish but about mile 5 I said "screw it" and I just ran.  The majority of that last mile was the opposite direction on that same hill that I had climbed twice!  Time to go DOWN BABY!!!!

At the bottom of the hill it was about .2 miles to the finish, no walking now!  I ran across the finish line, I kinda floated across it cause I was on Cloud 9!

Finishers Medal:  I needed this medal!

I used to hate the fact that all the kids in little league got a trophy until they put the medal around my neck.  I didn't win, I just finished and I needed it.  So I officially have changed my stance on the little league medal, we should give them all a medal, even the bat boy!

Emma crossing the finish line strong!

As soon as the race was over it started drizzling.  I have never been so thankful to have a waterproof phone case cause I was drenched from head to toe and my phone just kept on ticking.  I got an ice pack at the finish for my hip and when she crossed I made her get another one so I could just start with the ice early.

We took our tired achy bodies to the food tent and walked around a bit before heading back to the hotel.  I have never been so thankful for a late checkout as I was today.  We were able to go back to the room and get cleaned up before we had to drive back home.

These are supposed to stay on in lake, river, and sea water but couldn't stand up to my sweat situation!  Ok, I think I just rubbed it the right way.

The ride back to the hotel was tough and much further than the ride to the race.  How does that happen?  That shower might have been the best shower ever.

Once cleaned up and checked out we got a finish line photo, in the lobby of the hotel.  I don't know why we didn't think to ask someone to take one at the race, duh!??!?

We did manage post race to finally, finally find a Starbucks and get our morning coffee.  Yes, it was after noon but we had to get coffee before I could do another thing!  It was a great ride home to get to recap the race and talk about the parts we loved and the parts we hated.  Thankfully the ride back was pretty easy and once we had a lunch stop and one more Sonic stop and we were home.

Love this girl!!!

Once I got home I had to unload the bikes and even got to hang with my crew for a bit.  I tried to keep moving as best as I could so I wouldn't get too stiff....I failed at that!  And I got a good dinner in my belly and TV time with my boys.  And my sisters got me a cute "congrats on your first Tri" present. 

How perfect is this for all my riding gear?  Its already packed up and in the car...ready to ride again.

I am going to my workout in the morning but I guarantee I will be taking it easy tomorrow.  I feel the pool in my future!

Thank you all for your well wishes via Facebook and text and Twitter.  I was getting them the entire weekend and every time I got a new one it brought a smile to my face.  Thanks for letting me be a little angry that this didn't go as planned because I think it was a great race and great practice for the next time...I sure hope there is a next time.

Now, now we rest!

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