Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Change the Diet...That was a Horrible Idea

This morning was an earlier morning than my usual Tuesday but today was 10k Tuesday!! We started our run at 5:30 instead of 6 to make sure we could get done in time to get to work. We started out to do the Cotton Row Run course in Huntsville and amazingly enough it was just as hard this time as when I did it 2 years ago during the race...but today was a wonderful run.

We set off to do 6.2 but ended up with 7.5 miles for the morning. The run went really well for the most part, about mile 3 and a 2 mile uphill we were struggling a little but then there was a 2 mile downhill that made it all better.

Calories burned post run...

After the run my legs were pretty tired and so was the rest of my body so I skipped the pull ups and went right to the steam room. After 2 long runs in 4 days the one thing that is really sore are my abs. I think tomorrow my legs will be a little tender but that is to be expected from the day.

This afternoon I took my lunch break and instead of lunch I had a CAT scan. I forget how hungry a long run really makes me until I do one, eat a normal breakfasts and then am starving by 10am. I had to be at my scan at 11:30 but not allowed to have food for 2 hours prior. I was hungry when I got there and starving when I left.

They gave me a giant drink to choke down before my test (this was so much better than the white chalky one that I have had to drink in the past) which helped with the hunger a little bit. The waiting took a while but the test only took a few minutes. I should hopefully get the results back tomorrow and hopefully have an answer to the hip pain.

After a day of work I was off again to workout. I met with my same friend from the morning run for a ride. We managed a 20 mile ride this afternoon at a nice pace with only one break for some electrolytes and turtle watching. We were on a bridge and there were like 9 turtles swimming around....we watched them durning the water break.

End of the day calories burned....I don't think the bike gives me an accurate calorie burn. I just don't...

After two great workouts I was starting to feel like the athlete I am working so hard to become. I finally took my diet back to what was working instead of all this protein and my workouts have already improved. I don't know what I was thinking changing up something that was working. I was feeling and training great, got this great idea, and my workouts started to struggle, the weight went up, the great idea wasn't so great anymore. So now that my eating is back to where it was 3 weeks ago and my workouts are stronger and Im feeling like the girl that finished Phase 2 with a bang.

Sometimes I just need to go a bit stupid so I can get things back on track and right in my brain.

My night went long cause I went to go visit and deliver things to my family. I got home and decided tomorrow was a great day for a Subway breakfast so I only had to pack my lunch and all my clothes were clean so I just had to pack them up in a bag and hit the bed as soon as I could.

Im later than normal and thought about not posting but since I had a good day both workout and diet wise I thought it would be best to post while I was still feeling good!

Now I sleep!!! Night!

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