Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Check the Time Stamp

REMEMBER GUYS!!!!! The web address has changed!!!!

This would be the perfect time to bitch about being up late but since I have been home for less than an hour I figure this is just what the night had in store. I get the next couple of days off of working out (sort of) so I guess one night of being up way to late just had to happen.

I said last night that I knew this week was going to be wonky and it has been true. Today started off early, I got a few extra minutes in bed the morning, accidentally, but I did get to run just a few minutes late. I woke up at 5:33 and I like to leave the house at 5:30, whoops!

Luckily my running buddy was a touch late too so we got started a bit late but it was a really good run. It was a nice mix of running and walking and lots of talking! We had to catch up cause its been over a week since we last ran. I was pleased overall with the run, it was a touch shorter than we usually run be we had running bootcamp this evening and it made up for the lack of miles in the morning.

After the run the funniest thing happened at the gym. I just hope you can appreciate it by reading it and not experiencing it. We had a short round of American Idol at the gym. After the run we went to the pull up machine since I want to do that 1 pull up, and there was a guy (easily over 75) on the treadmill singing. I didn't realize at first that he had on headphones but he did and he was singing along to some ol' gospel music, really really loud! That was funny enough but then another guy (also well over 80) walked by and got sooooo mad at the guy that was singing. He turned and grumbled at him, but he couldn't hear cause he was singing too loud. I was afraid we were going to have WrestleMania right there in the gym. I don't know that I handled it correctly cause I got soooo tickled that I couldn't get it together. It really kind of made my morning.

After work I was right back in my running shoes and off to Running Bootcamp, AKA, 3rd Realm of HELL! It was hot, it was sweaty, and lots of hills, but it was really fun. Several times there was a threat of vomit but it was an awesome workout.

Once I got home I had to go drop some things off to my dad and I stayed with him for a few minutes to catch up. Then I had to get to town and clean the office and go to Wal-Mart and even had to go by my sisters house. I wanted to go to the gym and swim like a normal Tuesday but there was no time and the swim team was in there (so I heard) so I just skipped that all together. Its best that I skipped since I am supposed to be cutting back right?!?!

I got home about 10pm and actually cooked dinner. Who in their right mind eats at 10pm? Me, I was freaking hungry! I also decided since I was up I might as well watch my show....Chris Powell you never fail me, it was such a good one tonight! And even got my iPod all organized for my race this weekend. BTW: I have started with the lists, I have 4 post-its in my car with things to get ready for the race this weekend. OCD, why yes thank you!

So now we really start tapering off, really, just one workout tomorrow (maybe two if I swim) and one on Thursday and then off until Race Day! Get ready cause my brain is officially consumed with Triathlon Day!

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