Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Im Starting to Hate the Weather! (And Mama said to never use that word!)

Well my morning got shot to crap before I even got out of the bed.  I woke up at 5am on a day that I don't have to get up until 5:15 because of the lightening.  Yes, lightening woke me up.  I thought my TV was left on over night but no, the flashing lights and loud thunder was just too much for me. 

I texted my running buddy and had to cancel because not only was I not going to run in a thunderstorm but I was a little bit scared to drive in the storm that was brewing!  Now, fearful that I would get used to all this sleeping in crap that I have had going for the last two days I actually got out of bed on time today and cleaned up my house before I had to get ready for work.  I kinda killed two birds because my house is not clean and I had to wake up early so I didn't break my routine.

I went to work like normal and around lunch time I ran out and got myself a new chair...I got a 75 cm stability ball instead of a chair.  So far I am loving it...I have to keep my core engaged so I don't fall down and every now and then I would just drop and do a few crunches!  While walking into the sporting goods store the bottom fell out again and I got drenched from head to toe!  The weather was really working against me today!

I got back to my office just in time to spend the last half of my lunch break watching the debut of the royal baby....he was sooo sweet!  I'm just a little obsessed with this baby and I don't even know his name yet, nor do I live in England. 

Live Stream, thank you very much!

After work I knew it was time to get some calories burned.  I was off to boot camp and I had some ground to make up.  I really pushed hard in boot camp tonight and did pretty good until the last mile, we did about 7 steep hills leading up to that last mile and my legs were pretty burned.  And I got to talk to my running buddy who I didn't get to see this morning. 

Luckily, the rain held off long enough for us to finish our class and this was it for running boot camp.  I really did enjoy this class more than I thought I would.  I already want him to do another one because I think I got stronger and faster and defiantly able to climb more freakin' hills!!!

After Bootcamp I rushed off to the pool.  I didn't want to waste much time cause I had to get my burn in for the day, I also was ready to get home and try a little experiment I had been planning.  I did a new pool workout where there were more breaks between each swim.  I did 100m and then 200m with a very short break in betweeen.  I also went harder on those swims, not quite a sprint but pretty quick.

I noticed that I was a little more worn out when I was done swimming and I did less distance that I have done before.  I will definitely try this workout again.

Once I finally got home I was on a mission.  Food!  I did not do so good on my lunch today.  And not like you think....I didn't pack enough food.  I always have too much and today I was ready for some more to eat about 3:30 and I was completely out of food!  Don't worry, I have already packed for tomorrow and I will not have this problem again.

Then tonight I was on a mission to find a veggie that I like.  I have very few that I like, carrots and green beans, that's pretty much it.  So tonight I cut up/prepped a few that I have never really tried, not an honest try anyway and gave them a whirl.  I tried broccoli, squash, and green/red/yellow bell peppers.  I tried them both raw and roasted and it turns out that I don't like them either way.  This was an honest just put it in my mouth and give it a go...not good!! 

I'm taking suggestions if you can think of any other way to try these.
Then I was ready to try one more...at this point I was starving!  Remember, I didn't pack enough for lunch and it was after 8pm.  I tried spaghetti squash.  This one was actually pretty good.  It had the same texture as spaghetti and with the marinara sauce my taste buds were confused.  I wasn't fooled thinking that I was getting pasta but I was able to eat a squash without gagging and without the unwanted carbs.
Since I didn't know if I like it or not I only did one half.  I wish I had had more to eat but since I only prepared half I just ate that and called it a night.  I am still hungry but hopefully I can sleep it off and start again tomorrow with more calories.

The only other thing that I accomplished tonight was giving myself a mini-pedicure.  I am long overdo for a visit with Peter (the guy who rubs my legs) and it was about time to clean these toes up.  I am hoping to get them painted before October but I make no promises. 

I am officially late for bed and tomorrow its early wake up call again, maybe this time I can actually get up and go to the gym!  I sure hope so!

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