Thursday, July 18, 2013

Long Post, Long Day, Early Bedtime :)

First off, my bad on the blog yesterday.  If you pulled it up, first off there was not a post but for some reason my Mother's Day post from May as the most recent post.  I don't know what happened there but I fixed it now and I have to tell you about the last couple of days.

Yesterday I had plans for 2 workouts and I was about 50% for the day.  I had Pump and heavy lifting and a cardio circuit yesterday morning and was really pushing it.  I added weight to every single song in Pump and then lifted as heavy as I could on the independent weights.  I was a little bit "grunt"ier than normal.  After doing all my workouts it was on to row.  I am trying to get my 2000 meter row time better, I want less than 10 minutes.  This is what I do now, little goals!  So yesterday it was 10:45 so I was close....this also causes lots of grunting!

Then it was off to work....

After work I had plans to ride with Big Bad Cheryl but since I was running behind and she got a flat tire we scrapped the ride and went shopping and had a snack.  Yes, not the best decision but we still had a fun afternoon.

After our "workout" haha, I had choir practice.  I haven't seen those guys in a while or gotten to sing with my folks since I skipped church last week for the triathlon so I was actually overly excited to get to go last night.
I got in bed at a more reasonable time last night, whew, I cant go very long without some sleep.  I REALLY LIKE TO SLEEP!  I slept like a coma patient last night.  Which made it much easier to run this morning.

Too Late for Bed!

This morning I met some friends to run.  It was 3 of us today.  The goal today was to run 3 miles without stopping.  Now walk breaks...I really like my walk breaks as well.  Big Bad Cheryl is not committing to do a triathlon but we are training like we need to so that she can sign up for one and be ok, like one in August!

We should have put out a memo to the city of Huntsville letting them know we were running this morning and they should beware...

Dear Citizens of Huntsville, 
Tomorrow Big Bad Cheryl and I are running a 5k without stopping in the downtown area of Huntsville.  We will be leaving around 6 am and are not stopping until we finish.  This will include all stoplights and 4 way stops, no traffic sign or crossing guard will be considered.  So please for our safety please check at the stop lights for 3 women powering through at a snails pace and please don't hit us!!!!

 So maybe it wasn't that serious but we had a mission.  And we did so good.  We kept a pretty steady pace for 4 miles not 3 and it gave both of us a boost for our next run...that one will be 5 miles.  I know I can run for 5 miles without stopping but I just haven't in a while because I like to take my walk breaks every mile.  But I'm trying to get faster and stronger so I welcome the no break running, sorta!

Once we finished running I was off to practice my pull ups.  I did 13 today, 3 alone (with the weighted assistance), 10 with a little help, and then 2 more by myself cause you cant finish with 13.  I'm not superstitious but why would you stop at 13.  That's like walking under a latter for spite.  Not cool!

This made me laugh when I actually looked at it on my phone, nothing finer than selfies in the gym mirror....I didn't mean to in this pic.  I photo bombed myself.

Then I finished up with my rowing machine again.  I didn't do as well today, maybe because I was tired from my run.  My legs are actually still a little sore from the run.....that's a good thing.  It was another quality workout today, I was drenched with sweat and really felt like I had a burn that a Biggest Loser contestant would be proud of.

Before the Steam!  This is nuts!

My diet has been on track, until 5 o'clock.  I had an ice cream treat yesterday so today I am just trying to not eat and ice cream treat today.  Small victories....instead I packed up my lunch today with a few extra snacks so I wouldn't be so hungry when 5pm rolls around today.  I hope it helps.  I also found a new protein that I wanted to try called UNJURY.  Its a medical grade protein that is sold at my gym.  I didn't want to buy the entire container cause I don't know how it taste but one of the workers found a sample so I can try it first.  I hope it is good cause a protein shake is good for repairing muscles and nice for those nights that I don't want to eat dinner at 9:30pm.  It doesn't happen much but it does every now and then so maybe this can help with that.

My only other diet issue is that does not like the amount of protein I eat everyday and I don't think I get enough.  Everyday I get the red minus sign...

And, now that I am having crazy ice cream cravings, no I'm not pregnant or anything like that, I'm just hot and I want ice cream every single minute of every single day.  So I'm trying something new....Arctic Zero.  The cookies and Cream....NOT GOOD.  I'm trying Chocolate tonight, I was told it was better....I hope so.

This one is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E!

Finally, my day ended with a swim. I had an audience today which is better than the creepy teenagers who watch me underwater and they might be taking my picture underwater.  Anyway, it was the final day of swim lessons at the gym so all the parents were in the pool area and every time one of the little children jumped in the water they would all clap, I just pretended it was for me and swam on.  I think having people watching was actually a good thing because I swam a record mile tonight.  After class was over I only had 4 laps to go...and this little girl got out of the pool and sat in a chair to watch...she watch me swim the whole time while she was in her lesson and wasn't going to miss the end of it.  She was so sweet and told me when I got out that I swam "a lot good!"  She was darling!

After the swim I am done.  I was off work on time, which means I was home on time, which means I got out of the pool before dark and am already home and ready for bed, and its only 8:30.  Ive been dying for an early bedtime all week long and this just might be the night! 

I wont get the whole morning workout I need tomorrow morning so I might have to get in another one in the afternoon.  I like to take Friday afternoon off but I have to get the last of my dental work done tomorrow before work.  BTW:  Take my word for it, even if you do not have dental insurance just pay the money and see a dentist because it has to be less expensive to go once a year than to get to pay for this crap all at once!  I'm just saying! 

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