Monday, July 22, 2013

My My Monday Again, It Comes Along Every Week!

Let's just say that this weekend and this Monday were not my shining moments. For starters I had a wonderful weekend....I got to celebrate my sisters birthday all weekend long. A full weekend of good food and cake and that is why my Monday face looks like that. I didn't eat good over the weekend and I didn't get much of a workout, thats right I didn't get a workout at all.

Happy Birthday Sister 2!!! She looks good in a hat.

Then this morning I was just not feeling it and I slept in. Thats right, I skipped my morning workout for a few more hours of sleep. I always regret it when I sleep in but I think I needed it because I didn't feel too guilty and still managed to salvage my burn this afternoon.

After work I had to clean the office and then I made it to the gym to get in some cardio and weights. I did a mix of the two...I started with a half mile run. Really a run, no jogging, then went straight to upper body weights. I would lift 2 different exercises and then run two laps around the track, then I would do those same two exercises and add two more and then run two more laps. I did this same cycle 6 different times dropping the first two exercise until I ran out of weights to lift for upper body.

It was a sweat producer and a great workout. Once I finished with the upper body circuit I did lower body weights and then half an hour of cardio for good measure. I got a good burn and made up for missing my Pump class and my cardio this morning.

I finished the night off with one last mini cupcake for the birthday celebration (no fear, I actually counted those calories into my daily allowance) and now Im ready for bed. I hit my burn for the day and stayed under my calories! Yipee!

Tomorrow the plan is already looking like an even bigger burn than most days....I have a morning run, an afternoon bootcamp and a swim planned. I think and hope that tomorrow might be the 7000 calorie day that I am always striving for!

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